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What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that would attend Cornell University is a unique one. A smart individual with a vision for where their life could go. A Cornell University student is non discriminant as it comes to race for the most part, for Cornell is the most racially diverse Ivy League University, and many but not all are wealthy yet not snobby.


I dont think there is a type of person who shouldn't attend this school. From what I've seen you can find a group of people that will support you and be a good group of friends. Cornell has so many freshmen (3300)! Its impossible to not find someone who can be a close friend.


someone who is high strung


One that is really lazy and does not care about his or her future.


People who need very small classes should not attend this school.


Because Cornell's student body is so diverse, every student can find their place here and make whatever they want of their experience here. Even people looking for a smaller student body should not be deterred from attending Cornell because you can always make a big school feel smaller but it is difficult to make a small school feel bigger.


I don't think there is any one particular kind of person who shouldn't attend. There are niches at this school for everyone. Even despite its size, if you find an interest group you want to be a part of it can feel small. The only type of people who might get along well at Cornell, are those who do not like cold weather and those who are not willing to work hard.


Someone who is only looking to party and not study. During finals, many people are staying late in libraries to study and there's 22 hr quiet hours in some dorms. Don't come and waste so much tuition money if you don't plan to study. Don't come if you want night life in the city because the bus doesn't run that late and there is not much going on in the city. It gets very cold here, and very windy and rainy. You have to like nature a least a little.


Cornell is very much a work hard, play hard environment. Courses are very demanding, so students really need to love their studies to flourish at Cornell. Also, some students may not consider weather to be a significant part of their college decision but it really does make a difference. Students who consider 60 degrees cold, may not adapt well to the weather at Cornell that often yields below-zero temperatures. Although I believe that Cornell's larger student body is an advantage, people who want to meet most or all of their classmates may not enjoy its slightly bigger population.


Cornell is very accepting of any type of person who would qualify to attend this school; but, it would not be a wise decision for someone to attend this school if they did not have a very strong work ethic and if they were not willing to put some serious time and effort into their studies. Courses at Cornell, whether in the ILR school or Engineer college take a lot of work and aren't easy grades. Those who work the hardest and truly put time into it will get the grades they want.


People with poor work ethic should not go here, also if you can not balance your life with social and work i think this would be a bad school for you. This is becuase you get a lot of work and if you cannot handle that and have a social life it could lead to you being very unhappy.


I think that close minded people should not come to this school. Cornell tries to allow all groups on campus to have a voice, and if you are a person that believes in silencing others because of their differences, you will not only enjoy college less, but you will make it harder for other people to enjoy college as well. Close minded people make the bridges between the different groups harder to build, and ultimately, perpetuate divisions between campus groups.


Someone who is not motivated or focused on some sort of career/academic goal. Also, excess partying will likley result in hard academic consequences unless you're a genius. You're study needs to be your first priority and you have to like doing a lot of work, however I feel that there is a niche for everyone once you find it.


Someone who is not willing to work hard and spend a lot of time doing school work should not go to Cornell. Someone who wants to be in a big, busy city shouldn't go here either.


The school is located in a rather rural area, so if you seek an urban life, it will probably not be your best choice. Also, the weather is bearable, but it does really get cold in winter, and snows a lot. It is easy to neglect the environment, but you should certainly take into considerations of these factors. Also, the workload of average Cornell students is probably a lot higher than the average of other college students.


It would be difficult for a student to navigate through a degree here if one did not have a strong will to take intensive initiative in pursuing very rigorous academic work, and also in building a strong sense of mission in one's personal philosophy toward complex social life and networking. There is not much handholding done here, in a very large and diverse student population. Students are sometimes expected to sink or swim, and unless they reach for the rafts, they can fall into the rapids. One must want to learn to swim with all one's might!


If you are lazy and dont know how to ration your time, you will be in trouble. You must stay on top of your work from the beginning of the semester until the end in order to do well.


People who are willing to explore and take risks in life are encouraged to attend my school as it gives them opportunity to sample various fields without having any obligation.One should also be willing to associate with people from all backgrounds.My school is diverse thus it would be suitable for opene minded people who are willing to learn from others and hear other peoples opinion without being offended.


someone who must be in a large metropolitan city to survive


If you are uninterested in academics/only want to party at college or you completely hate winters and snow.


Someone who is not prepared to work hard, and who has struggled academically in high school.


A shy, quiet, workaholic will drive themselves to the death here.


A smart, well-rounded, ambitious, and socially balanced


Someone who doesn't want to work hard and have their limits pushed. You need to be an over-acheiver.


People who aren't independent or require a lot of guidance or hand-holding would struggle at this school


Someone who is looking for a party-school and not willing to do lots of work.


People who are very adverse to cold and snow... the winter consists of ice-cold winds (way below freezing) and it frequently snows. Also, you need to be prepared to work... you're taking classes with students who are used to being the best, so things can get competitive. Coursework can be extremely difficult as well.


I think anyone can do alright at Cornell


Intolerant bastards, i cant stand them, they should all be killed.


academically unmotivated person should not attend this school


Someone who may be quiet, shy, or just not very outgoing, and needs personal attention. Or someone who is looking to breeze their way to a degree.


Somone who loves large cities and does not perform well under pressure should not attend Cornell.


Any one can attend Cornell.


Someone who is goal oriented and willing to put in hard work. Someone who will not be shocked by cold weather. Someone who is either rich or from long island, weschester, or new jersey, or is willing to deal with a lot of people who are.


Pretty much anyone can come here. You just gotta work hard and keep up in your classes. The average kids can do just as well as the smart ones if they stay focused. Most kids here were the big fish in high school and now they're in a sea full of big fish, so it's a bit scary at first, but you get used to it.


Someone who doesn't like competition.


A person who is depressed by bad weather. The weather can be very dark and dismal here. Also do not come here if you are looking for a "small university", class sizes are huge and you won't have a professor-student relationship unless you actively persue it.


hardworking, driven, not easily distracted, not affected by weather


People who like small interactive classrooms. People who like more social life. People who are serious athletes. People who like warm, sunny weather. People who don't have good time management/study skills.


Someone extremely conservative, because Cornell and the surrounding Ithaca area is quite liberal. It's very accepting of all people, except the closed-minded. But, anyone who thrives on the city should also not attend Cornell, as it is a good 4 hours from New York, Philadelphia, and any other major city.


One who is not intelligent.


Those who need personal attention from professors.


This campus really is diverse, so I think everyone will find a group of friends who share similar interests to them. The school is very big and can sometimes feel isolating, so people who need constant up close and personal relationships with students and faculty should really visit the school and attend some of the classes to see if this is the right fit for them. Being an Ivy League University, a lot of people are very wealthy and sometimes those who come from less wealthy backgrounds are less understood.


Someone that isn't ready to read a lot or change their studying and academic routines.


I'm not sure. I never met anyone who didn't find their community at Cornell.


People looking for "traditional" college experience with lots of parties etc.


People who don't like to study.


Anyone who's from a working class background or is progressive.


A driven student who wants many great opportunities for learning but is willing to seek out opportunities when they don't come knocking would do well as Cornell.


One who doesn't want to do too much work in college and just pass on by. You have to take ownership of your education and be proactive. Those who aren't shouldn't come here and usually are not even admitted.

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