Creighton University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Every college is an adjustment and it is challenging in the beginning to get used to the university setting and in that aspect, Creighton is no different. However, at Creighton University every student at is intelligent and most likely reigned the academic scale at their high school. With that being said, Creighton University is the type of school that highly motivated and focused individuals should attend. Creighon will not be easy, but it will be worth it.


A person who wants to become involved in student organizations, have the opportunity to travel throughout the world, help marginalized people both locally and nationally, be involved in a faith community, and excel as a student would feel at home at Creighton University. As a transfer student I found Creighton to be incredibly welcoming. From my peers to my professors, I was always able to find someone to help ease my transition to a new school. I believe anybody could find their niche at Creighton University because of the friendly and diverse student body, faculty, staff, and religious leaders.


I recommend any type of person to attend this school, especially those who are determined to make a difference. My school is really diverse and has small class sizes, we are all here for specific career paths in which we want to help people out. Creighton University is not just about using our careers to help people, we are taught to help others through service projects. We help many people in our community as well outside of the community.


A studious person