Creighton University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Personally, I love Creighton! It has a great atmosphere and feeling of community, people are super friendly and polite, and everyone there is dedicated to his schoolwork. There are hundreds of clubs and intramurals to get involved with. It has a low student population, with right around 4000 undergrads. Everywhere I go, I run into someone I know! One downside is the quality of on-campus food. However, being in downtown Omaha, many great restaurants are accessible, within walking distance even. Creighton is a Jesuit Catholic school, and it offers a liberal arts education that strives to form the whole person, mind, body and soul. The great diversity of classes that are required and available to students is great. At sporting events, school pride oozes from students. Creighton is really great!!


Overall, I love Creighton. It is a really great place to go to school. However, I would change our dining service. The food is subpar, the hours are not great, and the service is weak. The size has been perfect. My largest class size has been 60 (Calculus 1) but other than that, all of my classes have been less than 30 people, and most are actually closer to 20 (I am in the Journalism, Media, and Computing Department though which is a little smaller, so your Biology and Chemistry classes might be a little bit bigger). Not everyone shares my feelings of Omaha, but I have really loved it as a college town. I come from a huge city (Phoenix) so I was a little tired of all the driving and traffic, and Omaha has been the perfect escape. It's still a big city (almost half a million residents according to the 2010 census), but its small enough that I don't need to constantly battle traffic, or take the freeway to get anywhere. There is plenty to do in my opinion. The Old Market is about a 15-20 minute walk (3 minute drive) from campus into the downtown Omaha area and it is a ton of fun. They have all sorts of restaurants, coffee shops, ice-cream, and a bunch of other little shops down there and its a very fun walk. At night they run horse-drawn carriage rides through the market too which is fun. There are some cool parks on the Missouri River over that way too, and a pedestrian bridge which crosses over to Iowa, and is really pretty at night. There are also bars and clubs and what not for the upperclassmen too. So there are things to do here! We don't have a football team, so its hard to have a whole lot of school pride during football season, but we have a very good soccer and basketball team, both of which are a TON of fun to watch! I would definitely recommend going to both. I was never a soccer fan, but after watching a Creighton soccer game I was hooked. Not many schools can say they have a good soccer team so thats pretty cool. Plus, as a Creighton student, you get to go to every home sporting event we have for free! So they make it easy to enjoy the sports here. The weight room is not the greatest facility you have ever seen, but it is definitely passable, and the only things you would ever need to wait to use are the treadmills and ellipticals. I try to get to the gym once a day, and it is a fine facility right in the middle of campus, and it has just everything I need to get a good balanced workout. In addition, we do have a second gym down in the Harper center that is newer and much nicer (though a little smaller from what I understand because I haven't used it yet) and Creighton is currently contracting a new athletic building down by the soccer field, so we should be seeing further improvements on that front in the next year. Like I said at the start, Creighton has its weak points like every other school which can be frustrating, but overall I really love going to Creighton.


The best thing about Creighton is all of the opportunities that you can receive from attending this school. I feel that ever since freshman year (and I am a Junior now) I have been given the chance to do great things at Creighton. The faculty is always available to help you and they want you to succeed. Some of the reasons that I decided to come to Creighton were because I felt that it was the perfect size and in the perfect location. Omaha is right in between a small town and a large city. It is a growing city, so there are always awesome things going on. The size of CU is about 4000 undergrad students and probably 2000 (this is a rough guess) grad students. I came from a small high school with about 175 in my graduating class, so I absolutely love the size of Creighton. It is big enough that you won't know everybody, but small enough that you will get the chance to meet a lot of the people. Our school has a great student center with a snack shop, massage chairs, pool tables, computer lab, and just about anything else a college student would need to relax during classes. Currently, our school pride has been better than ever before, with our men's soccer team making it to the College Cup final four, and our mens basketball team being rqanked #17 in the country and also undefeated. There is a lot to know about Creighton, but it is a great school and these are jsut a few of the reasons.


...but I chose it for a reason. I feel like the school sort of falsely advertises (but a lot of schools do this to keep their stats up and get people to enroll with them) a bit too much, but I feel like the school isn't super selective when they allow people in. It's like a 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} rate of people getting in. I got in with a pretty crappy GPA, and it's funny because they'll let everyone in, but they won't retain everyone. There's a HUGE transfer rate, and people end up leaving the school because they aren't satisfied here. It's definitely a fit for some people, but I don't feel like I made the right choice. They say that they care about you, but honestly-- if you're a pre-med student, it's very difficult to find professors that you can talk to because you're stuck in classes with 200 people for your Gen-Eds. The professors ARE brilliant though, and they do care, but sometimes the classes are just too big for everyone to really shine. You'll feel more at home if you AREN'T a pre-med student.


