Cornish College of the Arts Top Questions

Describe how Cornish College of the Arts looks to someone who's never seen it.


Cornish is a private instituion that specializes in the visual and performing arts.


Art is everywhere.


A school that lets you open up your imagination without the fear of being judged, to be who you are and know that they accept you just the way you are, to be apart of a family rather then a large study group.


Cornish is a safe environment to explore who you are, what you want to say, and how you want to help the world or your community.


Cornish College of the Arts is a vibrant college with a variety of students, the school pushes them to their upmost potential in a nuturing and creative environment.


An open minded, learning environment which promotes a healthy and positive educational experiences, that will readies its students for successful proffessional careers.


Cornish College of the Arts brings a new experience to its students, no day at cornish is the same, no two classes are the same, everyday there will be a new and amazing experience


Cornish is a place where people are free to express themselves in whichever art form that they so choose.


very diversified group of students that are very friendly and serious about the education that they are receiving.