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It is a small school in a countryside location. It feels very safe because of the setting. Because we do not have a large amount of students, it is easier to feel comfortable and harder to feel lonely. The faculty and staff are very committed to the well-being of their students.


It is a very small school. There are only about 1,200 students that attend Crown College and because of the small population, there really are no cliques. Everyone is accepted and there is no judgement put on others. We are all there for the same reasons, and the friends you make here are life long and very genuine.


The most unique thing about my school compared to others is that I see Crown Alumni's and staff who are actually making a difference in our world and within the college community. We have very Godly people who come and build up leaders showing us how to encounter the world from a unselfish but loving approach, showing Christ love. The college here gives us great oppurtunities to network and meet amazing people who has made a difference. For instance my mentor is a missionary from Cambodia, who has done planted churches and spread the gospel there.


One thing that I love about Crown College is the mission statement in which it helps prepare and equip the students for the future.


Crown gives the opportunity to get to know many people very well with its small campus size.


This is a Christian school. Besides being serious about the schoolwork, people are serious about their faith. Once again, I love the genuiness found in this. Another unique thing about Crown is that is a smaller school than most. Because of this, there is a friendly and closer environment between students and with professors.


It is a small environment where everyone pretty much knows everyone else.


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