Cornerstone University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone that wants to just party,get laid and not go to class.


Any person who doesn't want to develop their relationship with Christ should not attend this school. Chapels are required and there is a very strong spiritual aspect to Cornerstone. It's all about getting a Christian education, so we can go out into the world as Christ's disciples, changing hearts and lives for him. If a student isn't a Christian or isn't interested in that, they'll have a less enriching experience at Cornerstone.


I think that any person that is completely against Christianity and doesn't like any rules should not go to this school.


Because of the Christian-based environment and the Christ-centered academics, non-Christians would probably have a better college experience elsewhere. Also, when we apply for this college we sign a contract saying that we won't participate in drinking, sexual activity, etc. If you are looking for a party school, Cornerstone probably isn't a good fit.


A non religious person. People who look to just party in college.


People that enjoy drinking or drugs. You should not attend this school if you don't want to follow Jesus and have Biblical lessons brought into every class.


This school is very much for conservative Christians who fit into the church youth group setting. If you don't fit into that category, you'll probably be uncomfortable at Cornerstone University.


Because it is a private christian school, I would not advise extremly liberal people to attend this school. It is very faith based and Christian beliefs will be taught in each class.


If the person isn't a Christian and doesn't desire to have a relationship with God. Also, if the person is someone that likes to party and drink a lot then Cornerstone isn't a school for them.


Someone who is not a Christian or who would not like to attend a Christian university, someone who cannot or will not obey rules such as refraining from drug or alcohol use while in attendance, or someone who would not agree to attend the required chapels. Cornerstone is not an overly strict school, but they do expect their students to abide by their standards of conduct as well as their academic standards.


I think that at my school we should let even non-Christian people to come there. It would be a good chance to witness to them. Before I started college I thought that I wouldn?t like it; I love it! The people at my school will help anyone they can. It?s a good community, and the only people who shouldn?t be allowed in are those set on messing that up! If you ask all most everyone there what is the most important thing they'd say the community. It?s our way of life at Cornerstone University!


Since Cornerstone is a non-denominational, Christian-based school, I wouldn't recommend the it to someone with no Christian background.


Someone who can't deal with rules or authority.


A non- or psuedo-Christian, or someone who drinks, smokes, or uses drug, or who plans to party through college. It is a fairly conservative Christian school and such things are banned.


Someone who is looking to party all of the time.


Someone who is really in to alcohol and drugs.


If you are not conservative you will not want to attend this school


someone liberal


I wouldnt know. The population is so diverse that I think anyone that wanted to and had a desire to attend here would make it very well!


anyone who is strongly against the christan faith considering this is a christian school.

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