Crown College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dude! I know that college seems too difficult and too expensive; nevertheless you should know that life without a higher education will be a challenge. You'll have to become a "somebody" in a market free from competition - which is doable but painful. However, when you enter into a market where others, who are equally qualified, are trying for the same piece of the pie, they'll be chosen every time regardless of your expereince because those in authority understand that education gives you the tools to do business. There is power in education, and even though it won't necessarily make you a good manager it will give you tools, which will be very useful to further your carrier and help others to see value in your services. Carefully consider what I said and then make an ecucated decision. Good luck buddy!


Transitioning to college can be difficult, I would of went outside my network of friends and met different people, I would of went "outside of my box" and tried differnt groups, I would of gotten involved in community groups. I would of improved my grades, taken more advantage of asking teachers for help, spoken up more in class. I would of set higher expectations and not underestimated my talent. I would of learned to trust my decisions and not just my parents. I would of made more time for me, instead of being surrounded by my friends at all times.


The greatest advice I would give myself is to trust God and practice the violin very hard! College is a difficult transition period from being dependent on one's parents and moving towards living on one's own. When the assignments come pouring in and stress continues to build until the due dates, temptation arises to panic. I found that when you relax through the difficulty, do your homework, and trust God, everything always gets done! There is no need for panic. Also, many life decisions are made in college. Instead of fearing, trust that God will work everything out according to plan. The second thing I would tell myself is to practice violin very dilliegently. Practice is necessary to use the gifts God has given me to become the best I can at the violin and give Him the glory. I would then remind myself that it is not important whether or not I am the best violinist in the area. What is most important is that I play as well as I can and that I am humble with my talents. Thanks be to God, the great giver of gifts!


There's always a way out and things will always get better. Don't excuse your faults and sins because you can't win the fight. You need to confront everything that is wrong in your life. If you want to grow, to move forward, you need to confront every single one of your faults. Confronting doesn't mean aking God to forgive you or asking for his help. Confronting is making a choice, saying no. Do this, God will help you, and you will succeed.


I have been attending a community college since August, 2010. During this first semester, I have learnaed a lot about myself and about what I want out of my school experience. Along with learning the information that went along with my studies, I learned how I best could achieve my goal of getting good grades. I now know what ways I learn best and which study habits are right for me. There is also an opportunity while attending college to meet and get to know many different people who are different from myself. This is a very important aspect of the learning process. Attending school is the most important thing that I am doing in my life right now. I take it very seriously and want to experience it to the fullest. To me, attending college assures a brighter future. I am excited to study the things I will eventually use in my career as a Nurse.


In my college experience I've leanered the basic never get old and it's good to now your basic cause you will need it in the long run. I dosen't hurt to try and if you give it your all good things will happen. I am happy to know that i can do something i like every time I wake up. The teachers are easy to get along with and show you how to do your work when you need it.


So far I have had a great experience with college. I did a tutoring program in high school and recieved free school for two years which I did not end up using. I recieved a federal pell grant that covered my tutition for the first two years and I graduated with my AA degree from Jefferson College. I am transferring to UMSL to finish my bacholer's degree and then i will transfer to a law school and finish my schooling phase of my life. I find that college has been extremely valuable to me i am learning all kinds of life lessons and skills that i am applying to my typical life. I just hope that i will be able to afford the rest of my education and be able to achieve my goals. Thank you for this oppurtunity.


I have learned so much more about my relationship with God, have developed my faith, have learned about life and my future career from a Christian perspective, and have got to feel the genuine love and care of others.


I have only attended college for a semester, but it has helped me understand english much better, and as of right now, I am a great essay writer. I am actually looking forward to going back to school, which really helps students, like me, feel more encouraged to do better. You are in school because you want to be there. Therefore, you tend to do much better than you did when you were in high school.


First, not only have I made life long friends at Crown College, but I have also learned so many important life lessons. I have learned more in my one year at college than my four years in high school. Also, my faith and complete outlook on life has changed and become more and more positive. The reason why it has been so valuable to me, is that it gave me value in so many different aspects: friends, lessons, accomplishments, and new goals and dreams for my future. College is definitely the best four years of your life.


I havent been to college yet, but I plan to make it the beast years of my life its my chance to be successful and be able to provide for my family, I want to challenge myself and be able to push myself to the top. I choose psychology because I can help others and it is a stable future/career choice, the medical field will always be here so I personally think it is a great choice. Without going to college I will lack a good strong foudation of an education and that means I possibly might not succeed as well as I possibly could. So this scholarship will get me one step closer to my dreams and passion of learning.


