Crown College Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


Several factors played into my decision to attend Crown College. The focus on community, as well as the friendliness of faculty and students were probably most influential in leading to my decision. Many of the Christian values held by the school are also held by the majority of students, including me. Also, I hope to do community development/relief work after college, with CAMA Services, which is affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, which Crown College is affiliated with.

Ying Wei

Mostly because I received a full-tution scholarship which includes the Christian Leadership Scholarship($10,000) and International Student Scholarship ($12,000). Also, I prefer faith-based schools because I feel like I am at a cross-road in my life to form my habbits and friendships for a life time, and I want to be in a community that encourgaes my faith journey.