Crown College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The Adult Accelerated Learning Program is great for people like me who are going back to finish a degree they were unable to for one reason or another or people who are wanting a professional change. The program allows student to attend school while also managing a family and/or job. In order to succeed, students must be responsible and able to pace themselves to ensure all assignments are completed on time since their is not an in-person instructor to remind them.


A person who loves Jesus, and wants to follow him, as it is a Christian and Missionary Alliance School. A person who enjoys a small campus, as it is not too big, but small enough to not know everyone. Should be a people person because it's easy to make a lot of friends. A person must be open to join activities to stay busy and make friends. Should know inadvanced of what areas of studies they want to be in, as there are only a few degrees to choose from. Who wants an automatic double major in Christian Studies.


Somone who cares deeply about their relationship with Christ! Any perosn who wants to be loved, supported, cared for and wants to succeed through school!


Someone who has faith in God and desires to do something for the kingdom of God.


This is a great college for adult students. It is very accomodating and convient.


Someone who has a relationship with God and is always open to growing more. Someone who is serious about missons and ready to get out in the world and get involved because there are plenty of opportunities.