Culinary Institute of America Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who isn't committed to their passion and career should not attend this school. It is only for serious, hardworking people who strive to be ahead in their industry and set themselves a part from those around them.


Someone who isn't passionate about cooking, who doesn't want to learn, and who isn't ready for long class days, a lot of work, and basically no vacation time.


Anyone who isn't interested in culinary arts, or learning about business should not attend this school.


If you are a person who cannot handle stress, long days, change, team work, stern discipline then you should not attend. If you do not like or work well with other people,or if you are more laid back and a bit lazy!


The type of person that should not attend the Culinary Institute of America is a person not willing to work long hours, weekends and holidays. While the school itself does not require such labor, the industry will. And the only reason to attend this school is to learn the best culinary education and start off on the right foot in the industry. Someone not willing to complete hard, repetitive work will also not prosper well in the kitchen.


The Culinary Institute of America is for top-notch students who are truly dedicated to crafting their culinary and baking skills. The Chefs and insrructors are there to help and critique, so the student who attends this college should be able to take constructive criticism. You don't have to know everything ,but you should be quick to adapt if necessary. Come in with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.

Carla Beatrice

In general, people who are lazy can't go to the CIA. There's no room for slackers in the kitxhen. We can't have them in the kitchen because one person can bring the whole group down. The CIA has a very fast-paced curriculum, and lethargic people will always fall behind.


a person who is a really hard worker and has apassion about food and art. a person who can work fast , organized and with perfect skills.


If you have a problem with authority, this school will be difficult for you to adjust to. "Yes, chef," are the words that you will hear most often from the most sucessful students.


a person who is not wanting anything to do with a foodserivce related career.


Someone who hate to cook, people who don't like dress codes!


If someone does not appreciate food and does not undestand the definition of hospitality, The Culinary Institute of America would be the wrong place for them.


Someone who is not completly sure they would like to have a career in the culinary business. The Culinary Institute of America is all about food, all the time. If food is not their life, they will not be happy and succeed here.


People that don't like to cook, and are very close minded


You should not attend this school if you are not fully into becoming a chef. You have to be a hard worker and determined to succeed. You must be able to take directions from a chef instructor or professor without talking back, but at the same time prove them that you really want to be here and deserve to be here.


Those who belive that the food indusrty is what they see on television should not attend The Culinary Institute of America. If they think they will become the next foodnetwork star and that their career in the food industry will be glamorous, they should not attend.


A person that knows they want to be in the culinary arts or baking and pastry field. The school is only directed to those majors and I don't think people should throw their money away here if this isn't what they want to do. If this is what they want to do, this is the perfect school for them!


Person who doesn't like food, cooking or eating. People who are not passionate and who are not serious about enjoying food are not welcome here. It is not because that instructors don't want them, but they will not like it here. That is because Culinary and Baking and Pastry arts is narrow field and we only learn about our proffesion.


The Culinary Institute of America is a very demanding school. Work here is not taken lightly, those that have been accepted and are currently enrolled are very persistant and dedicated. Should you be hesatant about working in the culinary or baking fields, this may not be the right school for you. There are no shortcuts and no if-ands-or-buts, we are all very passionate about what we do and take culinary/baking very seriously.


Someone who is unsure of thier future career should not go to my school. This is because students who attend the Culinary Institute of America are set on working in a culinary, hospitality, or baking profession. Also people who aren't professional wouldn't want to come to this college. There is a strict dress code that you have to wear to class, breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can wear chef jacket with checkered pants and a neck tie and NO jewlery is allowed when cooking in the kitchen or you can wear nice pants and a buttoned shirt.


The kind of people who shouldn't attend this school are people who arn't good at taking risks and who are afraid to try new and different things. When you attend CIA a grade requirement is that you eat a certian thing and try it. So people who don't like new wouldn't like this school very much. Also people who don't like heat or pressure on a daily basis. You have to be ready for anything.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who has no ambition for his or her future. The Culinary Institute of America I see as a myriad of opportunities, the kind that are not presented to you with ribbons and a tag that says "For Rachel". I feel strongly that this college is the place where you have to give your all to get the most out of it, that being the education to be successful in the Culinary Arts field.


Someone who is completely aware that the Culinary field is for them. Do not choose it if you are undecided! Know what you want and how you are going to go about acheiving it.


Someone who doesn't care about what they do for the rest of their life and is only there for the perks.


People who are not willing to work hard, who don't plan on waking up for 6:00 am classes, or who don't enjoy the idea of 8-hour classes ahould not attend The Culinary Institute of America. All of those situations WILL happen, and there is no escaping it. Professors and Chefs expect you to come to class ten minutes early, work as hard and as efficiently as possible, and stay late quite often. It's very much like being in the food service industry.


To attend this school you have to be sure of yourself and your ability to accomplish something if you put your heart into it. Most people will never experience the rigor of a culinary degree program. The school is designed to test your abilities as not only a cook but as a person capable of learning, improving, and growing. You need a tough skin to attend this school and tango with some of the greatest chefs in the industry. Most importantly you need enough heart and passion to not give up, because at times you will want to give up.


Someone who isn't motivated and isn't one-hundred percent sure that they want to have a career in the Hotel and Hospitaltiy industry should not attend the Culinary Institute of America. Also someone who believes that this school would just be an easy way out wouldn't succeed in this school


Someone who is not willing to learn new things and do hands on work should probably not attend The Culinary Institute of America. It is a cooking and baking school, 90% of the classes are in the kitchens or bakeshops.