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What are the academics like at your school?


The academics at Creighton are admirable. Almost all of the professors that I have had I have known personally. They really make it a point to get to know their students and to help them to succeed in their classes. My favorite class at Creighton is accounting because I am an accounting major and the professor that teaches the course has an extensive background working in the accounting field at a Fortune 500 company in the area. Most students study more than 20 hours a week but this number varies on the individual student and the course load that they decide to take.


School is tough at Creighton. You will have a lot of work to do and you will need to study hard for tests if you want to do well in a class. Students probably need to study every night, but it depends on the class schedule and work load of each class you would take in a given semester. I would not say that students are competitive when it comes to grades. All of my professors have known my name and the class sizes are about 15-30 students (science classes are always bigger and in a lecture hall). I am a Business major, and I love our College of Business. There are many programs in the college to get involved in and those will help you to get involved in the college, the community, and get to know your fellow business classmates much better. The education puts you on a track to getting a great job after college...but like everything else in life, its what you put into it that you will take out of it. If you put in the effort and time, then you will get good grades, learn the material, and get a good job.


Academics are difficult, especially if you're pre-med. The core is a piece of crap designed to make students want to suffer. (Sorry, personally-- I am not a big fan of the core...) But the professors all have PHDs, and are absolutely brilliant in their fields. I will say that if you are pre-med, the courses are tough on purpose because they are designed to weed people out (something I don't like about Creighton), and the teachers will let you know if you aren't cut out to be pre-med. However, most teachers are helpful and they are knowledgable in their subjects.


A lot of students come to Creighton and are used to being a straight A student. Here, professors expect a lot out of you, and usually you will have to work a lot harder than you did in high school to keeps those As. Classes are really small, usually capped at 35, which I love. My professors know my name and say high to me when I am walking down the Mall. Class participation is usually high and required. Professors are always willing to work with you outside of class. I am in my theology senior seminar, in which we wrote a thesis. My professor took a lot of her time to meet with us one-on-one outside of class and make our papers the best they could be. That is the type of professors Creighton has.


Creighton University is the fourth University that I have attended (I had trouble getting into nursing school in Colorado). However, it is the first private Catholic University that I have attended. Academically, I feel Creighton is far better than any of the other schools. Classes are significantly smaller, I believe the average is 24 students. I feel like the instructors are more involved and focus on the whole student and not just our test scores. Most of my experience at Creighton has been in the School of Nursing, compared to the programs in Colorado I feel that I am getting more clincal time and an all around better education to prepare me for my nursing career. I feel that I will be a better nurse because I got my degree from Creighton.


Most of my professors not only know my name, but also know about me. They either learn about my personality through paper assignments or talking to me before/during/after class. I really like that they know about me because it makes me want to work harder since I feel like they know me. Students study quite a bit. Usually there's a nice balance between working for school and having fun, but I've known (and have done so myself) people to stay in on the weekends for a big test or paper on Monday. We're not allowed to slack if we want to do well, but it's not overwhelming.


One think I like about Creighton is the professors. There are very very few classes you will take that will be in a big lecture. All my professors knew my name. It is also your choice for them to know your name. But its not hard to stop in every so often and ask a question or set up a meeting with your professor. The professors are there to help you and they want to see you succeed. My favorite class was New Testament. I was surprised it was my favorite because it was my most dreaded classes and I am not really into taking Theology classes, but I learned so much in that class and it was just very interesting for me. My least favorite class would have to be World Lit I and II because I do not like English at all let about other counties stories and i am not a fan about writing papers. Each student studies a different amount, some study a lot some study not much at all. Overall though I think that Creighton students spend more time studying then students at other schools, the people that I know study for at least 5 hours a night usually more. Students usually do have intellectual conversations out of class, sometimes they can get a little heated though. I am majoring in Nursing pre-med. Nursing is a pretty intense major they have the curriculum all set up for you and all the classes you need to take lined up for you. So throwing pre-med on top of that is a big load. I have heard that nursing is the hardest major at Creighton. Everyone one knows when the nursing students have a test on campus, even though there is only like 60 per year, because they study so much for the tests.


competitive grades, conversations outside of class, most unique class art international


Professors know your name here and most care about your progress. At every universty orientation you go to you will here that you will get out of your education what you put in and that is true here. The professors will meet with you if you ask them and will put forth extra time towards your education if you are willing to also. Some of the teachers here are extremely smart and some are average. A common complaint I have and hear is about the core and all the religion classes you are required to take. I am a bio major and the department is very open much like the theology department but I have never found that department enjoyable to take for classes. The people in that department are nice and all the teachers here are to my knowledge, but I have not enjoyed those courses. Another problem is getting into the classes you need. Creighton caps there class size so occasionaly you will need an override (or overwrite, don't know the name because I have avoided those) to get into a class. Overall academics in your major department should feel right to you if you are in a major you enjoy because the people in that department will enjoy it to.


Creighton's academics are great. The classes are a good size, usually around 20 or so, so you can usually get good attention and extra help if needed from professors. Creighton students are very competitive.


