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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Know its a lot harder to be away from home than you think. Fight dad to get your truck on campus now....not 3 years later. Confidence is everything, and get involved on campus as much as possble, and fight for that high GPA, it goes far for scholarships .


Everyone would like to make changes to their past life. We all make mistakes, some worse than others. The advice that I would give to myself of three years ago would be mostly to really look deep inside myself and make a thorough decision, not to waiver on decisions, not to let outside factors get in the way of my decisions, and to spend wisely. As a high school senior I should have known exactly what I wanted to do, and how to do it. I would like to advixe myself to take the college decision more serious;ly and actually apply myself in the process of not only applying to universities but also applying for scholarships, because financial debt is going to be a huge factor later in life. Also on the fact of outside factors getting in the way, never let a significant other keep you from what you want to do, if they really loved you, they would respect your decision and have faith in you, dont let them decide for you, in the end you'll regret it. That is the advice that I would give to myself of three years ago.


I would definitely tell myself that college is important and to take the workload seriously, but not too seriously, and to remember to balance fun and socializing with studying. I would warn myself that GPA is something to watch, but knowing the material thoroughly is more important than remembering it for the test. I would try to pound into my head the importance of sleep, and the dangers of procrastination. I would keep up with volunteer work, both in the community and on campus. I would teach myself how to network confidently, and tell myself how important it is to network with peers and teachers both. I would tell myself that of course alcohol will always be present on campus, but to understand limits and learn to listen to my body when enough is enough. I would warn myself about the 20 pounds I gained, and encourage myself to find a fitness routine that I can keep for life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to worry so much. Not to worry about adjusting to college life or making new friends, because it really is quite simple. Not to worry about paying for college, because if I want it bad enough, I will find the money. I would also tell myself that all my hard work and dedication will pay off, so while all my friends are skipping class, copying homework, or slacking off, I know that my character and motivation will take me far in life. Success is only measured by how you see yourself. If you're always comparing yourself to others, you will fall short all the time. You need to focus on being a better version of yourself, not someone that someone else would want you to be. Compromising integrity just to get ahead is only cheating yourself. I feel like my college self would have a lot to teach my high school self, but the most important lesson I would share is learning accountability, when something goes wrong, you can't point the finger at someone else.


Classes homework what to expect from the teachers


If i could look back, I would let myself know that sitting aroung for a year waisting time is not the best thing for myself. I was say you have to get up and move, your dreams well not come true if you dont go out and get your life started. There is a world out there waiting for you. And that going to college is so great, because your going to meet really great people along the way that are going to help you become this great chef that you want to be. An for you to be greatful that you have a really amazing family that is going to stand behind you all the way. You stop being lazy and open those doors and stop being scared. always be proud of who you are and stay fouces on that dream, its going to bring you great joy in your life.


Given the chance to go back in time and speak to my high school self I wouldn't really tell myself anything. College so far has been a one adventure after another and I feel that I would be doing myself a disservice to ruin the surpriese to come. However, I would maybe prepare Khalil of the past for the dire financial straits that he has to look forward to.


Unfortunately I was raised by a single mother who struggled to take care of my younger brother and myself. I dropped out of high school to work 2 and 3 jobs to help my family survive. My biggest regret and what I would change could I go back and not have to leave school for my family is waiting so long after high school to pursue a degree in the culinary industry. I do feel that my experiences after high school shaped my passion and desire for furthering my knowledge and has led me to be a stronger student, with a better understanding of the importance of having a solid education from a reputable organization. Though I know I can't change the future, I do know that my future is in my hands and mine alone.


I would tell my self to really research for a college before you make up your mind, you might regret it. Try to sign up for as many scholarships as you can you are going to need the money. Spend as much time as you can with your friends and family because you never know what will happen and how much time you will have left at home. One more thing enjoy every single second you have in high school because you are really going to miss it when you leave. Love your firends and make sure they know that because you are not going to see them all the time in the futre. For the last thing take care of your self and everyone around you.


Don't underestimate the amount of effort you should put into applying for every scholarship, grant, or other financial help that is offered to you. Also be aware of every test, award, and outside activity that can help you in getting better financial aid, and furthering you in your career path. You have to put your full effort into your schooling now, to achieve your career goals in the future and you are perfectly capable of nothing but the best. So never be afraid that you can't do something, and never assume you won't need the extra opportunities that are offered to you. Just put everything you have out there, work as hard as you can, and never doubt you will achieve the great success you're looking for in your career path.


Take a year off from education but during that time do some research on differant careers that you find interesting. Once you've settled on what you would like to do, start looking for schools that teach your career of choice. Tour the campuses, talk to advisors and if possibe other students all ready enrolled in the classes you will be taking. Find out about financial aid and what you need to do to get things going on the money part of your plan. Once all that is done STICK to it until you get that certificate or diploma in your hand. And have fun! Try to keep on doing any other activities you enjoy otherwise you'll burn out.


