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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to put a lot more effort into looking for scholarships and to look into things that you're interested in to find a major. Look for a job early on or you're going to drain your bank account so heavily that you feel guilty spending money. Try to get involved in clubs and make friends, or you'll be the loner who goes to class and can't wait to leave.


There is so much that I wish I did back in high school that would have made my life a little easier when it comes to college. If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school-self to start looking at different colleges at a very early part of my high school career. I should have done more research just so I could have had a better grip on what my interests really are. I also would tell my past-self to stop procrastinating and that partying and goofing off doesn't help in the long run. I would tell my past-self to join more clubs and be more committed to the school; not to say that I was a bad student, but I could have contributed a little more. Mostly, I would tell my high school-self to suck it up, because working hard really does pay off in the end. If I did these things, I think I would have found myself a lot earlier instead of spending so much time searching.


As a senior in high school you know two things: one, you know everything and two you have no idea what you are doing. Have a goal to reach, but trying to plan it all out is silly. Planning for the distant future should just be a game you play, trying to plan so far in advance is impractial becase who you are now and what you want will change. You can plan what classes to take, when to take them, and having a goal to reach is important, how you get there is what makes life exciting. Although it is necessary to have some plans in life try not to be dissapointed if not all of them work out. Be smart in the decisions that you make; try not to jump the gun or drag your feet (yup, its confusing). Have fun while you can, keep your priorities in line, do not let someone tell you cannot do something, if you put your mind to it keep at it, what you think is impossible is within your reach you may need to stretch, lunge or sometimes use a foot stool.


For many students, senior year is perhaps one of the most hectic years of a student's life. If I could go back in time and talk to myself during senior year, I would mention the fact that it's alright if I do not go to a four year college right away. Yes, of course, every senior dreams about the ultimate college experience away from home. However, college is reality. For the most part, it is not just fun and games. College is a whole new learning experience. That is why students should think twice when they want to apply to the same college as friends just for the thrill of it. Through college, students begin to develop into independent young adults and progress towards a passionate career. I feel that making the choice of going to a two year college and taking advantage of a wonderful program such as NJ STARS was one of the most responsible, realistic and intelligent choices I've made. So to students all around and to my senior self, take advantage of scholarships and special programs; decide what is best for you and do not let others influence your choice!


If I could take a trip through time and visit myself as a high school senior, I would give myself the encouragement I was never recieving from my parents at home. Last semester, I recieved 4 A's after moving away from home and taking a year or longer away from school - my first A's in college, and my first 4.0 semester! Now that I am 22, I see the benefits of a good education, and of even being priveleged enough to meet and socialize with professors. I remember thinking to myself that one day, I will have a child, and I will want to tell him or her to excel not because I couldn't, but because I did, and if I can do it, they can, too! To tell them, "I challenge you to accomplish a degree! I know you can!" I want to set an example for my children. Sometimes, I felt like my parents did a great job of teaching me what not to do and how not to be - I want to be a father who sets the standard and encourages my children to surpass it!


If I had gone back in time to give myself advice as a high school senior, I would tell myself to prioritze my life. School should always come first and time management is not easy when there is no one standing behind your shoulder telling you what to do with your school work. Always get your school work done first so you don't fall behind. The more you procrastinate, the harder school will be and you will dig yourself into a deep hole.


Your senior year is not how you pictured it. You don't fail. You don't slack off. You don't scrape by and pass a class under the wire. This isn't you. Every school you applied to rejected you and now you're going to community college, the cave of the universe. What happened? Community college is NOT the worst thing that will happen to you. It is not where dreams go to die; don't let anyone tell you any different. If it seems like everyone else is going to "real" college, the reality is that you are going to be seeing half of your graduating class around campus for the next two years. Remember: this isn't a prison sentence. You will succeed if you make this college experience just like any other. You aren't less than anyone else. You get a second chance to prove yourself and show colleges that you are all you can be. This is what you make it, so make the best of it.


Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself I would tell me to go ahead and forge ahead to obtain your dreams. College is a good place to be with a lot of choices so if you don't have any idea what you want to be when you grow up, heck, there are so many courses to pick and explore. Life in college is great. You meet a whole new set of people who are potential friends and you can join many clubs to be involved in. Go for it-this is the time in life to explore and enjoy. If you make a mistake, it is ok just forge ahead and keep a smile.


Hey me hows school going oh wait I aleady know how it went. Well I have come back in time to tell you a little about how college has been going for us. Some advice I would give you is keep up with everything such as homework and after school activities. Also try and look for some more scholarships for school becuase it is getting really hard paying for everything. I am working two jobs and still don't have that much money left over for activities with friends and such. I know that we like to procrastinate on things but that needs to stop as soon as possible because in college there are no do overs and nothing can be handed in late. All in all we trying to make a better future for ourselfs. Take this advice and maybe it will be a better one.


The best advice I could have ever given myself would be, "Don't let anyone hold you back from achieving your dreams." During the first year of my college years, I let friends hold me back and based my actions based on what they wanted. I would hang out with friends and try to please them instead of pleasing myself. This is one huge mistake I made during my first year at college. I would have also told myself to focus more on my school work and give it my all, because doing well is the hope point of going away to college. One final piece of advice I would have given myself would to be myself, don't be nervous and branch out and get to know the other students around me, because when I first began school I was shy and reserved, but once I got to know my classmates I realized that the people were really great people and I wish that I would have had more time to get to know them better and make solid friendships that would have lasted after the semester ended. All these things would be what I would have told myself.


I would tell myself to pay close attention to the setup of classes. I would advise myself to develope a better study strategy. Get the best grades I can, do the best I can. Take challenges and be part of groups or events. Be more self dependent and take my education more seriously. It is all me when I get in college, see that things get done and seek out help when I need it. College can be better prepared for if you do well in high school. College is hard, planning is key. Don't procrasitnate. I can do it. Study hard, listen and learn all that you can. Things you think that you won't use, will be used. Be more out going and outspoken. Practice makes perfect. Be the best you can be. Develope a plan, try it out , see what works best and stick to it. College is expensive so save up. Life is no fairytale. Yes life is what you make it but, things aren't always what it cracked out to be. You have to stick to it and do it. And last but not least go to CCM and forget the other school.


Save Money


Knowing and experiencing what I have now being in college I would tell myself to really prepare for responsibility. Learn how to manage your time well and keep grounded with your real friends do not let distractions outside of school affect your work in the classroom. And lastly remember the effort put in to work matches the grade and the outcome.


Work hard! Why are you just getting through the day. If you just pushed yourself a little harder you could have been more successful in High school. Now is the time to make the mistakes and learn from them. Not when you are in college.