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I love the fact that Cornerstone is so close knit. When I visited, the size was comparable to the community college I attend currently, and it really makes the classes more interactive and the professors more personable. You can really make a difference!


Well, there is one little thing that will stand it: It's a Christian college. Yes, you will have to attend 25 chapels/semester and yes a "random praise session in pickitt lounge" will become a common thing you hear, but there are still plenty of things at Cornerstone that'll make you smile. I truly believe it's alike no other.


Cornerstone teaches students how to make a difference in the world around them, but they also provide students with the means to make a difference while in school. Over orientation week, the freshmen packed thousands of meals with Feed My Starving Children. Every sport has a "Night of Nets" where money is donated to send bednets to countries suffereing from malaria. As part of the freshmen program, students are involved in some sort of community service. There are so many opportunities to be involved and to put what is being taught into action.


The unique aspect about my school is that it's Christian college that is central around Jesus Christ. It also is a bigger version of the high school I attended: Eastbrook Academy.


The most unique things about Cornerstone is the fact that they care about our walk with God and our faith. It is actually required to complete 25 chapels a semester, and it's also required for us to graduate with an internship. I cant wait til I have an internship at a counseling organization! To get a feel of what it's like to be a counselor. I can't wait! I've wanted to be a counselor ever since I was 15 years old.


The size of the school makes for a very unique community - it's small enough that you can get to know people and see them around often, but not so small that you know everybody. There's always the option to meet people you've never met before and get to know them. Also, the smaller size makes for smaller class sizes, which also helps you get to know people better and learn more.


It is a small school, and the professors truely care about your growth in your education and in your spirituality.


Cornerstone is different because it's a Christian university. I wanted to go to a school that honors God as much as I do and that would be a good environment for me not only accademically but spiritually, to grow both as a student and as a child of God.


Honestly, I never considered any other schools. Therefore, it is difficult for me to say what is unique about Cornerstone as compared to other colleges. Compared with my sibling's school, Spring Arbor University, however, I think the close-knit atmosphere and smaller campus are advantages that I consider. I enjoy the campus life as well. My favorite part is seeing the Van Osdel yard full of students after the snow melts and the spring weather finally sets in. I also really enjoy the path around the campus pond, where we can see a large variety of birds and plants.


A baseball team has returned to Cornerstone after not having one for about 15 years, there's a new baseball facility with turf, and indoor and outdoor batting cages, and a dorm connected to the baseball stadium concourse. Incoming freshman recieve MacBook computers and transfer students receive one as well. Terra Firma is a program before school starts as a way of getting students acclimated to college life before classes start. In Terra Firma students are divided into groups of 8-12 students, and you meet with this group 1 time a week and it's a one-credit class.


Cornerstone has a very strong music program (I'm a music major). They also have a Contemporary Christian Music major, which very few Christian colleges do. Cornerstone has great equipment for sound tech and also a wide variety of on-campus jobs.


Cornerstone University was in-state, which allowed me to use state financial aid that would have otherwise been unavailable to me.


I think every school has some uniqueness about it, although it's rare to find a school that's unique because of its "family" feel. It's not my intention to sound like an infomercial selling a cheesy product, but the feeling that overwhelms you when you walk on Cornerstone's campus is very rare. The minute I walked on CU's campus, I knew I was home. The teachers are like aunts and uncles who invite you over for dinner and your fellow students are like long lots brothers and sisters who love you for being yourself.


Smaller Christian atmosphere


Nice small community. Awesome professors. Great learning environment.

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