When I tell people I go to Creighton they usually respond with "woah." When I ask them what that means they respond that I must be really smart and my parents must be really rich. So I tell them that I had to work my butt off to get As in my classes and that I work year round to help pay for my tuition. And they usually assume I'm going to be a doctor also.


I think that the best think about Creighton is it's community. Anyone and everyone on campus is willing to help you out whether you know them or not. The size of Creighton is just right for me. I think as I get older it will seem to get smaller and smaller, but it is a good size and transition for me from high school. My freshman year I spent a lot of time in the dorms. I loved hanging out and being with everyone there was always something to do! Omaha I would not say is a "college town" it is not centered around Creighton or UNO, but I do believe that there is lots to do in Omaha, so you won't get bored. From what I have gather Omaha also supports Creighton in there athletics. I believe that Creighton's administration is doing the best that it can do for the student and Creighton. The administrations is always looking for ways to help the students. Since I am on CSU I here a lot about the administration and the things that people do not like on campus. I think that people forget the big picture about college and start picking on little things once they are in college, but I do not think there is a really big controversy on campus. The only controversy is that some students do not like that Creighton has went smoke free.


Small classes professors remeber your name. Take time and study hard


People at creighton are nice. The school seems to be interested in making money and expanding. Omaha is okay city, but there is not much to do late at night other than the bars. The university is next to a not so nice part of town, but also is only about 8 blocks away from the Old Market which is business district with many bars and restuarants.


It's the perfect size, most of the classes have a maximum of 30 people and your professor knows you by name. The freshman dorms is where your family really is, and you can walk down your hallway and find anyone to talk to. My favorite study place is at the student center, it's not too quiet but I get a lot of work done. Basketball and Soccer games are a lot of fun to go to, and there's always a lot of people there.


Creighton is very strict in some aspects including check in to dorms, which seems to cause students more trouble than it's worth. But the security is understandable due to the school's location. Omaha is not necessarily a "college town," but downtown Omaha can be fun when the weather is nice.


Creighton is just right size wise. The best thing about Creighton I think is the overall atmosphere...It is a welcoming community for all. When I tell people I attend Creighton University the reaction that I usually get is where is that? I think that Omaha is a college town. Creighton is about a 10 minute walk from downtown which has a lot of different things to offer for students. For the most part I really like Creighton's administration. At Creighton there is definitely a lot of school pride.


The campus is really pretty, but the surrounding area is a little shady... lots of homeless, ect. We are a D-1 athletic school which is fun. The basketball games are a definite must. I think it's the perfect size... little less than 1,000 per class I think. Omaha is a really fun city, and not too big that you won't ever be able to find your way around. It is a Catholic Jesuit school so I really like the overall vaules and mission of the college in general. However, they deem to forget that Catholicism is not the only kind of Christianity.


Creighton has ridiculous rules somewhat based on pseudo-Christian values, but primarily based on business values. There is a smoking ban in effect on campus; no one can chew tobacco or smoke, and while I do neither this is an infringement on the rights of students. The reasons for this ban I can understand; if people aren't smoking there is less litter on campus and this is a good thing. However, Creighton touts this as being the one obstacle in the way of student health when in actuality it is a mere paper tiger. The food served on campus is far worse for you than a smoking habit, and will kill you far more quickly. In addition, this hip demonization of smokers is sure to attract the white, rich, self-righteous yuppie crowd and influence more students to attend Creighton. Also, being a Catholic University, there is a certain amount of discrimination towards people belonging to other religious persuasions and even misogyny. One professor remarked that "If you're not Christian, you should not be attending Creighton," and "Women should not be ordained because of their inferior spiritual capacity." I suppose if one ascribes to an outdated 1950's mentality on gender relations Creighton would be a perfect school. Public Safety doesn't do its job. Since Creighton pulls strings with the Omaha World Herald word never gets out that students are mugged at gunpoint and raped in the parking garages. If Public Safety was more than an Orwellian misnomer perhaps we wouldn't have these issues. Public Safety should be called "The Drinking Patrol" as their primary goal is to catch drinking students, whether or not they are underage, and send them to the hospital for an overnight stay, regardless of how much alcohol they have had to drink. At $250 a stay it's no wonder Creighton puts its effort into catching drinking students. It's against the rules to be under the influence on campus regardless of age.


