Creighton University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


No racism that I've seen, but it is definitely dominated by Caucasians. Greek Life is pretty big, but not to the point of state schools. Most are conservative. I feel like most students lean to either extreme: They are the type to either be at the Jay, drinking their cares away, or they are staunch anti-partiers. A lot of the students are careful about studying though, but some people just don't care.


The people at Creighton University are very friendly. I have met a lot of really great people, during my college experience thus far.


My classmates are intellegent, hard working, courteous, and very accepting of all different types of people no matter what religious or racial backround someone comes from.


The people in my classes are academically focused, but friendly, and willing to chat with anyone.


Capable and intelligent. Generally agreeable and easy to form relationships.


My classmates are very independent and outspoken.


service oriented conservative friendly


A religiously, socially, economically, and politcally diverse body of free-thinking individuals which encourages mutual motivation and success through academic determination, political efficacy, and social awareness.


In general most Creighton students dress pretty nicely for class. Coming from 13 years of wearing a uniform to school I was looking forward to wearing sweats to class everyday, but not many students do so. I'm not saying everyone wears dresses and ties to class because they don't, but students wear nice clothes rather than old raggedy ones. There are days for everyone when they wake up late and come in pajamas, but generally that's only common of the whole student body during midterms or finals.


Creighton does a excellent job in introducitng students to differnet people. I feel like I am more well round with learning about all the different racial, religious and LGBT groups on campus. Students wear whatever they want to class, some students wear sweats and some dress nice for class it is whatever you want to wear. Everyone at Creighton interacts with everyone. I am not really aware of anyone who wont interact with someone because of who they are. In my class there are lots of students from Hawaii, Colorado, Chicago, and of course there are some Omaha students.


You come across many ignorant people on campus and tend to deal with racial comments in class from other students but sometimes not intentionally. Financial most have parents paying rent at an apartment that answers that question. Religious values are usually respected. Students are from nebraska iowa midwest


Creighton has a diverse student body. It is dominated by caucasions but I have not seen any racism on campus. It is a very liberal institution and as a conservative individual there are times when I feel they are pressuring me to change my views and I think I recieved a lower grade in a class because I made it conservative views apparent (if you say you want my opinion then don't penalize me when I give it) The student body seems very welcoming. The gay straight alliance is strong and I do believe there are groups for people of most ethnic backgrounds. Oh one more thing about the student body, some people think they know what is best for the world and will try to push their agenda. The creightonian published a editorial about how the ROTC program violates Jesuit values earlier this year and after reading it I found it to be just an antiwar piece attacking the ROTC.


Creighton is a very diverse group of people. There are many different ethnic, religious, politaical and cultural clubs, and also a GSA. It is very easy to get a club started if you want to! From my experience the students at Creighton are very accepting.


Everyone has their little niche at Creighton. There's always someone else who is interested in the same things as you are. There are a lot of different clubs and groups that deal with political, economic and racial issues. The groups aren't segregated like they would be in high school though, everyone gets along with everyone and respects their choices and views.


No student has to feel out of place at Creighton. With a good attitude and an open mind, every kind of person gets along on campus. There is every type of person at the school and there's no reason different people can't interact.


The student body is very accepting at Creighton. Creighton is the type of campus in which I feel no student would feel out of place. Students wear anything from Pajamas to dress clothes. Yes there is a lot of interaction with everyone at the Creighton community. The most prevalent financial background would be middle-class, because Creighton offers a LOT of financial AID!! Yes students are politically aware.


Most students are white, there is not a whole lot of racial diversity. There is a large majority of student from Hawaii though. Most any student would be able to find a group that fit them. Definitely live on campus Freshman year, because that is where you meet a lot of new people.