A child's development is very important to me and to our future. I decided to go back to school so I could increase my knowledge and gain the confidence in myself that I needed to be a better Children's Ministry Director. Attending Crown College's Adult Accelerated Learning Program has already started to build that confidence in myself. I have a sense of accomplishment because I am going after what I want and am making it happen. I have received admiration from fellow moms, wives and office associates that has also increased my desire to succeed at achieving my goal. I also consider my college experience a valuable lesson for my children. They are seeing firsthand the importance of finishing college first. Marriage and children can wait but in today's world you can't get by without some type of degree. On the other hand, they are learing that it is never to late to acheive your goal in life. Personally, my college experience is invaluable because it is providing me with the ability to help children in their development of Christian character and values.


I have gotten a lot of experience from Crown College, a Christian and Missionary School. Like a typical school, students feel more independent from who they were to get homework done, be organize , and active with activities. Also to earn a degree in something. But what I got out school is to learn in depth in my academics, especially in communication classes, lots of hands similar to work in the real world, made and to continue to make life-long friends, learned how to balance life out with work, sleep, and fun activities, a better relationship with God and of course to be independent. It has been valuable because these things help me to grow logically, spiritually, physicially. More logically by learning the academics, thinking critically, and being creative. More spiritually being with christian people and studying the bible more. More physically by being active in track, hands on work like working with a video camera, and by staying busy. College life is worth is as what you put into it will come out valuablely. I had realized and I continue to do, is to put even more effort towards everything and it will be valuable to attend.


I have found that with my college experience that college while expensive is also a very necessary tool in todays economic structure to find adequet and gain full employment. College courses may vary on difficulity from one course to the next and there are many resources to help with difficulties in your courses, from the use of a tutor to accessing online information , to student assistance in the class. I have found that communication between the student and instructor is impairitive to the success of the student if their are any questions regarding assignments. Next college is a great way to meet new people on a social aspect and it does no necessarily have to be a party time moment. I have gained alot of insight about myself as well as others while attending college, and have found that employers find continuing your education as an attribute.


I have realized through my college experience that you need education to succeed in this world. In today's world a degree means so much. Businessess look for a degree, internships, and overall experience when determining who is the best person to hire for a job. College has been valuable to me because it has kept me focused on what is important in this world, and has allowed me to focus on my future. I have learned that their is so much more that I need to learn, and I have become extremely driven to achieve a great education so that I can get a great job. Since high school has ended I attend college optionally and have realized that I enjoy being able to expand my knowledge and putting myself in a position to succeed in this world. Overall college has put me in the right frame of mind to do all that I want to do in life, and it has affected my life in ways that I could never have imagined.


As a student at Crown College, it has been a real challenge academically and spiritually. Here at Crown, through the guide and support of the professors, they have challenge me to be able to think globally, that in whatever major or field of study I'm going into, I must go global. With that in mind, after college, I plan on going into the ministry to help youth students. I find that in America today, there are so many hurting students. Hopefully by becoming a youth pastor, I can help aid, encourage and lead students in the correct way of life. Not only that, but after being in the youth ministry, I plan to go overseas to help, serve, and care for those in need. Who knows what will happen later on in life, but what matters the most is I'll go wherever God leads me.


Don't be discourage about the tuition, it's real expensive but God provides alright. Stay ontop of school work, mom and dad and your siblings are looking up to you, so you got to make it. Cheufue, you got to really believe that God called you here. Your here for a reason, even when your grades weren't the best in high school, God will make a way for you to come to Crown and make ends meet financially. Always remember that God is faithful and everyday has it's own problems to worry about. Take everyday one step at a time, by the time you know it you will be wherever God wants you to be if your hearts in it. That's why God put you here, because he placed it in your heart to love people and make a change. Keep your head up and remember to surrender your life to God and serving other people, for Christ did that for you and those who haven't heard of the good news. Look at what the other graduates before had to give up. Don't be selfish and learn to truly live life with love.


The advice that I would go back in time to give myself would be to try harder. I did not try very hard in high school, so I would definately tell myself to put forth more effort on things. I'm not under my parents' wing anymore, so I have to fend for myself in a way. I can't afford to not try. I need give my grades everything that I have, because if I don't , I wouldn't be able to come here anymore. I would say, "Carrie, college is going to be hard. Start preparing for it now and don't take the easy way out." I would also advise myself to prepare for cultural and ethnic diversity. I come from a very small town, so there is not much diversity at all. But since coming to Crown, I've noticed how many kinds of people there are, sharing my school with me. I all of a sudden have classes with people who are so unlike myself. It's very refreshing, but it was a shock. Overall, my high school years were great, but if I could go back, I would definately do some things differently.


