Crowder College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There is a wide variaty of people at Crowder. College doesnt have cliques but there are still different social groups. I didnt try to fit in with anyone i was mainly focused on finishing my school work but i still met some people in my first semester. It does seem though that everyone there is prepared to never see me agian so i didnt make any real friendships but that is okay because i will have that in my career in the future.


Seem nice


serious learners who want to better themselves and their families.


My classmates have been the oddest mix of happy people. Every thing from a very intellagent High School boy to a much older man who wanted to make a difference after the loss of his wife to cancer. I have had class with cowboys, police officers, single mothers, and people who have been laid off from factory jobs. They are all great and the mix is fun!