Creighton University Top Questions

Describe how Creighton University looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school is definately what you put into it. If you want to be involved, there are plenty of opportunities. There is something for everyone, just go out and look! Same goes for classes, they can be difficult, but professors and TA's are always there, but you have to ask for the help, most won't just offer. I loved Creighton and would do it all over again. I loved everything they offered me in the classroom, outise the classroom and after graduation.


A Jesuit, Catholic University striving for academic excellence and on-campus productivity.


Creighton University allows for smaller classes, individual meetings with teachers, and a complete understanding of class materials which helps every student find their own specific pathways in life.


Creighton is a university that cares deeply about its students and wants every student to be successful.


It's a nice medium sized campus in the middle of nowhere, so its preferable to have a car if u want to get off campus.


Remember to stay open minded in everything that you do and you will have a great experience.


Its a school for middle class suburban-ites. I enjoy it, and the community is amazing.


A community based campus where students network together to reach their top potential.


Creighton University is a well-known, academically aggressive school with a very family-community oriented setting.


I find one sentence hard to write, as Creighton University is a lot of things. However, I would say that: Creighton University is an accepting university that allows students to become much more than they had originally planned.