If I were to travel back in time to advise myself in high school, the biggest thing I would give is a warning. I would tell myself to take as many AP/Honors classes as possible to prepare for the college level work load. Plus, taking AP classes would allow for college credit to be earned before actually stepping foot on a college campus. So, I would have given myself to get ahead. This way, I would have been able to graduate earlier and get a head start on marketing myself for a job. In this difficult economy, it would be very profitable to have a year or two head start on everyone else. Graduating early would mean that I am younger than everyone that I graduate with, but still have the same amount of knowledge. This is something that I could sell to any corporation.


Don't fret over what to expect. The first day of classes can be overwhelming, and it usually is for EVERY freshman college student. Don't worry, because there is help everywhere. All the upperclassmen have been in your shoes. Just let yourself go. Smile at everyone, you will make friends quickly for that smile would more than likely calm their pounding or aching heart. Leaving your family is hard, but just know that all the freshman have to do the same thing. When you receive your syllabus, don't freak out. When you get back to your dorm at the end of the day and plop in your chair by your laptop, simply make a calendar on your computer with Microsoft Publisher (at least that's what I used!) and write down each assignment on the day it's due: Capitalize EXAMS, PAPERS, PRESENTATIONS, etc. It's not going to be a problem once you organize yourself. They give you due dates ahead of time which I feel is a blessing, for you can think days ahead for exams and the like. Also, do homework in the main building and make friends! Get involved: JUMP INTO THE COLLEGE LIFE!!!!!


First and foremost, don't quit. Stay in school despite the obstacles that will inevitably present themselves. College is hard, but it is also a valuable and wonderful experience. You will get out of it what you put into it. Having the opportunity, time and resources to complete a college education is a gift. There is no better time in your life to do this than right now. Jobs, starting a family and the other accoutrouments of adult life will be there forever, don't rush to get there. The next four of more years will be the best, hardest and possibly the most challenging of your life. Take advantage of every opportunity, use this time to learn about yourself, what you can do, what you want to do and what you believe in. Discover your place in the world and learn to trust yourself. Ask for help if you need it and don't be shy. This is a difficult transition, but there are people who want to help guide you through it. Good luck and God bless!


Perhaps one of the biggest advice that I would give myself if I had the ability to go back in time is to take every opportunity that there is to continue in the growing process as a student.


I would tell myself to get out and experience what I love in a setting that tests me in order to find my passions. It's so easy for a high schooler to "feel" that he or she knows what's best for him or her. I, myself, as a senior loved singing in choir, enjoyed working with those younger than myself, and "felt" that being a choir teacher would be best for me. Freshman year of college came and I immersed myself in music classes. Yes, I enjoyed it, but at the end of the year I still felt like there were life questions unanswered. The summer after, I decided to work at a camp for children and youth to experience working with young people in a new setting. I found my passion there, which is to work with children and teens in a church setting. How did I come to this realization? I experienced the rigors of youth under conditions that tested me and forced me out of my comfort zone...but it made me come alive. The joy even after the hard work made me realize it's more than a feeling--it's my passion.


Go where your heart is leading! Listen to the advice of the people who care deeply about you. Go somewhere that youa re not a number but truly a part of this community.


Start early! I work with 6th-8th graders in the inner city, and we just took them to 4 different colleges around the Twin Cities just to get their minds thinking about college. Also keep their minds open about different colleges, they need to figure out if they want their college in the same state, if they want a private school, if the want a state school, will it be big or small? I choose Crown because I love Minnesota, and I knew I wanted to go to a small private Christian college, and thats exactly what I got. Parents are one of the biggest tools for thier teenager. Remember to encourage your child, you want whats best for them, but you do not want to choose for them, because this will be one of their first big decisions that they will make on their own. When you get to school, meet as many people as possible, the college will have something called "Welcome Weekend" and that is where you will meet all of the imcoming freshman. Be yourself, and remember you are in school, it might seem like just fun and games at first, but work hard.


There are a few important things one must understand in choosing the right college. The first is that one must look toward the future of what one is trying to accomplish. Do not be pressured to find a college right away. Take your time even if it means taking a semester or two off. Not only will this relieve stress off the future student, but also provide time to prepare the funding necessary to attend college. The second important thing is a college's education and expense. It is important to know the atmosphere and culture of the campus that you will one day be attending. College visits are important for both the parents and future student. Along with the campus and education of the college is the cost of the educational institution. The reason being is if one is ill informed of the high cost of college when it is time to pay off loans it can make one question all of one's choices from the college one had attended to major and all the inbetween. No matter where one goes they will receive a college experience, it is up to you to make the most of it.


