Creighton University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Creighton is trying to get a hold of someone! It's easy to find people but to get them to answer your questions directly (be it about tuition or class- anything) is really difficult. You have to find the people who are going to give it to you straight.


Frustrations are main obstacle that aids with your self-growth. They are situations you learn to deal with and leave as a stronger individual. A frustration that I?ve dealt with from the beginning of my college career has been the location of the college campus. It?s located in downtown Omaha and also a 13 hour plane ride away from home on Kauai. From this personal problem, I?ve learned how to become a little street smart savvy in the downtown area. Also, being far from home has helped me to appreciate my local roots with greater pride.


I live in a suite-style dorm. Three roommates and I share two bedrooms, a large living and kitchen area, and bathroom. Although this is a very nice dorm, students tend to enter their rooms and shut the door. This leads to very little community among the floors. This is frustrating because students may rarely see the people they live next door to for an entire year. The student next door could quite possibly be a great friend you never met because you were too preoccupied sitting in a large living room watching American Idol.


Some of the professors are very Mid-western and have limited experience outside of the Mid-west. I found that test taking was hard because the questions were sometimes ambiguous if you weren't born and bred in this here cattle town.


You have to watch the financial aid office. If you think you are not getting what you should be getting for aid then go in and talk to them. If they can get by with not giving you what you should have then they will. Also, you have to be very careful about transfer credits. There are some subjects like history where it is very difficult to get them to accept the credits.


The most frustating thing about Creighton University is the registration process that does not favor more active and academically motivated students in class selection by which it becomes difficult to take heavy course loads that mesh in time slots.