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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would say "Hey, high school senior Jon, you better get on the stick and learn how to type. Yeah, it's kinda boring, but believe me YOU WILL NEED IT! And while we're at it, get a handle on your finances. The habits you learn now will save you thousands down the road. Well , nice chating with you... and loose the torn up jeans, you look like a bum!"


As I go back in time to meet myself as a high school senior, there are a number of advices I would give myself. First, apply for scholarships because any money that is borrowed would have to be paid back. Owing money to a financial institution would mean "financial slavery" and that I would not be guaranteed a job that can pay all the bills, including the student loan. Second, I would tell myself to be my own life manager. This here is a sour point for me because not being the manager allowed others to influence my decisions. By allowing others control over my life, I found myself in many situations where my goals and jobs did not match me. Finally, I would tell myself to use every resource as much as possible, such as the school's career services, especially the first day or week. By doing this I would allow myself more time to research which jobs are available and what the job trends are for the future. In conclusion, I would tell myself to take my life seriously and to take control over my life rather than allow myself to depend on others to help.


I would tell myself not to rush into any decisions, and that it 's better to take the time to figure out what I want to do than to end up in a career because it's what I thought I should do, or as a fall back. Also, that college should be an exciting time of exploration, and not to put too much pressure on myself.


The best advice I could give to my former self would have been to manage my time, pace myself, take the time to discover what I'm really passionate about and not to procrastinate. I graduated from high school, went to a 4 year college and am 3 classes short of my undergrad degree due to these faults. At 40, I am returning to school to finally do what I'm passionate about. It's so much harder to return after all of these years, but I'm doing it.