Cornerstone University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the little amount of on campus activity on the weekends. A lot of students go home on the weekends, so for those who stay on campus, it's always a little more quite and duller on the weekends.


The most frustrating thing about Cornerstone is the cost to attend there. Cornerstone is a private University so it's very expensive and hard for college students to afford. Their room and board, bookstore, and tution is so expensive. Other than the cost of Cornerstone, it is a great college to attend and to build a solid foundation for the rest of your life.


The community bathroom was the most frustrating thing about my school.


The most frustrating thing about Cornerstone is that there are a lot of people that do not have much school spirit. I love going to sporting events and different events around campus and showing my school spirit. However, there are not many others like that. There is a large amount of students that would rather stay in their dorms and spend time with their friends instead of supporting their institution with their friends.


Cornerstone seems to have a problem with communication.


As a student attendig Cornerstone University the most frustrating thing is at the through out the day we learn so much about the field of study we are going into but we are aslo learning so much about God and Jesus Christ. When these two fields of interest get compiled into our brains all in one day it sometimes seems impossible to comprehend all the material at one time. Having such an astounding environment helps tremendously to balance the overload of such powerful and useful information.Ultimatley, it is up to the student to find the balance between the two.


the most frustrating thing about my school is curfew and the rules


The most frustrating thing about my school is there is one teacher who thinks he is the greatest thing ever. He gives a lot of homework, and thinks you don't have any other classes. He is also the hardest teacher at the school.


The cost of attending is too high considering the quality of our food and on-campus housing. Rather than installing new things to make life "fun" they should put money into further renovations and repairs to the existing structures.


Required chapel attendance cuts back on study time.


They over charge for things they shouldn't charge for.




i wish there were more open-dorm hours besides just on the weekend nights


My school has this strong push towards relationships. Even the people who claim they just don't care about relationships at all you can tell have this strong drive towards being in a relationship. My school has often been referred to as a shoe factory by students, where we come in as singles, and leave in pairs.


It can be very difficult to get the classes that you need or want to take in order to get your degree completed in time.


The way the school has spent money in the past. They have built a big clock tower and spent a good deal of money on it, but we just got a new president and I think he will do a good job of spending money where it is needed.

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