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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Honestly, quite a few students are from wealthy families and don't have to help pay for tuition, but there are still enough students working hard to pay their way through. And I'm a non-medical student and not looking to necessarily meet my future husband at Creighton, especially not limiting him to being a doctor, so I'd say that one isn't really true.


1) Creighton is a vary diverse campus, with both activities, sports, culture, race, ethnicity, cultures and much more. 2) That is also a lie there are those people, like at any university, that have lots of money but there are also people who do not have much money.There is a wide variety of what economic background people come from and also different cultures and races people come from.


To a degree yes but you can still find wide variety of people willing to teach others mainly students from a different race.


like all stereotypes they come from somewhere, but this one only apllies to a small percentage of students from my experience


I would say that financially we are a pretty diverse group. And I would also say yes, we do rock.


not at all


For some students, yes. But for just as many, the opposite is true.




Not necessarily.


For the most part, yes.


Yes, to a certain degree - very much so. Although there is some diversity on campus, it is very scarce. This is especially true in terms of ideas and religions; if one wishes to find a liberal campus with students of different faiths coming together for the sole purpose of learning and experiencing the college life, Creighton is not the ideal place. Certainly there are liberals and member of different races/religions/etc., but there is such an overwhelming feeling of a uniform student body (white, Catholic, etc.) that it is difficult to feel at home.


We are smart, but not all of us are rich. Creighton offers a lot of financial aid that makes it possible for people like myself to pay for it. As to being Catholic, that is false. In fact, I am Jewish.


no. studying is a HUGE part of the Creighton lifestyle, but it is easy to get involved in other activities and to find places to go out to on the weekends. my social life is awesome at creighton, but i feel like i'm getting a great education, too.


Sometimes. For the size of our school we have a pretty diverse student body. There are those rich jerks around, but for there's a lot of focus on teaching the whole person, so a lot of the classes we take challenge us to think about our own perceptions of the world.


Students are very driven and motivated, many want to get into professional school. They work very hard. However, most need scholarships and very few take the opportunity to attend Creighton for granted.


Yes for the most part


This stereotype is not accurate. Creighton's financial aid office works dilligently to help students find the needed funds for college.


You don't have to be religious to go there because I'm not and it hasn't affected any of my experience at Creighton, you have to take a couple of theology and philosophy classes but they are really interesting, and there are parties every weekend


Not True, there are many people who love to go out and have a good time!!!


No. Creighton is diverse in the type of people who go here. Most people do put a fair amount of time into studying, however they also go out and have fun. And not all people here are super religious. There are many people who are, however you don't have to be to fit in--religion is not pushed onto you.


No...not for the most part. There are many catholics but there are many people of different religions or no religion too. A lot of kids are white and do come from upper-middle class families but most are not stuck up at fact there are only a few that I have met and its really easy to find a lot of people that are really down to earth. There are some hawaiians and a few african americans but for the most part are white.


To an extent, you always have the extremes..most people here are very smart, but there are some that aren't so much, of course there are snobs but most of the people are friendly and welcoming, the typical Creighton student description is pretty accurate


Very much so. Though there are some exceptions.


It depends on each person, you can't group them all into one. There are for sure students who come from a wealthy family and flaunt it around campus, but there are also students that came to college to have a good time but still get their school work done. We have a combination of a lot of people, however there isn't much cultural diversity.




Alot are, not everyone is religious


Creighton has top biology and chemistry programs, that is true. But there are still many other students that pursue other non-health field careers.


In broad strokes, yes. We're focused and ambitious, and spend quite a bit of time studying, and, while we're not all Catholic, we tend to share values in line with Jesuit teachings. Most undergrads do come from the Midwest, but there's more geographic diversity than people credit us for. The majority of the school is pre-professional (pre-med, pre-dent, pre-law, pre-PT, pre-OT), since we have our own graduate schools in those programs.