Cornerstone University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who wishes to attend. A person learning to grow in their faith with God or wanting to know about God as well. Willing to fill out many scholarships, but in the end is worth it.


Very religious and students with very conservative values should attend this school.


A person that loves Jesus and wants to be challenged in their education.


Someone who enjoys being around other people and having a stong love for their religious and spirutal beliefs, which are very much reinforced by most peers and the administration.


Anyone desiring to be a student of Cornerstone University, must want to be a contributor to their local and/or global community. They should desire to use their talents, ideas and passions to improve the world around them. Reguardless of their major, if the student seeks to be equipted to better their world, then Cornstone University will help them to do so.


Cornerstone is a very community based school, so someone who enjoys always having activity options would enjoy it here. It has a lot of options for students to get plugged into Christian activities, but it has a lot of fun events. This school is a great fit whether you're extroverted or introverted and the professors here seem to genuinely care. I've loved my experience here so far.


Someone who is ready for a challenge intellecutally and spiritually.


Students that want to have a Christian atmosphere and who like small campuses. Anyone who wants to have a good atmosphere where they know they will get a good education.


Cornerstone University is the best place for a Christian student that wants religion to be integrated into every part of their education. People that want to have a college experience that is unlike the experience of a public college in terms of the freedom of going where ever they want and doing what they please. Cornerstone presents many rules to keep students away from temptations that most college students face and that is why it is a good school for someone who wants to live a very Godly life.


I believe that a person of religion or of not could attend Cornerstone. People who like to intereact with people in a friendly manner. If you don't like people than you probably shouldn't come, because people like to interact with others.


Someone who is looking to grow deeper in their faith and learn about their future carreer from a Christian perspective.


Someone who is interested in helping others should attend this school. Each class is centered around helping the community and the global world around you, along with creating a better world for yourself and your loved ones. This school is full of caring professors and helpful students who are willing to go above and beyond for those who deserve it. Anyone interested in making a difference in their lives and the lives of others while creating a fabulous education should attend Cornerstone.


I believe the type of person that should attend Cornerstone University is someone who is honest and passionate about what they believe in. At Cornerstone we are all believers who are coming together to worship and follow our Savior Jesus Christ. Someone who is attending Cornerstone should believe that Jesus came to this Earth and died for each and every one of our sins, that God is a loving God but he is also a just God, and they should also believe that the only way to get to heaven is through Jesus Christ.


A student should come here if they are looking for a university with an emphasis of Christ centered education and learning the Christian worldview that can be applied inside and outside the classroom. This school is attractive to the vocationally focused as well, with many alumni who have moved on to impressive graduate schools and careers. A student should come if they would enjoy being a part of a loving community.


A person who is passionate about their walk with the Lord. If you have a deep desire to surround yourself with other christians who will push you spiritually, the Cornerstone is an amazing option!


A person who would attend this school is one that wants to grow in their faith with God, have great friends and be challeneged intellecutally. Students here always talk about how amazing the professors are because they care about the students. There are also great friendships that happen throughout the dorms and even in the classrooms! And of course Cornerstone is a God centered community where you can grow in your faith.


I believe that every kind of person should come to our school, but I hope is that every person that goes to Cornerstone University wants not just to grow in their field of study, but as a Christian as well and that every person puts in their best effort in everything that they do. This College not only has a great community, it was a great staff that helps EVERYONE do their best.


Anyone looking to improve their relationship with other people and with God, while still learning and getting a good education.


A Christian who wants to learn more about the Bible and who doesn't mind living in a "bubble" for four years.


Someone who loves the Lord, and wants a Christian education should attend Cornerstone. It should also be someone with a great attitude and a willingness to work for their degree.


Someone who is focused on their schoolwork, and is looking for a positive Christian community to support them.


Anyone can attend this school. It gets a little expensive, so I think it scares a lot of lower class students away. On the flip side, upper class students might not come here because the school isn't distinguished enough for them.


The type of person that should attend this school are people that are willing to see something different and are willing to find Christ or are from some type of religious background.


An average Christian person.


The person who will find the most out of Cornerstone is a student who wants smaller classes and personal attention from the professors. Someone who likes to go to parties with alcohol or be part of a sorority/fraternity would not be happy at Cornerstone. It is best if there is agreement with the "lifestyle statement" to avoid feeling stiffled. Being a conservative Christian school, students may want to be eager and enthusiastic about integrating Christianity into their field of study and their entire worldview. Cornerstone is a small school in a big city, offering the best of both worlds.

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