Creighton University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


When I tell people that I go to Creighton University the first thing that they ask is: Have you gone to any basketball games? My school has become popularized by its basketball team, but behind the sweat and basketball jerseys it possesses renown for a rigorous pre-med education. The reason Creighton draws so many pre-med students is its ranking as the number one school in the midwest, and connections to the Creighton medical school for research opportunities. Basketball and medical studies are what Creighton is known for, but the students who accomplish achievements in those areas define Creighton.


We are best known for being a top rated university in the mid-west.


Basketball, pre-med, law and business school


Creighton is best known for its service and academic rigor. Many students are not only involved in intense academic majors and programs but also dedicate much of their time and energy to service projects and mission trips.


My school is best known for its variety of graduate programs. There is a dental school, medical school, nursing school, business school, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physical therapy and law school among other schools. The undergraduate students at Creighton feel that Creighton will prepare them not only for Creighton's graduate schools but also for other graduate schools across the country.


Medicine and Business


Creighton is best known for their medical school and health sciences programs.


Medical school, dental school, pharmacy, nursing program, basketball


Creighton is best known for its academic excellence. Students strive to be the best that they can.