The best advice that I can give to anyone of any age looking for a college is to look for a place where you feel comfortable. The people need to be friendly, the professors need to truly care, and the campus as a whole needs to be livable. If you are not comfortable with your surroundings you will not be able to do your best on your work. It was such a comfort to have good classes where I can actually learn, good resources to draw from, and a good student life program. However, while you want to find somewhere comfortable, look for a place where you will be stretched as well. Find a strong program that you can get the best out of and professors who make you think beyond what you already know. After all, this is training for life.


Check out all the colleges and don't be afraid of the cost


My first advice to parents and/or students when finding the right college is to first consider the school's mission and priorities. Ask yourself: What this school's highest value? Is it acedemics? Religion? Athletics? etc. Weigh in these values. Your personal values and priorities should match your schools values and priorities. In other words, be what your school is about. Second , consider the environement in which the school is located in. The college you choose is going to be your home for the next four years or more. Consider the fact that it is highly unlikely that you'll spend all of your spare time on campus. Therefore, consider the city in which the school is located; what does this city have to offer you and how does it benefit your interests. If you have considers these two things and still haven't come to a decision, then you should consider school facilities such as dorms, dining, labs, and library. Lastly, consider financial. This obviously benefits you in a huge way and the subject is innevitable in every situation. Besides, if you are what the school is about, the school will more than likely help pay your way.


I will have to say that parents and students must be open to a variety of schools. Big, small, public, private. Make sure you pick out a school that will have they major you want when you get out of high school, but has other major options that you are interested in if you change your major. Make sure that you make friends, study hard (but not too hard), and don't participate in anything that will be detrimental to you body, mind, and soul :)


Living on campus helps a whole lot because you make friends much more easily. Choose a school that best fits you, and don't let financial stop you from doing what you love doing. Would you rather be in debt for a career that you get tired of or would you rather be in debt for a career that you will love doing for the rest of you life? In addition, be sure to get involved with the school so then it will be worth going to when you get out of school. For the parents, support your children where they are going and for what (major) they are going for. Keep in touch with them as well and send them care packages once in a while.


I would encourage every student and parent to visit the school on a non-visit day and hang out with one of the students to get a real feel for the school.


Weigh out the options, and check out the colleges being applied to. Watch how the students treat each other and how the students and faculty interact. Schools where there is a ratio of around 20 students per professor will generally have closer relationships between students and faculty. This makes learning easier, but you also have to know what size school better fits your needs. Another reason checking out the campus is a good idea is to find out if the setting fits what you're looking for. If you feel uncomfortable in the country and the three you applied to are in the country, you may want to do some rethinking, unless you are looking for a new and different experience. Know what you want for distance and environment, ask lots of questions, get opinions from those who know the college, and make sure the college is going to fulfill all your needs before you decide on a college.


Know what you desire in your college experience. Know the background and reputation of the colleges you are looking at. The students, faculty, and staff are the best resourse to know how your college experiencec is going to be. Don't necessarily look at how big the college is, the location, the "cool stuff" look at the people. Know who you are and pick a college you will fit best in for the next 4 years. You will never regret your choice if you follow your heart.


Start the college search early and be open to both public and private institutions.


No one knows you better then yourself. Make sure that you are looking at everything that you need to succeed after college. Dont make a decision based on where your friends might be going because they are not you and as you go through college you will change. You grow up and sometimes grow apart. Look for what you need to achieve your goals in life. Follow what feels best and trust yourself.


Going to college is a life changing experience. To parents I would stress the importance of guidance and support as your child goes through the process of school selection and preparation for the transition. To students I would say visit as many schools as you can. Spend some time on campus without the admissions counselor. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Do not feel embarrassed if you are unsure of yourself. And above all finish a degree. ANY degree.


plan carefully


Really check out a lot of colleges and when you find the right one. And make the most of your college experience and HAVE FUN! Don't be so into your studies that you don't have fun with friends. Also don't get a boyfriend right away, enjoy the girl time and make the most of your college experience. Don't drink and do want to remember your college experience! You can have fun without doing drugs and drinking!


Finding the right college is like finding an extension of you. When you visit that school and you start meeting students and faculty who have the same goals and worldview as you do, you know you have come home. College provices an opportunity for you to develop your character, work habits, as well as learn the consequences of both good and bad choices. As a result, choosing the right college is all the more vital. When you have found and attended that right college, all those development and learning opportunities will all be there for you to take advantage of. If you truly desire to make the most of your college experience, be proactive to take advantage of everything your school offers. If you can but do only that, you will go far.


Go where you are going to feel comfortable and where you have opportunities to get involved into the environment otherwise there's no point in going at all.