Cornish College of the Arts Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Cornish is a private school, that is, its tuition is foolishly high.


Design and Art department classes seem arbitrarily separated. I can take one digital media class, but to take anything more advanced I need to be in the design department.


The cost of attending is very overwhelming and not equal to the education we are recieving. I am paying too much to learn skills that can to a certain extent be self taught. Misleading majors- i'm in a motion design program and have learned very little about actual animation or had opprotunities to do it.


The most frustrating thing about Cornish College of the Arts is the cost of attendance. It is unbelievably overpriced for the facilities provided and necessary for our education. Most of the students come from lower middle class families who find themselves at Cornish, driven by the passion for their art. Ultimatley we find ourselves in unbarable amounts of debt, when all we're simply trying to do is put everything we have into our belief of art and its ability to sustain our culture and communities accross the globe. We don't expect much in return, simply beauty and creation.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the overall attitude of the students. There seems to be a divde between the students take for granted the education they are reciving because it's 'art school', and the students who are overly competitive with their classmates. This tends to make the development of a comunity more difficult. When I first enrolled I really expected people to be brought together by common artistic interest and that was truely dissapointing. This is not to say that I haven't been able to find people to connect with, but has been more difficult.


Cornish lacks some facilities that, as a sculpture student, I would like to have access to, such as a glass casting studio and a foundry for metals casting. However, their expansion plans for the near future include these facilities. In the meantime, I can take "process" classes at Seattle's Pratt Fine Arts Center to augment my Cornish studies The practical, hands-on classes at Pratt complement Cornish's conceptual-based studio classes very well.


One of the elevators is very slow, and the line for dinner can be long sometimes.