Creighton University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Prior to choosing Creighton University I wish I would have known about the values that are fundamental to the Creighton education. As a Jesuit university Creighton's motto is "People for and with others" meaning the education is structured toward making students into compassionate, morally driven people . This philosophy is interwoven throughout the college experience through campus wide service work, required ethics courses, and professors' commitment to students, just to name a few. If I would have known the depth of these values and Creighton's passion to teach them, my number of college choices would have been one.


I wish I knew that finding financial aid for this school is very difficult.


I wish I knew that my Nursing Anatomy class was going to be very difficult.


I heard that , this school has good reputation in medecine; and by choosing it i wish i can get the best education in my major.


The school is so boring and the snow limits me to what I can do outside of school. Also, the weather here is depressing and having no family around makes it much more depressing.


One of the things I did not consider enough when selecting Creigton University was its cold winters. Coming from a high school in Hawaii, the climate change was definitely one to overcome. Otherwise, virtually everything I heard about Creighton while I was making my college decision is definitely present here on campus.


I wish I had known what major I wanted before I came to this school. This school allows for many opportunities and had I known what major I wanted, those opportunities may not have gone to waste.


Alcohol abuse every where.


I did know, but was the only school with the opportunity to take advantage of free tuition.