Cornish College of the Arts Top Questions

Describe the students at Cornish College of the Arts.


Wonderful, kind, but not open. I don't see many people outside of school.


Cornish students are like hyper children in a candy shoppe, eager to get their hands on everything around them and try anything new that lights up their fancy with exciting colors, tastes, and endless possibilities.


People who are friendly, fun, and have your back when you need it and when I personally think of some of my classmates it's like a another family. There are some people you are going to butt heads with, but it's only a few people. My classmates are people with a lot of the same interests and personal likes as me. It's freeing finding people who like the same things as you, things that you usually feel embrassed to talk to others about. To know your not alone.


Everyone here is an artist of some kind and it creates a great community.