Aside from the close-mindedness, there are far too many requirements at this school. Although it is wondrous to get a well-rounded liberal arts education, the amount of core requirements borders on the absurd. Even with several transfer A.P. credits, I'm finding most of my freshman and sophomore year consumed by core classes. Also, note that four theology classes are required, ALL of which are centered on Christianity - I feel the education would be a bit stronger if students had the option to focus on other religions as well. How is one supposed to open their minds and learn about the world if one is forced to remain within a very narrow perspective. This is perhaps only because I live off-campus, but Creighton doesn't have much of a unique or lively feeling to it. Campus for the most part seems rather dead during the day, with a few scattered events here in there which are none too exciting. This school needs more randomness! This perspective would probably be different if I lived on-campus, so my opinion probably isn't worth too much on this manner. There are a lot of wonderful teachers here, but one has to seek them out. There are quite a few poor professors here and weak departments, but ask around/check out professor ratings to find the best ones. This past semester almost all my teachers were incredibly inspiring and actually asked students to expand their minds and dare to learn outside of the classroom; seek these teachers out if you can! There are several lackluster ones as well, though. You just have to look and find the ones who inspire you, even if it takes a little while.


Omaha is a great place. It is enough of a big city that there are lots of things to do and see, but not so horribly big that one part is cut off from the other. Creighton is about the same way. It is not a big school at all, so people know each other. However, it is big enought that there are many opportunities to do what one wishes. Honestly, Crieghton students party pretty hard, but we do it smart. Noone drinks and drives, or does anything stupid, but we have legendary parties. We also still get our studying done.


best thing--personal attention in class/your professors know who you are what i'd change--the core is a little extreme, and i found it unnecessary, but its kind of inevitable that you'll have to take core classes wherever you end up. but i'd cut it if i could size?--JUST RIGHT FOR ME!! outside reactions--most people are impressed that i go to creighton. i like that it has a reputation of prestige. time spent?--in the library, out with friends, hanging out in the student center, playing in the dorms, LOTS of extracurriculars, TONS of GREEK LIFE most controversal topic--the CARE program (sends students who are overly intoxicated with alcohol to the hospital for treatment)--its an interesting program because its very helpful when student's lives or health are in danger, but often times students are sent when they are drunk, but not dangerously drunk. my experience with CARE has been interesting because first one of my roommates was sent to CARE when she was completely fine, just drunk, and she was released within a half hour, and it just created a big hassle for her to deal with and racked up some big hospital bills. my other roommate, though, was so drunk we thought she was going to die, so we took her to CARE, and i honestly believe that it saved her life.


Haha, when I tell people I go to Creighton, they say "oh... where's that" It is in Omaha NE. Omaha is for sure not a college town. Omaha may seem like a big city for a lot of kids who live in the country all their lives, and trust me there are plent of country kids at Creighton. But there are also a bunch of real big city kids who see Omaha as a small city. It's not small, but everything is just so spread out, so you probably won't be walking around off campus much. Creighton itself is a pretty small school. It takes about 10-15min to walk from one end to the other, and usually the walks between class only take like 5min. I like Creighton because the professors really care about your learning (for the most part). They are always there to talk to you about how you are doing in class or just to chat. Even in my bio class of like 65 people my professor knew my name and would say hi to me when I saw him on campus. Also, I was taking a poly sci class on Latin America and I went to talk to my professor about my grade and we ended up talking about my trip this summer to Bolivia for like a half hour.