I really dislike the elitism present in most of the student body at Creighton. As the sons and daughters of rich white parents these rich white kids seem to have a sense of entitlement. Their self-righteous attitudes prevent them from ever being wrong and helps justify all sorts of nasty behavior towards others. If you're not a spoiled, rich white kid the chances of you fitting in with the majority of the student body is very slim. There are, of course, students who don't fit this description but they are hard to find due to the fact they often hide from the rest of the school. There is a great deal of discrimination against Atheists, gay and lesbian students, non-Christians of all types as well as a general discomfort when it comes to non-white students. There are students who do not discriminate in such a way but these students are in the minority.


There are various political groups on campus, so both democrats and republicans can find there place, as well as GSA. However, although Creighton allows GSA and College Democrats, the Catholic 'perspective' essentially dominates with little room for outside voices. For instance, this past year there were speakers presenting the Catholic perspective on stem cell research, homosexuality, and how contraceptives ruin relationships. Since this is a Jesuit university, such speakers can be expected, however, no other alternative positions are ever offered/invited. There is no BALANCE on campus, which hinders students from seeing the issue as a whole. Shouldn't students be able to see both perspectives and then decide their stance? Thus, students who may not be aligned completely with Catholic beliefs will feel out of place. There is very little racial diversity, so students of other races may also feel out of place. Campus is also mostly women (about 65{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}, in fact). Various groups centered on political activism (Amnesty, GSA, students for life, etc.), but the average students doesn't pay too much to world issues. However, there is a great organization - Justice and Peace Coop - which students interested in service and change should definitely look into.


There haven't really been any discrimination issues on campus that I know of. I haven't experienced any. People wear whatever they want to class (it is not unusual to see pajamas, especially at a morning class). In the winter, it gets pretty cold so fashion is limited. Creighton students come from all over. Lots of Nebraska residents, as well as from Hawaii. Lots of international students as well, specifically China and the Middle East. Everyone gets along well.


majority of students are NOT from nebraska.....REALLY good mix of kids. people dress casually to class, but not like a big mess, which i like. everyone looks presentable. its hard to really know the financial backgrounds of people, but for the most part it seems like kids come from financially stable homes, but not excessively wealthy. we are semi segregated...the hawaiians really stick together. the greek community has a strong presence on campus, and i honestly don't know what kind of social life there is without it. the mall in the center of campus is SO fun bc you always see people you know and wave and say hi. everyone is friendly and happy around here.


I'm the president of one of the major Multicultural Clubs on campus. We don't really have a racially or ethnically diverse student body, which sucks. I wish more of the culturally challenged students would get out there and go to some of the amazing programs that our Multicultural Affairs Office puts on, but I think they are scared... why I have no idea. There's a lot of diversity at Creighton, but you have to go looking for it, but once you find it you meet kids who are awesome cool. That being said, there is not a lot of interaction between different types of students. There is a ton of Hawaii kids, go figure. They all kinda hang out together, but they're all really nice. About 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body is Catholic, but I'm not and I don't feel any pressure to be catholic. In general the student body is very nice, but it bothers me that people don't step outside their boundaries often.


Most students are Creighton are middle-class and white. However, a great diversity does exist. Groups work hard to make sure their voice is heard and build awareness of sexism, racism, and other prejudices. Students clearly identify with their own group, but have no trouble interacting. Creighton students are slow to judge and quick to accept. Most students wear jeans and other casual clothes to class. Some people are clearly obsessed with appearance, but they stick out and look uncomfortable. As for financial backgrounds, people don't really talk about it. The closest I've come to encountering that is discussions about scholarships, and those have only taken place with my close friends and are sometimes uncomfortable. No one is looked down upon because they come from a poorer background - if anything, the richer people are looked down upon.


There is not a lot of diversity on campus beside students from Hawaii. Seems to be alot of catholic people tho. Most students wear very nice name brand clothing to class....very fashionable for college classes. Different students do interact. Tables at lunch...Athletes, Hawaiians, FLPers, and everyone else. Most students are from very wealthy families. Most students are very politically aware and active...seem to be mostly liberal.


