Crown College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


While Crown is not a very difficult college to be accepted to, a decent amount is required of the students. An honor's program is available, which is quite rigorous, but even most regular classes require about one to three hours of work outside of class for every hour in class, in order to make good grades. While there are always exceptions, most students put a decent amout of effort into their schooling, as Crown is an expensive school, and students need to hang onto their scholarships. The classroom setting is a very positive experience. The professors are very personable, for the most part. For example, every professor I have had since my freshman year knows my name, and it is not an uncommon occurence for a group of students to spend time with any particular professor outside of class time. Many professors are involved with organized campus activities, such as a "professor hide and seek" that takes place at the Mall of America each year. The school requires an internship or practicum for most majors, which is extremely valuable towards gaining practical experience and for finding a career after college. I am an Intercultural Studies major, and wil take a two month practicum overseas, in a country basically of my choice, doing work that will help me understand what is required of people that pursue whatever vocation I will hope to find myself in after graduation.

Ying Wei

The professors know your name. Students often on regualr bases. There are always students who work harder than others, which is common in any college. People often have intellectual and spiritual discussion and debates outside of class. The Bible classes are very unique and really equips me in understanding all technical and intellectual part about my faith. Proffessors are more than happy to invest outside of class time with students. Invitation to professor's house for dinner, or a group of us dinning out with a professor is not unusal and always fun. My major is education and it's got 30 years of history in Crown, so it's an old and well-established major, one of the reasons why I choose to come to Crown.


After talking to many of my friends at other institutions I was surprised to compare academics at Crown with them. It's incredibly rigorous. Perhaps this is different based on your field, but for Biology and Christian Studies majors it is very rigorous.