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They specifically tailor to every student's needs in class. They also take a nice amount of time to teach your class what you're studying at that moment before testing you, which is helpful to many students.


its the best school in the world hands down


My school offered the only program specifically designed for what I wanted to do. It is recognized for its networking opportunities and its graduating students are considered to have exceptional skills when compared to the other culinary schools. It promised I would have the most resources available to do my best in my career field.


I didn't particularly look into other schools. However, I think its great that our students serve other students. I like the Kitchens on campus compared to others that I have seen.


The Baking and Pastry program offered by the CIA runs in three week intervals. Every three weeks you start a new topic of the curriculum starting with breads then moving onto pastries then cookies then cakes and so on. It forces you to drill the information in your head and recieve knowledge from many different chefs. It also forces you to be responsible since your time for each class is so short you have to put in what you want to take out. The curriculum is very hands and developed solely for those who love baking and pastry.


My school has a very prestigious reputation and they create the best chefs in the world. Their standards of professionalism stay with you in your life forever.


the school is intensely focused on the culinary field and being the best


This is a small campus, but there is alot to do in the area if you keep your eyes open. The seasons are beautiful and full here. The school itself is very fast paced, so try not to loose sight of what you want. Get to know your chefs and professors, they can definetly help you out alot.


The amount of knowledge that is there for the teachers to hand over to the student is staggering to comprehend. Many teachers from other schools do not have the real world knowledge that the CIA has to offer, so it brings the real world into the kitchen.


Its the highest rated culinary school in the country and one of the top in the world. Its also very diverse, we have students from all over the world here.


A very strong alumni network, almost guaranteed a job after graduation, world renowned.


It's a culinary school which is one of the few that carry a four year degree in the United States.


The uniqueness of The Culinary Institute of America stems from its' sole educational purpose, culinary arts. There are no business management degrees available. There are no hospitality management degrees available. The CIA's sole purpose for existing is to educate students in culinary (or baking/pastry) arts. This fact makes it unique, even among culinary schools.


All culinary or baking and pastry students. No other degrees offered.


Our school is different from most have two majors, baking and pastry or culinary arts. Our class schedules are more closely to that of a high school, we do not get a few months off. The most time you will have away from the school at any time is three weeks in the month of July, unless you are on externship. Our school requires an externship before passing into our second year. Everyone must work out in the field at a school certified location for eighteen weeks and keep up with a weekly assignment given by the school.


The Culinary Institute of America is a great place for students to learn about food. It is considered the "Premier Culinary College" and I would completely agree with that statement. The facilities and the professors at this school are unrivaled in the industry. Most people think that going to a culinary school would be nothing but fun, but there is a lot more to our profession, although everyone here has fun. There is no other school, in my opinion that could offer students with this passion the tools that they need to succeed.


The focus on education is more production based instead of a demonstration followed by the students repeating it. Our classes provide breakfast lunch and dinner for students and staff of the school. We have rolling enlistment so every three weeks a new class comes in and a new one is graduating. As a student you are required to do an 18 week externship any where you want to go.


The thing thats unique about my school is it's not all school work. We get to cook and have fun doing it. When we're done with the first year we get to do an externship with different places so then we're not stuck in the same town like other kids we get to see the world and explore it.


The Culinary Insitute Of America is widely considered to be the best school for culinary arts in the country. Why not go for the best?


The Culinary intitue of America is a highly prostegious school. when entering as a new student have the mind set of a proffessional, and the willingness to work hard and reap the benifits of doing so. Every student is expected to help all visitors they see with a smile because it is the school of hospitlality. There are six prinicples that the schoool enmbodies everyday, Phsical, social, ocupational, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional. Be ready to learn a ton of knowlege about food and interpersonal comunication and do not be afraid to push youeself to the limits. Graduation will pay off.


The Culinary Institute of America seems to have people unique to this world. Never in my life have I met teachers and colleagues so focused and dedicated. I truly do feel like it is a place where I belong. The major advantage of being at the CIA is the intensity of the program; not everyone is meant to be a chef, it really is hard work. This school tests the students mentally, physically, and spiritually. If you don't let the program break you, you?re looking at a great culinary future ahead of you!


my school is unique in the way we need to go to class. there are some schools that have a dress code but we can only wear either chef whites or dress casual clothes in the main buildings of the campus.