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What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Whenever I brag about my school, I tend to focus mostly on how friendly, interactive, and life-forming this school is. What I mean by life-forming, is that this school helps you prepare and mature for the future.


Well, honestly, I find few faults with Cornerstone. At certain times, I'll find myself bragging about how the people there are the sweetest, most kind-hearted people you'll ever find. Cornerstone puts a emphasis on "community," and it definitely shows.


When I talk to my friends about Cornerstone, I brag about the sense of community that Cornerstone has. From living in the dorms to going to classes, and worshiping in chapel and Evensong, Cornerstone embraces the sense of a small Christian community in a welcoming enviornment that always feels open.


The thing that I probably brag about most woud be the awesome people that I have met at Cornerstone. I have made some friends that will stay my friends for the rest of my life.


Cornerstone is an amazing school filled with an awesome community of people. I would never change the school I go to and I really appreciate the simplicity of Cornerstone University. I have already made lifelong friends and that is hard to come by in today's society. I have been blessed with the opportunity to attend Cornerstone University and I am loving every second of it.


I like to brag about the new dorm building that I'm living in this year - it's right on the baseball field and it's very nice. I also like to talk about Evensong, which is a worship event that we have every Sunday night. It's very powerful and has helped me grow a lot in my faith, and a lot of people from surrounding colleges come to it as well.


It is a Christ centered school where you will make friends for life.


Cornerstone University is a place where students are not just another number. I have had personal conversations and interactions with each of my professors. They are never too busy to talk to students. They are always asking questions about life and engaging in conversation. You can tell they genuinely care about each of us.


They care about me as a person, not just as a future advertisement for the school.


I mostly brag about how much the professors care about their students. They truly take the time the time to get to know the students and want them to succeed in every asspect of life.


Campus Community, Christian atmosphere, Dedicated staff and faculty, campus setting, great academics, chapel, new baseball stadium/field


When I talk about my school I talk about the campus lifestyle and the great community that is built there connecting everyone together closer to one another and to God. One of my best friends I roomed with there and we help each other whenever the need arises. I also brag about how I love going to the classes because I actually learn something that is worthwhile to my life and no just useless information I will never use.


The loving relationships that I have with every single one of my professors and the fact that they are extremely kind and understanding.


Small, personal campus where high moral and academic standards are expected. Not only students' minds are educated but also their emotional and spiritual selves.


The professors are extremely interested in their students's lives. I never feel like they're there just because it's a job. They are there for students to help them if they need it, and they really want to help them be the best people they can be.


What I brag most about is how much I have changed as a person.When I was in high school I was never very social, but now I?m not so quite any more. I have learned a great deal from my teachers and the staff members at Cornerstone University. I have grown closer to God and made more friends than I ever had growing up! College was the best thing that ever happened to me and it will continue to be a great part in my life. So I guess I?m bragging about the people in my life!


The best thing about Cornerstone University is the community. The fact is the community is friendly. I love the community. They try to pull you ou t and get you to do things. You will love the community. When people leave for breaks, they can't wait to get back. I made more friends in college because of the community, more than in high school.


I mostly brag about the small classes and the way they make is easy for you to get the help you need. Cornerstone does a fantastic job of making you feel like more then just a number but a student and show that they care about you as a person.


I brag about some of my classes, some professors, some of the campus activities, the quality of the theater department's performances, but mostly about the people--Cornerstone has an awesome community.


I brag that Joe Stowell is our school's president. That we are located minutues from Grand Rapids. I also brag that we are located thirty minutes from the wonderful Lake Michigan beaches. I brag about my professors credetials one of them is the lead of the largest archaeological dig in Egypt, another is a lead scolar in his field, and another professor used to be a co-host of a tv show. All very good in their fields of study.


We have many traditions which are always a blast.


The community at Cornerstone is excellent. It is small enough that everyone knows everyone but still allows you to have your close group of friends to encourage you as you continue your lifes journey.


I brag mostly about my friends and their talents. I have the most talented friends in the world.


friendly people

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