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Craven Community College

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What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

Craven community college is a great place to get started. We are tested and forced to think critically the same way we would at a four year university. Craven is great because it is affordable. There is a Havelock campus, the main campus in New Bern, and even college courses available at the Marine Corps base allowing students to choose the location best for them. The teachers are always available to provide extra help and I can honestly say all of my instructors are enthusiastic about their subject.

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I always brag about my professors. My professors are really awesome, and so far I have liked each of them. They are all so different and they all have their own unique teaching style. Plus they all "teach" not just "tell", so obviously that is something to brag about.

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Although it is a small college they have alot of degree programs to offer. The college is a short distance from shopping centers and restaurants. There is not alot of walking to do to get from class to class and the teachers are excellent!

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