Cornerstone University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


As a Christian University I would hope it is known for the outreach to the public in the beautiful city of Grand Rapids! But Cornerstone is also in a great area, and weekends sound like fun! Who doesn't love community events?


It is probably best known for being a small fairly expensive Christian school


My school is best known for its academics and Christ centered education.


The Christian community and caring professors.


Cornerstone University is most known for building a life that matters through Christ. It is a Christ centered University and they really strive hard to make their students successful. Not only do they strive to make their students successful in the classroom, Cornerstone also helps build a strong relationship with God.


Cornerstone is best known for its Christian atmoshpere and building an influential life that matters to an indivudal and a community. Cornerstone takes pride is academics along with volunteering and other aspects of career enhancement. Everyone knows Cornerstone by their slogan of building a life that matters and they truly create students and young adults that influence the world in amazing ways and really do build lives that matter.


Ministry and Business




My school is best known for its faith, a good basketball program, and willingness to expand.


My school is best known for the community it offers. We are huge believers in a Christ-Centered community where students can grow in their relationships with the Lord. We are also known for our competetive attitudes in our athletics as well. Our Basketball team were the national champions in 2011!


Cornerstone is know for its' Christian Contemorary Music degree and the faith-based circulum.


My school is best know for having a Christian atmosphere The environment at Cornerstone University is very friendly and a great place for Christans who strive to deepen their relationships with God. The professors are all Christians and strive to make students have the knowledge to be successful in their careers and in their relationship with God. The chapels at Cornerstone University are a great way to have a worship time with God and to have some questions answered through the teachings.


Cornerstone University is best know for its strong Christian community. We also are located by a big city, yet still in the suburbs, so our campus is the best of both worlds.


It's strong Christian values


I think it is best known for its attempts at building community. My school is trying to be better, but failing miserably.


In the Greater Grand Rapids area Cornerstone is known for its boys basketball team and the huge rock that we paint on campus.


being the "christian" school where everyone drinks


For being a conservative christian school. That is very friendly.


Joseph Stowell is our president. Good christian worldview

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