Cornish College of the Arts Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The small size of the school poses as an advantage when it comes to learning in the classroom and making professional connections. However, when it comes to the social part of school, the small number makes it difficult to find a good number of people who have similar beliefs and fit with your personality type.


I wish I'd known what a struggle the finances would be. I was given the impression that as I progressed I'd get more financial aid each year, but that has not been the case. I thought by now (halfway through my junior year), I'd be getting enough financial aid that it would replace the loans I'm taking out, but instead I'm going deeper and deeper into debt. That isn't Cornish's fault, as financial aid is drying up everywhere, but still it's really unfortunate. I hope the economy improves soon.


All the students who were here since freshman year seem to know a great deal about the art world outside of school. I wish I would have been exposed to the who's who and the what's what the industry at my previous university. Thus, I decided to catch up on readings and researching certain styles of performance art not explored in the Midwest. However, there is nothing about the school that I didn't have access to knowing before enrolling into the Cornish.