Cornerstone University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


One of the best things about Cornerstone Univeristy is the professors. They actually care about the students and want them to do well. The more the student puts in, the more they will get back from the professors. Professors here love having relationships with students and are always willing to grab lunch or a coffee if you ever want to meet to talk about classwork or just get to know them.


I believe the best part of CU's school is the student life and interaction on campus, and/or the students' friendliness towards one another.


The best thing about my school is that I know that these peopel are my family.


The thing that I consider is best about Cornerstone would have to be the experience I am getting here. I know a lot of people that decide to go to school and get there and hate a lot of their time there. I am just not finishing my first semester here at Cornerstone and I wake up loving this experience every morning.


I love the size of my school. I like the fact that it is community centered. It has a lot of fun events going on such as Powderpuff football, Mudbowl, Dancing with the Sections and many other great activities. We have a zero alcohol policy on campus and the students never use drugs or drink to have a good time.


The best part about my school is being in a mni community. Since we are a smaller school, it give sus a chance to get to know one another and do activities as a dorm, class, and school. When I walk around, people always smile and say hello. It is safe both physicaly and spiritually. there are not many people who are bad influences on me. People at school are super uplifting and helpful. I have learned so much about myself and my subject of study. The teachers and staff are supportive and want us to be successful.


The best thing about Cornerstone is the people that it attracts. Cornerstone University is such a small school that it can sometimes seem like a big family. Of course not everyone there has that attitude, but some people do. The friends that are made at college make all the difference and Cornerstone offers real friends. God has touched the lives of many people there and they reflect that, people at Cornerstone truely care about others.


The best thing about Cornerstone is that everyone is kind and accepting of all kinds people. I did not have any friends that came to Cornerstone with me from my high school and so I did not know what to accept. The first day on campus, everyone I passed on the sidewalk was friendly and said "hi" and introduced themselves to me. Because of this friendly atmosphere, I have made many friends and will continue to make more friends every day.


I would say the best part of Cornerstone is that your professors really care about you. Most of them will go out of their way to help you and ensure that you are doing well in the class. Also, everyone is just so nice.


We have scriptural foundations that are embedded within each course, we have books on amazon and teamwork is a large part of every class. Students will have facebook likeness within the progrma experoience.


Cornerstone does a wonderful job of intergrating a Christian lifestyle into every aspect of student life. It is a college that is focused on Jesus Christ and there is truly a strong sense of community uniting students, faculty, and employees.


I think the best thing about Cornerstone is the community of students, faculty and staff. This is not only my opinion, but also that of many other students and even prospective students. CU is a friendly, welcoming campus with people who care about each other. The students are amazing and genuinely care about the people around them and the faculty and staff welcome the opportunity to get to know the students and encourage them in their studies as well as their personal lives.


It is very small, which helps students to develop relationships with their professors as well as fellow students. The location is also great. It is in Michigan's second largest city and has many attractions nearby that students can enjoy.


I would say the best thing about my school would be the religious foundation it really helps you build for the future. They make it easy to get used to and really make it feel they dont force Chapels or any event on you.


Because of its small size the community is really close. The professors learn your name and care about helping you to succeed.


I like the safety of the campus, I fit in well spiritually, academically, and socially.


The teachers. There is no doubt in my mind that the best thing about Cornerstone is the faculty. It's no secret that the economy is in shambles (especially in Michigan) and that private college teachers don't make the best money. Despite this fact, Cornerstone's teachers pour 150% into their classes and their students in and out of the classrooms. It's not just about being a teacher or being a student at Cornerstone. It's about being mentored, building solid professional relationships with an adult in your career field and making a friend for life.


It's focused on God and how God truly has a grasp on everyone's life. There is a close community and when something bad happens to one we all band together to care and support that person. The warm and welcoming community continues to welcome me since day one.


Professors are friendly, accessible and want you to do well.


The newspaper, The Herald.




The best thing about Cornerstone is the emphasis on community. You have to try really hard to be a loner or not have friends. The people around you genuinely care about your well-being. I didn't know what Christian community really looked like until I experienced it here. My professors, my RAs, the staff, and my friends are all supportive and encouraging, and to me, that is invaluable.


We are very community oriented. Many incoming students have remarked that they feel instantly accepted and have had no trouble making friends right away. I felt a part of the music department instantly and have a very close-knit group of friends. I also love the faculty here. Cornerstone is progressing as a university and I think it will only get better through the years.


The best thing about Cornerstone is it's Chirst centeredness.


The community based activities.


the community-- it makes you feel right at home

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