County College of Morris Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the County College of Morris (CCM) from my perspective is the great reputation and it's nursing program is ranked within the top ten programs in the nation. I consider this the best aspect of my school because I will have the education and knowledge to be an excellent nurse.


I feel the best thing about the County College of Morris is the faculty and their student center. The faculty, especially the Campus Life Office, is very welcoming and willing to help any new students. The atmosphere around campus is wonderful and satisfying. I love getting to know the people who run the college because I know they truly dedicate their hearts to the job and want the best for their students.


Relatively small class sizes, adjunct professors who have real experience, low cost per credit, diversity amongst students.


The best thing about CCM is that they have the best professors who really teach you the material. They try to give their students all the help they need to succeed. They have the capability to be a university but help out the community by keeping it affordable. They also have a wide variety of schedules that would fit into anyones schedule, making it easy for many people with various schedules to be able to attend a high quality, affordable, and friendly school. I love it. You don't have to take my word for it, come see.