Studying is a must. The classes are challenging but managable if you study. There are a lot of core requirements that everyone has to take, and they may seem pointless but it's always good to have a diverse academic background before getting into the things you really want to study.


There is every kind of professor at Creighton, some know your name on the first day of class and some will never recognize you again. There is also every kind of student at Creighton, some that study for hours every day and others that do major homework assignments two hours before they're due. It seems like there are a lot of core classes, and your grades for them are almost entirely dependent on which professor you have for the class. However, this situations is probably not unique to Creighton.


Concerning academics I feel that the professors know your names. My favorite class was EXS 240: Designing your own personal fitness program, because I was able to design a fitness program that I would be ableto follow. Class participation for the most part does occur. Many Creighton students have intellectual conversations outside of class. Students at Creighton are both non-competitive and competitive. The education at Creighton is geared towards helping you get a job immediately after college. The academic requirements at Creighton may be a little much, because there is a giant core that we have to follow in the Arts and Sciences College


I'm in nursing school, so you know all of your professors very well. It is really hard though and requires a lot of studying. It's not unusual that about 3 people fail out each semester. Nursing school does seem very competitive, more so than the other schools. However, a degree from Creighton Nursing does stand out. I have spent time with professors outside of class, mainly because I was in different leadership roles. Extremely nice and willing to help. The Nursing School is also a direct entry program, which is probably what set me on Creighton to begin with. I came in Freshman year into the nursing school instead of doing undergrad requirements and then applying my sophomore year with the chance of maybe not getting in right away. Another thing is that unlike some other schools, Creighton requires a lot of theology and philosophy classes... however, I see that as a good thing.


I LOVE Creighton's academics. Aside from the few overly zealous religious fanatics, Creighton's professors are on top of their game. The professors know their subject and provide rigorous courses that are well suited to serious students. This is really the only reason I haven't dropped out.


With the exception of Biology/pre-med majors (which seems to constitute about 70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of campus...), students spend an average amount of time studying. However, the focus unfortunately seems to be solely on grades. Students are driven to the perfect 4.0/whatever their desired goal is, and the actual process of learning doesn't seem to matter to many (though, of course, this is certainly not true for all students). There are not intellectual conversations outside of classes - many students go to class, do the homework, get the grade, and do not care for much else. If you seek a college experience where learning is the center, Creighton can actually be rather stifling. Along with these, many classes do not challenge students and let them slip by with their all important 'A.' Where;s the learning for the sake of learning? Where's the application of knowledge to daily life? Where's the desire to reach out to the community and world to create an impact? Where's the desire to step outside of one's Catholic background and experience other faiths? There is much more to learning than grades.


As long as you go to class, your professors will definitely know your name. The classes are usually around 30. The science classes are a little bit fuller because a lot of students want to be doctors. There are also a lot of classes that are smaller (I had 2 classes this semester under 5 people). The professors give out their home phone numbers, and in a lot of cases their cell phone numbers. The only real downside is the large core requirement. There are a lot of classes that you are required to take, and there are a lot of "theology" classes that are required. Most of the time these classes aren't that bad, but there are a very few number of professors who are assholes. As for the core in general, they do help in the long run. Everyone at Creighton gets a pretty rounded education.


classes are very difficult, but really worth while. students don't skip class here. you can't, your teachers will notice. and you'll fall way behind. everyone at creighton was one of the "smart kids" in high school, so its interesting to see how personalities fit in together. i'm very excited about the fact that, within my major, i'm 96{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} sure that i'll have a job lined up before graduation. most schools can't boast facts like that.


There's a lot I could say about the academics. I already said that all my teachers last semester knew my name. My hands down favorite class was a theology class I took last summer. It was in El Salvador; there was a group of about 17 of us who traveled down there to live in a super small, really poor village with host families. We learned what the role of the Catholic Churh was in the civil war which ended about 15 years ago. It was amazing. There are a lot of travel courses over the summer, like ones to Mexico, England, Ireland, Spain, El Salvador. I think those are the best courses to take. One thing to note is the Core requirements at Creighton. There's kind of a lot, almost 80 credit hours. But I really think it is a good thing, I changed my major like three times over the years I've been here but I'm still going to graduate on time, and that's cuz I took a lot of core classes my first two years. The classes are normally small, the avg. class size is 23 (I know this cuz I'm a tour guide and a lot of people ask). I've had classes as small as like 15, up to about 60-70. It's really up to the professor if they require participation, but a lot of them do, it can count up to like 15{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of your grade. I could say more... but I'll save you the trouble of reading it all :-]


Academics at Creighton come first for most people. Students are serious about their studies, and work very hard. Classes differ across departments - in the humanities, classes are smaller, more class discussions take place, and professors are easier to approach. In science and other lecture classes, size is bigger and the you must take the initiative to talk to the professor. Overall, professors are very willing to talk to you about problems or questions and care about you doing well in the courses. However, you must show the desire and motivation to work hard - they are not going to spoon-feed you if you don't care about your work. Students are very vocal and opinionated, but also respectful and willing to listen to other views. They care about issues and are passionate, and work to enact change. The nursing department is like a little family. My academic advisor was absolutely amazing. She cared about more than my classes and worked with me a LOT when I was thinking about changing my major. The RSP program was a little annoying at the time, but looking back, I realize it helped a lot in my transition to college and was a good starting block and foundation for my major. Because many students are looking towards professional school, education is definitely geared towards getting a job. Nursing graduates are at the top of their field and find great jobs very easily.


