Crown College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Crown College is a private Christian college and offers me a community of Christians as I follow my dreams.


Crown College is a small, private, Christian college that is focused around giving students a wonderful education while being surrounded by others who are there to help and encourage you in your walk with Christ and your journey through school.


Crown college provides a comfortable, supportive, enriching environment staffed with people who care about your learning experience .


Crown College is a community.


A developing conservative Christian college that is behind the times in many respects, but is moving in the right direction by giving more power and respect to its students.


We are a small Christian College, Everyone on campus is very close to each other, and the professors genuinely care about you. We live about 45 minutes from the cities, and we have great trails, and a lake on campus that you can swim in. The classes are challenging, but there is a lot of help from professors, turors, and other students on campus. There are many activities on campus that you can be involved in, you will never be bored on campus, there is always a group of people doing something fun. Its a place to belong.


Crown College is a great experience where you will enjoy the benefit of a good education with professors and coaches that care and put you first; the bond you make with your fellow students is so great and unlike any other experience, these are the people you will keep in touch with the rest of your life.


Crown College is a nic Christian based dollege.


Crown College, at the core, has the best of intentions for all of it's students; however there are some programs that promise more than they can deliver.


Crown College is a community of like-minded people, both faculty and students, who want to make a positive difference in the next generation of leaders.