Creighton University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students who do not enjoy community service should not attend this university. One of the biggest things in this school is becoming men and women for and with others. What this means is that as a student of Creighton University you not only have to serve those around you that are less fortunate, but you also have to put yourself in their shoes. No matter what you do on campus there will be opportunities for service and the becoming men and women for and with others is a very popular and prominent Ignatian value all around the campus.


If you are not ready to grow as a person and expand your view of the world, I would not suggest coming to Creighton University. Yes, Creighton is challenging academically, but Creighton challenges you to be excellent in every way, not just academically. The Jesuit Values emphasized at Creighton work toward this, and encourage students to develop as whole people. These values are not just important for Catholics, but for every student. If you are not open to this idea, you will be missing out on the greatest thing that Creighton University has to offer you in your college experience.


Creighton University focuses on preparing their students with a well-rounded education as well as integrating service and faith pillars. Most students who thrive and enjoy attending here are those who are open-minded about many aspects of life. The general understanding on campus is that we are here to learn about our abilities and self. Sororities and fraternities are alive on campus and are service based as well. In order to enjoy your stay here, your view of college cannot be a party. Therefore, one needs to be in harmony with their beliefs and be comfortable with self-expression.


Someone who wants to go into engineering or math