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Is the stereotype of students at Creighton University accurate?


Honestly, quite a few students are from wealthy families and don't have to help pay for tuition, but there are still enough students working hard to pay their way through. And I'm a non-medical student and not looking to necessarily meet my future husband at Creighton, especially not limiting him to being a doctor, so I'd say that one isn't really true.


1) Creighton is a vary diverse campus, with both activities, sports, culture, race, ethnicity, cultures and much more. 2) That is also a lie there are those people, like at any university, that have lots of money but there are also people who do not have much money.There is a wide variety of what economic background people come from and also different cultures and races people come from.


To a degree yes but you can still find wide variety of people willing to teach others mainly students from a different race.


like all stereotypes they come from somewhere, but this one only apllies to a small percentage of students from my experience


I would say that financially we are a pretty diverse group. And I would also say yes, we do rock.


not at all


For some students, yes. But for just as many, the opposite is true.




Not necessarily.


For the most part, yes.