Professors know about everyones name if you show up to class. Favorite class is Christianity in Context and least is Philosophy. Students study quite abit but it depends on what classes they are taking...on dead week EVERYONE is studying ALL DAY LONG everyday tho. Class participation is common in most classes. Students do actually have intellectual convos outside class, but also have very dumb ones too : ) Students are very competitive to be the smartest or the best in the classroom...very nerdy. Academic requirements aren't too bad, but there is A LOT of theology required.


Academics are highly regarded at Creighton. The Faculty and Staff are extremely helpful and respectful. The Professors challenge us to do our best. Most kids are there for the same reason, to succeed and do well academically. People study, and they challenge themselves to do their best. Being around this atmosphere has helped me become a better person and to do well in my classes.


The familiarity of teachers with students really depends on your major. However teachers really do make the effort to get to know the names of every student in their classes. Students are very competitive about classes and research outside of school, so you have to be ready to work hard outside of your classes--but it's worth it in the end. The core system is hard to manage at times, and it gets really annoying when you begin concentrating on your major, however it's also nice to take a class that you might not have taken and find that you really enjoy it.


The professors at Creighton know your name and often give you their home phone number to call them. If you see them on campus they usually say hi. My favorite class has been political science with Maorong because he is a great teacher. My least favorite classes are theology. Students study quite often. In class students usually participate frequently and there is almost always a participation grade. Students have many intellectual conversations outside of class. Students are competitive, but not extremely so. The most unique class I've taken has been the Politics of the PRC with Maorong because he stimulates you to think in a non-stressful environment and brings in many fun things such as movies, tea, and dignitaries from China. My major is political science and the professors are very good (minus 1). I think Creighton's core requirements are a bit much. A little bit of each is good but the whole core is too big. I think education here is both geared toward getting a job and learning for its own sake.


My favorite class is Greek 303. It was fun and I learned a lot. Least favorite is Kestermeier's English 120 class. He is a terribly unlearned man. For an English professor, he knows little to nothing about English. Students study a lot, which sometimes is a shame because they miss out on life. They are focused too much on grades and not enough on learning and experiencing life. Class participation is dead; no one cares about learning. Most Creighton students only talk about getting drunk or what sports team is winning. some students focus on things that matter. Students are competitive for grades, which means they don't help other students they merely try to get the best grade instead of gaining knowledge. Unique would be Greek 303 which was prose and comp. Everyone in the class was nice and talked about interesting things. We read a lot of Plato in the original Greek and wrote our own sentences in Greek. I'm doubling majoring in Greek and English. The classics at Creighton are very good. English not so much. Creighton is a pre-med or business school. I guess, rereading my diatribe, I would say getting a job, which I think is unfortunate.


Professors make it a point to know each of their students on a deeper level than just student/teacher. I work at a bar in west Omaha and actually some of the professors come in with their families so it is a unique relationship that I have with them. You have your students that study all the time and students that hardly ever study just like at all universities. Class participation is common in certain classes, usually with certain professors. All professors grade based on your participation however. Many students are highly competitive, I am not one of them, I want to do well but I also realize that I may not but forth as much effort as other students so I don't want to compare myself to them. I am an Accounting major and it is very difficult. Numerous tests, projects, and homework assignments crammed into each semester, but it's worth it because all of the Accounting professors are really great, very friendly, and are willing to do whatever it takes for you to succeed in their classes.


All of the professors are really great. They are all knowledgeable and fun.


Great Education. Brilliant professors. Very competitive


Classes sizes are small (besides large general biology lectures). Teachs here are superb. The chemistry and biology departments are in the top of the country. There's a reason they call Creighton the pre-med factory of the Midwest! Creighton students are dedicated and serious about being in college. You will be challenged and you will come out definitely gaining something.


In terms of academics, Creighton can hold its own with any University at which I've attended classes (Notre Dame, Saint Louis U., far better than U. Nebraska). The professors actually do care about their students; teaching, not research (though they do it and are willing to let you help), is their priority. Coming in to ask an individual question has always been an enlightening, not intimidating, time. I'm a pretty good student and I really could have gone to any of the Ivies that I wanted. But I find myself more than sufficiently challenged and broadened by Creighton's academic rigor. Now don't get me wrong, you can make an easy time of academics here, especially with some of the core classes your freshman year. The onus is on you to make your collegiate academic experience what you want it to be.


Except for the freshmen-level science courses (Biology, mainly), classes are small enough that if you speak up every once in awhile or introduce yourself to the teacher, they will definitely learn your name and say hi when they see you outside of class.