Culinary Institute of America Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is Far from home.


It is very expensive and provides minimal finantial aid.


The worst thing at our school is all of the tours that we have. Since the Culinary Institute of America is a popular destination for tours of all types, it always feels as if we are animals in a zoo. And because of this we have to act professional at all times and must always be in uniform or business casual clothes.


The worst thing about the CIA is that if you fall behind or miss one day, it is close to impossible to recover.


People are not mitivated enough and take things for granted


Nothing to do on weekends!! The school does not help with food on weekends. The school is not exactly in a college town so if you do not have a car then weekends are boring and ususally involve ordering domino's pizza or chinese take out.


All the rules. They often get in the way of a great education and true learning... becomes more about the rules and regulations than about the education


The worse thing about the CIA is that it is not like a normal college, and the book learning classes just are not at the same caliber as that at a regular university. Also it is hard to have a real community feel and school sprirt due to the rolling admission and progressive learning year system. People are constantly coming and going.


Most of the chefs teach us the same thing, but in different ways, so when we enter a new class, sometimes the chef confuses us or tells us his or her "right" way of doing it.


It is expensive. I still feel it is almost worth the money though.


The worst thing about the Culinary Institute of America is that the housing needs to be updated for the older buildings in order to make the housing more comfotable for the students and keep up wth other universities around the United States. The dorms are small and old even including AC units from the 80's or older which work horribly especially in the brick wall rooms.


The worst thing is the cost. It is incredibly expensive, bu the facilities and services are stellar, and worth the price of tuition.


The worst thing abut the CIA would be the demanding schedule ,physical labor and mental toughness. for each class. Although for this profession these are the requirements needed. The proper mindset and motivation to stirve for contant prefection can be tiresome though. Many of the students are in a routine that places a blindfold on their eyes to everything that is happening in the would.


The absolute worst thing about this school is that the tuition is constantly increasing. My tuition has increased several thousand dollars and I've only been here 18 months. I think that once you enroll, your tuition should be fixed. The student loans my parents took out no longer cover my anticipated tution for my last two years, and now I'm forced to apply for dozens of scholarships in the hopes that I can raise enough money to finish college. And beyond that, we now have one less day of classroom time as the tuition is increasing.


They try to fit too many students in in a year, so the coursework is very compounded, making us miss most vacations that other colleges get.


Hours of class time


They can work on improving transportation around and out of the campus since it can be difficult to get around places without a car. Other than that, the school is constantly trying to improve by working with the students.


the worst thing is student parking is to far away. this school also cost way too much money and i want the office people to work on saterday so i can get my paper work done when i have free time.


The one thing that I just can't stand is the amount of money it costs. This school is very expensive to go to. The quality of learning is very high but for someone that does not have a lot of money, it can be hard to attend here, the school itself does not offer that many financial aid options.


I have heard that students have learned alot more in the past and the chefs an professors are not teaching us the best. The school dropped alot of their classes so students finsh earlier.


The worst thing about my school is the high tuition cost and the dining services provided. Included in your tuition is two meals a day for monday through friday but not for the weekends. Also there is only one small place to eat on the weekendsif you have bought extra meals.


The availability of food. Out of seven production kitchens on a typical day I will have one or two that i can get food from because of my schedule. The quantity production kitchen which provides the majority of meals for the school has disappointing food on a daily basis and this is the one kitchen Ican normally eat from.


I have just started, so I'm still in awe of everything that goes on here. I can't think of a single thing that is bad here. Everyone here is so passionate about what we do here and the teachers provide us with so much information on all aspects of food. CIA is a haven for everyone who has a passion for food.


It's far from home, I love my family and I will miss them.


Every three weeks a class graduates, and another begins. Extracurricular activities are hard to come by, because the leaders or officers graduate, go off on extern or take time off. There never seems to be a consistency or any diversity of activities because of that.


As a high school graduate attempting to pay for my education at this school, the biggest obstical i'm faced with at this time is the lack of money earning opportunties provided by the school.


The employment outreach program could be a alot better.


The worst thing I could think of about my school The Culinary Institute of America is a very good rule in all actuality. Missing class is counted heavily against your GPA!!!!!!! CIA has one of the strictest attendance policies out of any school. In a three week class you can -not miss any more than two classes without failing the class. In a six week class block (taking 5 to 6 class in regular semester style) you can ?not have more than four total absences. The school gives you options to retake the classes cheap though.


We are known as the biggest party school in America. People then tend to think that we are irresponsible and obnoxious students. We just like to have our fun.


I believe the worst thing about The Culinary Institute of America is that academic classes aren't as "important" as the practical classes. While I understand that the practical classes (kitchen and lunch/dinner service classes) are really more necessary for Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry students, I feel that the academic classes could be treated a little more seriously.


The school is very expensive be very careful about funding before you choose the school.


The worst thing about my school is the intense schedule. We run on a trimester with only a two week winter break and a three week summer break. It can get very stressful.


The Worst thing might just be it's location, on a friday or saturday night all you want to do is get away from campus but there is nothing so some students usually make the wrong choices. Careful with what you do.


Probably the worst thing about the CIA is the students lack of pride and respect for their school. I see so many instances where arrogance and, generally, single-mindedness reigns in the classrooms and kitchens. The CIA is a tremendously influential school and it rightly deserves the respect of its student body, its faculty, and the general population.


I feel that this school tends to water down some of the academic classes due to many of the students being more geared towards practical applications than academic endeavors.