Crafton Hills College Top Questions

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Crafton Hills College is unique in its location, its professors, and its clubs. The location is close to my home, and that is very important to me, since driving can be expensive. Also, every professor I have had has an extensive knowledge of the subject, and they offer great resources if you want to learn more. Finally, the clubs help strenghen our social relationships with our peers, and the Psychology club helps us students present research at academic conferences.


My school is able to have the one-on-one help with teachers other schools don't provide. They have a wonderful financial aid team to help you find what kind of finacial aid you can recieve. Crafton also has fun and exciting events that students and even parents and friends can attend, for a low cost too. They sell tickets to movies and amusement parks for a cheaper price than the places. Crafton Hills college makes going to college fun and cheap.