Crown College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

Ying Wei

Of course the Forensics Club and CORE (a student-led charity group) I am involved in. =) Well, people enage in different clubs such as Student Acitvity Board, the Senate, Forensics, CORE, Global Impact Team, the Year-Book Team, Cross-Country Team, Men&Women's Ministry. So there are options and varieties. Our dorms are very family oriented, we have brother-sister dorms that do dorm events together. We cook and watch movies. Doors are left open because the campus is really safe, we Christians just don't steal. =) We borrow things from each other's room and it's all good.


Unfortunately is a treck from the cities and many students go home on the weekend, including myself. If you're looking for a party school you want find it at Crown. Are there fun things to do? Absolutely! There's open gym, an awesome disc golf course, and great intramurals to name a few.