Cornerstone University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Cornerstone University is a Christ- centered, community-focused liberal arts college that emphasizes the importance of serving our local and global community in the name of Jesus Christ by being academically excellent and passionately creative in our fields.


Cornerstone University is a lively university that offers a lot fantastic activities, has an amazing faculty, a president that truly cares about the students, and a great Christian community, along with great classes that get the student involved.


Cornerstone is a vibrant community that seeks Christ in educational, vocational, and relational endeavors.

Amy Marie

Cornerstone is a university dedicated to helping its students grow academically as well as spiritually in a specifically chosen fellowship of students and teachers.


Cornerstone University is a school that helps every student enrolled build a life that matters.


A great community that cares about academics, and still loves God, and loves people.


Cornerstone University has been one of the biggest blessing in my life. I came in knowing nothing about my major, but all of the teachers and upperclassmen where extrememly helpful and friendly. I have never once felt alone or out of place. I don't even think I've had to open a dorr for myself on campus because the people are so considerate. I can leave my laptop in the lounge area and find it in the same spot two days later. This school is Christ centered and very accepting.


Cornerstone University is a school that is centered around God, It's a spiritual community that is simply awesome.


Cornerstone University is a liberal arts college which provides both academic and spiritual training for all students, while seeking to build lives that will have a great impact in the professional world to the glory of God.


A small, tight knit community that loves God and loves others.


Cornerstone University is a leading Christ- centered university involving students, parent, faculty, and staff in a community modeling the Kingdom of Heaven that academically and spirtually rich.


Cornerstone University is a fun University where one can grow personally and spiritually.


Cornerstone University is a faith-based university with a team of faculty and staff that cares about the students both academically and spiritually, strengthening them to be the men and women that God calls them to be.


A faith base, bible college that emphasises on a a relationship with God and how that plays out in the culture.


Cornerstone is a Christ-centered university in all the senses of the term.


Cornerstone Unversity cares about the progress of education for the individual student.


This campus puts a lot of emphasis on community.


The students and faculty at Cornerstone are very firendly and there are many activities to get involved in.


Pursuing educating students with a Christian worldview.


It is not worth the amount of money paid.


Cornerstone is very open, students are very friendly, there is a great sense of community throughout the entire campus, our school is very academically and spirtually centered.


A community of students, growing academically and spiritually together to create a greater future.


Cornerstone University is a Christian college where everybody knows your name and if you put forth the effort there is no reason you shouldn't succeed.


my school is a small, friendly, community but still lacks in areas of diversity.


A Christ-centered college that enjoy serving God.


Cornerstone University is friendly, personal, close minded and not diverse at all.


Cornerstone is friendly, caring, a wonderful place to grow spiritually, full of professors who car and will invest in you, and has very strong community.

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