Creighton is filled with diverse people. Everyone interacts together, the campus is small enough where you see familiar faces so you get to know people. Many people are in the greek system, but if your not it isn't a big deal, there is still plenty to do! Most people are financially well off, and most people come from successful families. I love Creighton because over half the student body is from out of state. Everyone comes in wanting to meet people and form new friends so it isn't hard at the beginning of the year to interact with people! The school puts on many fun events for the freshman to feel welcome and to get accustomed to the campus!


The majority of creighton students come from white, middle-class families. There are a lot of people from the Mid-West/West, and Hawaii. There are a lot of conservative students as well, however a more liberal minded student is not alone, becasue there are plenty of people who share a liberal mentality as well. It's just that in Nebraska, which is more politicially conservation, a the policitically liberal voices are not heard as often. There's also a pretty ative LGBT community, however they often have to struggle with the more conservative crowds on several issues.


There are mostly caucasion people here, but there is still plenty of diversity. Students wear just normal day clothes to class. Some people wear sweats and pajama's and others dress up too much. The different types of students interact, but they mostly group together with other people like them. The four types of students in the dining hall could be the frat boys, the athelets, the asians, and everyone else. Most Creighton students come from Nebraska, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, Chicago, Colorado, California, and Minnesota. Most Creighton students fall into the middle class range. Many students are politicall active. I'm not sure if there is a predominant party on campus.


CREIGHTON DOES NOT HELP THE GLBT COMMUNITY WITH ITS RIGHTS. EVERYTHING HOMOSEXUAL/BISEXUAL/TRANSGENDERED IS FAR UNDERGROUND. Everyone is the same. If you think for yourself, are open to other culture, respect humanity, want to learn about people, then you will feel out of place. If you only care about hollister, dip-snapping, college sports, getting drunk, money, then Creighton is the place for you. Students wear whatever is fashionable at the time. Students are sectionalized and tend to stay in catty groups. Creighton is uber-conservative.


There are so many things to do at creighton that you can always find something to do.


Weak. Lots of wealthy people who think they are better than everyone.


Creighton's student body is pretty diverse for being in the Midwest. Even though this is a Jesuit school, GLBT and other groups are very respected. A lot of Hawaiian students come to Creighton and they even have there own club. There is a club or organization for everyone. Students are from all over the US.


Creighton IS NOT a close-minded Catholics-only school. Yes, we are a Catholic, Jesuit university. Mass is well-attended on Sundays (as is the twice-daily Protestant service). You will take theology classes (2 for non-honors students, I think), and you will be surrounded by a Catholic majority. But, believe it or not, the Jesuits are actually a more left-wing brand of Catholicism, which is in itself a less literal type of Christianity. The Jesuits advocate a more liberal social policy than certainly the Republican party would - when asked, our president expressed his preference for a democratic candidate in 2008's election. And you certainly won't be an outcast if you're not Catholic; honestly, people probably won't know or care. Look at your core theology classes as exposure to a major brand of philosophy that has shaped how our modern world has been formed. Agnostic or atheist, Buddhist or Lutheran, that's a worthwhile enterprise. If you’re a pre-med/pre-dent (like perhaps 65{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the freshman here, though that number goes down), Creighton is an excellent school, but you’ll have to work at it. You can’t just enroll here, declare your pre-med interest, and expect to magically become a doctor. With that being said, CU’s very supportive and helpful to its pre-meds, and it does sport a medical school that favors CU grads. It’s a similar story for those interested in law, physical therapy, or pharmacy. Creighton’s dominated by those “pre-somethings,” which I think points to the driven nature of the student body. But competition is at a minimum. CU students realize they’re really only competing with themselves, and they’re always ready to help each other out.


While Creighton does not have as many minority students as many other campuses, it is getting more diverse every year. While it is a Jesuit instutition, students do not feel pressure to live a Catholic lifestyle. Students, faculty, and staff are tolerant of everyone, no matter their race, religion, or sexual orientation. Many students are from Omaha (so find yourself one with a car who knows their way around, and all the cool spots to go to -- you won't regret it!) There is also a large population from other Midwestern states and Hawaii, but we do have students from every state and plenty of different countries.