Culinary Institute of America Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The Culinary Institute of America, a fast paced school filled with hardworking and passionate individuals who strive to be the best.


My college is very life changing its an awesome experience that I would exchange for anything.


This school has so many resources it is unbelievable as well as amazing extra curricular activities. It is hard work but definitely worth every minute. The only problem you will have is with the administration dealing with the class schedules and paying tuition. They don't know what is going on half the time.


The Culinary Institute of America is a great place to network, learn, excell and thrive, when seeking knowledge and skills in the foodservice field.


My school is the center for culinary learning.


The world's premier culinary college.


The Culinary Institute of America is a highly reputable school filled with professional and highly experienced chefs giving you the knowledge you are searching for to become successful within your field.


My school is for those who are passionate about food and cooking.


The CIA holds its students to the highest of standards which is what sets its graduates apart from other hospitality school graduates. The CIA not only commands the respect of the industry, but sets the bar of acheivement so high that even our lowest performers will shine.


If you want to find out if cooking is what you love, come to the CIA, those who don't know it and leave, those who do are addicted to the challenges offered.

S Whitney

The Culinary Institute attracts people who are passionate about food and through the help of it is facutly can help shape and add fire to that passion so that each individual can get the most out of it and become one the best of what ever they want to do.


Going to The Culinary Institute of America, opens your eyes to new things and makes you realize, why you love doing what you do so much.


The Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park is the absolute best accredited culinary college in the country; bringing students a priceless set of resources, networking and alumni to enter the food industry with.


The Culinary Institute of America is what you make of it and can make you whatever you want to be in the Culinary or Baking industry.


The Culinary Institute of America is a place for people who are passionate about food and drink and want to become experts in the feild of hospitality.


The CIA has a beautiful campus, and all the students are expect to act and dress professionally at all times; the schedule is rigorous, but the education is worth it.


The Culinary Institute of America is a place that you will only get what you give to your education.


The Culinary Institute of America is a melting pots, with students representing countries from all around the the world and instructors with experience in every field, who are dedicated to helping to achieve all that is possible through your education at the school.


The Culinary Institue of America is a great opportunity to learn what it means to cook and to develop skills that will stick with your for the rest of your life.


The Culinary Institute of America, as their motto denotes, is the "World's Premier Culinary College" and has been discribed by Julia Child as the Harvard of culinary schools and a 'must' for anyone serious about the industry.


The Culinary Institute of America is known reputably for being the best of the best and bringing out culinary leaders to change the culinary world.


The place to go to learn to do what you love, the right way.


A creative and different atmosphere, where everyone has one thing in common; a passion for culinary or baking.


the harvard of culinary schools


the Culinary Institue of America is the greatest cooking school in the country, and it places a proffessional and caring attidude to all its students to succeed.


The CIA is a place for intense professional learing in the culinary feild that allows you to make lifetime connections and have an amazing life experience that will prepare you for a career in the culinary industry.


It is an amazing and creative place where better your knowledge and better life goals.


The most amazing school that I could have ever enroll into.


One of the most prestigeous culinary schools in the country with a reputation of success in its teachings and alumni.


The Culinary Institute of America values excellence in all aspects of food, wine, and service.


This school is full of extremely driven students focused on the Culinary and Bakiing&Pastry Arts.