The size is great - small enough to recognize many people while walking to class, but you don't know everyone you see, everywhere you go. Creighton is recognized as selective, and being a student there grants me a certain amount of respect. On campus, I spend most of my time in the residence hall, student center, or just hanging out outside. I go jogging and exercise in the Fitness Center quite a bit. Most people stay on campus - the area surrounding Creighton is a bit shady, and there aren't many places to go anyway. Downtown Omaha is very nice, and I plan to spend more time there once I bring my bike to campus next year. It's just a little too far to walk. Creighton's administration is great. There are student committees you can be appointed to that get to interact with the administration and be a part of major decisions. They really value student input and want the best for the students. The most recent controversy is the sports bar in the new Harper Center because they're planning to serve alcohol. Creighton will be the first college campus in Nebraska to serve alcohol. I don't understand what all the fuss is about, because of all places for underage people to get alcohol, this is the last. They are planning all sorts of security devices and have a 2-drink maximum. This is a safe, controlled environment for legal age students to enjoy alcohol resonsibly. The best thing about Creighton is the atmosphere. It was why I chose the school. Just being on campus, you feel something special and want to be a part of it. Community really exists on campus, and everyone is genuinely friendly and positive. School pride peaks during basketball season, obviously. Games at the Qwest are an absolute blast and really get you pepped up! People always talk about the Creighton Family. From being in the Student Alumini Association, I've been able to interact with Alumni quite a bit and it really does exist. They feel a tie and bond to the university, and are extremely proud to have graduated from Creighton.


The beast thing bout Creighton is that the class sizes are mostly small and so its easier to talk to the professors and get help. Creighton is a little too small maybe. People think that i must be REALLy smart b/c I go to CU, even though its not that incredibly hard. I spend most of my time on campus either in friends dorm rooms or in Skutt. On TERRIBLE thing about Creighton is that there is ABSOLUTELY no college town. It has got to be one of the lamest colleges as far as having things to do for the student and campus town places. The administration is very good though. The president is very cool and approachable to everyone. Biggest controversy is the new bar being put opinion is if people are going to drink, they are going to drink, so it might as well be safe on campus. School pride for boys basketball only...not much for anything else cuz there's no football team. The food served in the dining halls is the same food that is served across Nebraska in the prison....its pretty terrible.


I think Creighton is the perfect size. I didn't want to go to a big state school, and at Creighton I get personal attention. The teachers know my name, classes are 20-35 people, you see people you recognize walking around, everyone is super nice, and I truely feel at home. Omaha is great! Campus is right by downtown and there is always good places to eat, stores to shop at, concerts to go to, athletic events etc.


Although there are 4000 undergrads at creighton you will still see at least 15 people you know on the way to and from class--however, if you want to avoid someone you can, you just have to work at little bit harder at it. It's a really good community, and people aren't too cliquish. A lot of preppyness, however people also frequent class in their sweatpants--getting really dressed up for class is not the norm. There also is a fair amount of school pride, particularly during basketball season. The greek community is really different from any other school because the sororities don't have houses, and there is a push for greek unity amoung all the fraternities and sororities, which is very evident around the campus. But you don't have to go greek to fit in. There are lots of other clubs to join, however many of them aren't that great. Students compete as to how many different organizations they're involved in, so be prepared to jump into the community and extra-cirriculars with both feet.


I really like most of the teachers at creighton. they are all really willing to help you out if you make the effort to email them or go see them during office hours. there are not any of the "freshman flunk out classes"--in most cases if you do what the teacher tells you to, do all of the readings, and study hard for tests you will be successful. Omaha is a good city as far as eating is alright (no Nordstroms though)...not many clubs to go to if you are under 21. The most complaints are about the lack of social life. There are parties and creighton but they are nothing like the state schools so if that is what you are looking for I would steer clear of creighton. There are a lot of kids that don't drink at all and then are the kids that drink on the weekends but still stay focused on school, and then there are very few kids who drink more than 4 times a week on a consistant basis. The administration is really strict on alcohol are not going to have your R.A's drinking with you or letting you get away with much. They also have this program called CARE where if you are coming into the dorms or find you intoxicated they can breathalize you and if you blow over a 0.8 they send you to the hospital and have to pay $250 or something. I really didn't like creighton my first semester. i thought about transferring back to CU Boulder but then second semester I got involved in a sorority and the social life increased a lot and now I love it there...I didn't want to come back for summer. So overall you are going to get a really good education especially if you are pre-med,dental,o.t.,law, ect. but with that you sacrifice some of the craziness found at state schools


The best thing about Creighton is the atmosphere, it is warm and welcoming and you never feel alone staying home and studying on a Friday or Saturday night. But, there are always people to go out with. For me, the school could be a bit larger (more boys). The ratio of girls to guys is now about 70/30. It's fun having Division I sports teams and even better because you see those people around and are friends with alot of them, they aren't put up on a pedestal. When I tell people I go to Creighton they are usually impressed. Omaha is good because it isn't really a college town at all. On campus I spend most of my time in the student center. Creighton's administration is good, Fr. Schlegel is a good President because you see him around on campus and he knows the students. The biggest recent controversy on campus has been the smoking ban. Creighton is going completely smoke-free on June 1. I think there is alot of school pride, maybe not as much as a state school supporting a football team, for example. If I could change something I would add a football team to the sports. One experience I"ll always remember is when me and 3 of my friends went out one night when it was raining and just slid around on the wet grass and got all muddy, people were walking by and didn't even care because it was almost normal. One of the most frequent student complaints is about the food. There is good food on campus, but the dining halls do not promote healthy eating.


