Cornerstone University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is that it is so small; therefore, it impacts the way classes are set up. Some classes are only offered at certain times, and it's a rush to get into that particular class when it is offered. That can be stressful when trying to get all your credits fulled.


Since Cornerstone is so close to a bigger city like Grand Rapids, many students are commuters and so it is fairly quiet on the weekends. However, at the same time there is ton to do in Grand Rapids so you dont have to stay on campus to have fun.


The worst thing I consider about Cornerstone is that since many people who go here live within 30 or so minutes from the campus, many of them go home over the weekend and there aren't many people around. Weeknights are always a blast, though, and the quiet weekends are good for resting and catching up on homework.


It's money hungry and fake. Spending 2 million dollars on a Chapel that our school doesn't really need will not exemplify Christ teachings that the school stands behind. Being known as a Christian school with and myself being the President of a pro life group, I ran into every obstacle possible put there by the school trying to get this organization going. The students are selfish and fake in their worship. If you come to Cornerstone looking to deepen your walk and relationship with God, you are going to be very disappointed. Academically it is excellent.


It took me forever to think of a responce, which shows just how incredible the school is. The worst thing has nothing to do with the running of the school, but rather with the students. Most students are insanely friendly; you smile and say hi to almost everyone you pass on the sidewalk and the community is just fantastic. There are a few students who have negative attitudes and complain about EVERYTHING and it really brings the mood down, though taking a quick walk around campus and talking to almost anyone else will bring the positive atmosphere back.


Cornerstone holds avariety of opinions in the Bible department. With little emphasis on faith, a student can feel bogged down in acadamia of the Bible without an emphasis on the Spirit's activities in today's world.

Amy Marie

Cornerstone is expensive.


I feel that the worst thing at this school would be the fact that I dont feel like I can ask anyone for much help. I'm struggling academically and really want to come back this semester really striving! I just hope I can get enough help this time around if I need it.


The worst thing about my school is the community bathroom in my first semester dorm. I am a person who likes a bathroom to be clean, but it does not have to be squeaky clean. However, in my bathroom there was an orange color in between some of the tiles, and the bathroom had a bad bacteria type of smell . This being said, I have moved to another dorm for second semester where I will share a bathroom with three other people, and unlike the community bathroom, I get to clean the bathroom how I want it to be cleaned.


I think the worst thing about the school is that my academic advisor has not been that great about helping me to find internships.


Cornerstone has an outstanding social environment. People are incredibly welcoming and friendly. The only downside is that unless you live on campus, it can be difficult to be involved in everything. There are so many opportunities available, but to commuters it can be challenging to take advantage of them. Also, the financial aspect of it is pretty daunting. Even with the generous financial aid, Cornerstone comes with a hefty price tag.


Because it is a Christian school, sometimes faith is taken for granted. It bothers me that there isn't more of a focus on Christ among the students, more ways of keeping each other accountable in our faith. The cost is also pretty extravagent and I'm not sure if I'll be able to continue my education there.


When applying to colleges, you must consider all of the possibilities. You must have all of your papers ready for alteration or ready for editing and this is possible by reviewing all course titles within each program. Online learning is the worst part of going to college. Yiou have to have all of your work finished and ready for entry before the first day of school. if it is a christian school, expect to be helpful for oneself. The staff and professors are there for workplace and not for ministry. The message to any prospective student is to "Be professional".


It's ok, just wished they cared more about keeping international students


Cornerstone is currently very homogeneous; however, it is working to fix this by seeking to increase diversity to become more like the kingdom of God, with an individual from every nation.


It is quite expensive. I love the school and believe I am getting a valuable education. I also think that what I am learning and the things I am gaining academically and personally are worth it. It is just incredibley difficult to come up with the money to attend this institution. And that is with scholarships and financial aid. Beyond that I still need loans.


The worst thing about my school is the science building. Because there are only a few labs, and they are all very run down. Which is only a bad thing because I am a science major. But the science professors are full of passion for the Lord, and immense knowledge on their field of study.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the lack of announcements for student activities. Granted, since my Freshman year back in 2010, they have greatly improved. That being said, occasionally, there are still events I miss because I never heard a single thing about them.


I don't like how the institution constantly feels the need to upgrade their ways of interacting online. To elaborate, when it comes to the online classroom--so to speak--where the professors upload assignments, deadlines, communicate with students, etc., the school completely changed the website on the students, making the incoming sophomores (who already are getting used to how it is now) need to learn the ways of the school's online databases all over again. I believe that this is a one-time thing, but it could cause some confusion.


I was very frustrated with the lack of respect for the music department. Even some students who were in the program were very condescending about it, even though they had chosen it themselves. I had some wonderful professors there and I wish the program had received more respect than it did.


I am currently a transfer from Muskegon Community College going to Cornerstone University. It has been such a hectic process trying to figure out the classes I need to take to stay on track while transfering to a Christian school. There was no communication between my Admissions Counselor and my Academic Advisor. I have been all over the place because no has communicated the right information for me. That has been the worst thing about Cornerstone. It seems a lot of administrators make it difficult for transfers when communicating about classes, what class you are, and credits.


Many students don't seem to apply themselves very much to their education here. Those that do can get a really good education, but those that don't can get easily get by anyway. The school just isn't academically rigorous enough in many of its academic divisions, and it reflects badly on all students, whether they apply themselves or not.


The worst thing about my school is the sports fields. It's not the sports fields itself, but that we do not have any lights above the soccer field and softball diamond. Lights would really allow our athletes to practice later in the day, once more students get out of class and would allow them to have later games, so more people would be able to come and support our programs.


What I would consider the worst thing about my school is how long our winter break is. I live with more than two hundred people in my dorm, and now I am back with just my family. It may sound silly but that is the only thing I do not like about my school. I loved my classes and my friends at Cornerstone. I cannot wait for my new classes to start and try my best. Most people can?t wait for break, but most of us are begging to go back home, to Cornerstone!


Our school has poor facilities for music majors. Our building is tiny and not up to any standards for the last two decades. We also have only one performance facility on campus (unless you count the gym) and it has poor acoustics and no lighting system.


The atmosphere and the facilities. The facilities in the school are extremely old and needs an upgrade.


I think the worst thing about Cornerstone is the lack of diversity. I think the overall experience at Cornerstone would be enhanced with the life experience and point of view that students from a variety of social, economic, racial, ethnic, and geographical backgrounds. However, the new president has put in place a sort of reorganized admissions target strategy in order to bring a more diverse group of students to the campus in the coming years.


The school is very strict on when the students can live off campus. I believe that after 1 year on campus students should be able to live off campus. Coming to college is part of a journey to learning to live on your own, but when you are forced to stay on campus until the junior year, people are hindered. Plus, living on is expensive and in some cases it would be more afordable for students to live off campus.


i don't like how expensive it is


I think the worst thing about my school is that it is absolutely closed minded and offensive to Christians. I definitely considered myself Christian until I came to this "Christian" school and was then turned off to it by the way people treated myself and others.


There are chapels offered a few times each week, and we have to meet a certain number of them. It's harder for commuters. BUT they are changing it a little next year.


The school is very conservative and opressive towards outsiders. I am gay and the anxiety caused by attending a small conservative christian school has put me in three years of therapy. I am choosing to be ok with being gay and attending cornerstone, but it is a challenge. It is just a very closed environment, but on the flip side, everyone is very friendly.

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