Cornish College of the Arts Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Cornish is the faculty. They are friendly and accessible, and they are working artists who are well-known and well-regarded in their fields. Classes are very small, with only about eight to twelve students per class. Students who are serious about their art will love Cornish. You work very very hard, but when you realize how much you're growing artistically, you realize how handsomely your hard work has paid off.


The community is very inviting. You are in a place where everybody you meet is an artist, and that's a good way to connect with people. You're also making connections with people who you will probably be working with or for in the future, whether it be your classmates or your teachers. Everyone in this community is doing some sort of art.


The best thing about Cornish is that they let you make mistakes. Its wonerful going into a school knowing that they want students who are eager to learn and understand that we aren't all perfect at the major we are going into, but that we are passionate about learning everything we can to become better.


I believe the energy that flows through the school is the best thing about it. All the departments creates wonderful art that inspires the other departments which creates this flow that bounces from building to building, floor to floor, room to room, and student to student.


I really love the ability to concentrate on what I want to learn. My career path is a more obscure one at best, and there aren't a terrible amount of costume design programs that are n't closely tied with fashion design. I really love being able to emerse my self in my passion. My teachers are professionals working in the feild, are highly knowlegable in their feilds, and I have a great respect for them. There is a lot of hands on practical work in the feild and this has always been my favorite way to work.


Cornish is a highly regarded private art school. Classes are small, so you get a lot of individual attention. All the professors are working artists well-known in the arts community, with many valuable contacts who can help emerging artists. Cornish is a very conceptual school. You learn to think about what art is and its meaning and context in the greater community, rather than just how to paint or how to sculpt, etc. The critique process provides valuable feedback from fellow students as well as teachers on how others perceive your work and how it can be fine-tuned.


My professors are the best part of my school. I am in constant communication about my progress and they all have time to not just talk to me about the progress I am making but my classmates as well. My professors are professional actors in the area of Seattle and are open to any questions that anyone of us have about what will happen once we graduate. They teach us the skills we need to know in order to hone our craft and the skills we will need in order to sell our craft. All in all they are amazing!


It's small intimate size, the sense of community, the alternative education style, and our unified performing arts roots.


Unlike most colleges, Cornish teaches to the student, instead of the degree. While there are some required classes, Cornish offers a wide variety of electives to appeal to every student's individual interests. The low student-to-teacher ratios, and private one-on-one lessons also foster a sense of a personalized experience within a small community.


An incredible knowledge of my particular goals and what is required to reach them. In my field of study (theatre) not only does Cornish prepare me for what and how to look for 'jobs' after graduation - but it prepares me in looking at 'me' from every facit, heart mind and body.