The best thing about Creighton is that professors genuinely care for their students. The school is small, but I like it that way. Reaction to my going to Creighton? That's kind of superficial. I hang out in the dorms or not on campus at all. Omaha is one big suburb, which is not so fun. There is the slowdown and the old market, but those get old. Creighton's administration is okay. They care about the students, but they make it hard to take the right classes. They don't let the homosexual community voice its opinions. Instead, they say that it is not the Catholic stance, but they still allow non-Catholic homophobes to spout hate to the campus. Tobacco ban is the biggest controversy. Creighton does it to preserve an image of a progressive-family friendly school, but they really don't care about people's welfare. It's merely to make itself (Creighton) look better. There is a lot of granfalloonery and no karas (read Vonnegut). No nothing unusual about Creighton. A prototypical school for prototypical people. I would change Creighton's image consciousness. I hope that it will be comfortable with who it is.


I think the best thing about Creighton is the small class sizes. Professors know who you are and that helps a lot when it comes down to final grades. I came from a town of 600 people so I think if I would have gone to a large university I would have gotten lost in the crowd where as now I feel like I have a place to call home. When I tell people I go to Creighton, especially people who currently live in Omaha, they find it as a huge accomplishment. People automatically assume you to be a hard working, intelligent person who they will bend over backwards to help out. Omaha isn't really a college town, but there isn't a lack of things to do around town. Because UNO is also in Omaha the city is partially segmented between the two universities.


Creighton is just the right size. It is big enough that there are many opportunities, but small enough that the teachers still know you name.


Most schools are about academic growth. Creighton on the other hand provides a stimulating and supportive environment where students can grow in all areas of their life. We strive to be well-balanced, intellectual members of society. Creighton students are challenged to find out who they are, what skills and talents they have, and how they fit in the world (aka: what's their purpose in life). This is not a place to just get a degree, but to become an amazing person who has found meaning in life.


Creighton is by far the absolute worst school I could have chosen. Though the professors are brilliant...that is about the only good thing the school has. The people are very stuck up there.


Creighton is expanding fast, and it's rumored that they have plans to expand. Each freshman class is getting bigger and bigger, and smarter and smarter. Omaha has a decent night life, and the most restaurants per capita. Creighton has a nice homey feel and campus is a great, upbeat place to be.


Creighton's a wonderful school for those looking for a smaller, comprehensive Jesuit university in a bigger city. Students, for the most part, genuinely seem to really love it here - it's the combination of challenging academics, strong feelings of community, and a close-knit feeling of teamwork that set us apart. Creighton does a good job of not pretending to be something that it's not; we aren't Notre Dame, Harvard (or Nebraska), and we don't try to be. Our academic profile actually puts us 4th in the Midwest behind Notre Dame, Northwestern, Washington U, and the University of Chicago. At the same time, we aren't all about the books - the stereotypical CU student juggles his courseload with service, exercise, extracurriculars, and a little bit of partying on the weekends (though nothing like a state school). Though people outside the Midwest might not immediately recognize our name (unless they've been watching March Madness), we have quietly worked our way up to being one of the best schools of our type in the nation. Campus is beautiful, the city's downtown nearby is clean and exciting, our athletic teams are fun to support, academics are rigorous, and the students here are as friendly as I've ever seen.


Creighton has the perfect size campus. You are constantly running into friends in between classes or on your way out on the weekend. Creighton athletics are amazing, and going to games is one of the best ways to have fun on campus. Plus, we are a wet campus so alcohol is allowed at events and in dorms, if you're over 21 of course. Omaha is a great place to go to school. Campus is right by the Old Market, and within driving distance to malls, restaurants, Rosenblatt stadium, the Qwest Center which has athletic events and major concerts, and the SlowDown, Saddle Creek Records new bar/concert venue. The underground music scene is amazing here if you know where to look!