In order to succeed in your adult life, a college degree is mandatory. Not only will acquiring a degree open up many avenues in your professional career, but it will offer a wealth of pride and personal satisfaction. College life can be a struggle. Between managing your course load, balancing a social life with study time and coming to terms with your new-found independence, staying focused can be a challenge. Becoming distracted can easily interfer with your progress. However, you've shown, thus far, that determination in obtaining a goal has helped you to accomplish twelve years of schooling satisfactorily. Staying centered is the key. Concentrating on the objective of earning your degree will help to alleviate any distractions and will keep you on track. Enjoying this time of your life is important in appreciating college life, but be sure to remind yourself that you are preparing yourself for your future. Allow yourself enough study time, interact with your peers while hitting the books and take care of your physical well-being by eating nutritiously. Then reward yourself by spending time with the friends you've recently met. This type of balancing will ensure success. Good luck!


I would have told myself to work hard and study. In the end of it all it will be the best decision that I have ever made. I would explain how important experiencing college life would be living in the dorm rooms. The transition into college life versus high school was not very difficult however, depending on the person you could get home sick for a month or two. College life is very fun and exciting. I have enjoyed every minute of it and will continue to achieve for my bachelors degree from the Culinary Institute of America!


Get a goal and stay focused on it! Go to class and participate in as much as possible. Make sure you fell comportable with yourself and have some idea of your core values. Remember that high school is just a small step along the way and the steps get bigger and bigger as you go. But as you learn the steps are easy and you will have a great enriched life.


I would try to motivate myself to get more involved and constantly push myself for success. Being more organized and prepared, setting goals that challenge myself to be better everyday. Not to give up and finish strong, because everything will pay off in the end.


I would tell myself to have as much fun as possible in high school. The CIA is an intense school, and background knowledge doesn't help you. If you're looking to do well in CIA, you need to put you're all into it, and forget everything else you thought you knew. If you're thinking you're going to party and drink on weeknights, forget about it. I would remind myself of how much this career means to me, and that if you want to make it through, be prepared to spend your nights studying and remember your mornings begin at 4 AM. I would tell myself to never lose your passion for food and cooking because passion is the only thing that will get you through.


the advice i would give myself would be to cut high school more. i never have a day off at this school i go to class five days a week. it was so easy to take a day off in high school but if i cut here i get a B in class. i would go back and tell myself make more friends and do not be so self centered at first. i would tell myself to get off my high horse and talk to people. i wish i would have fixed mybroken heart before i came too. this past year at school my heart has been broken and i think it has really held me back with friends and boys. i feel like i am not worth anything. the last guy really tore me into nothing. he made me feel worthless and it has carried over to school. i have no close friends here and i cant wait to go home. next year will be alot better because i will try more.


Continue you on the path of going into a baking and pastry program and never doubt what you are doing because you will go far. Always look at the postive and never at the negative.


In life, it's always important to do your best and always strive to do better. I always strive for perfection. At The Culinary Institute of America, it's important to not let criticism get to you. Listen and let it help you, but don't take it personally. Loosen up and make sure not to let chefs get under your skin. There are times when it can get stressful, but just work on being relaxed and calm. Getting stressed out helps no one. Be open and ask plenty of questions. It's better to ask and know what to do than to do something incorrectly. Being shy and afraid won't get anyone anywhere. You will be fine, just do the best that you can.


If i was to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would advise myself to have more options when choosing a Culinary school. Although I would pick The Culinary Institiute of America every time, having more options and offers may have helped me out more finacially. Also, I would have prepared myself for what living away from home is like and to visit and call home more often. I would advise myself to find more things to do off campus so that weekends would not be as boring during the school year.


I am an older student (33 years old), so many days I feel like I'm watching my younger self in many of my classmates. When I was finishing high school I lacked the drive that I do today, and I see that in many of my fellow students. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that the time is know to focus on your career. School is but the first step on your career path. I would tell myself to make the choices that put me on the path I want to continue down.


Talk to people. I was afraid at first but now realize that people are pretty much willing to talk with anyone about just about anything. Also, stay involved. I was very involved in high school extracarriculars and now not so much. Stay active too.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to worry about college. As long as I try hard and stay focused, everything will be okay. These days, there are many systems at schools that are set up to help the students make it through the program. They will help you with anything you need, you just have to ask for help and try hard.


The one major thing that I would tell myself is to search and apply for as many scholarships as possible. I am now in college and trying to find scholarships so I will not have to be in extreme debt when I complete college. If I were to apply for more financial aid, college would be a lot less stressful for me and for my family. Scholarships are relatively easy to find and if you're good as essays, they are pretty easy to fill out. I was not totally aware of how much the school would cost, and how much money I will have to pay back when I am done with school. Most of my financial aid are loans and I did not expect that when I was in high school. I had assumed I would be getting more money from the government, and that was not the case. So to the high school me: stop being lazy and apply for scholarships, the more money the better off you will be in the future!


Stay focused in school and work harder than play.


You made the right choose, you are going to love it here. There are a few things you should keep in mind this summer when you’re out having fun, you need money. This school is going to be a lot of work and if you hope to have some kind of social life you are going to need to save way more than you are right now. Be prepared for the hard work and time you will be putting in. Listen to everything Andrew tells you at the bake shop and try and stay as long as possible to pick up more information, and cash. That guy are you are going to meet at the end of the summer, he’s not worth your time! Drop him like a hat you do not have the time or money to be running back home every three day weekend.


Going to college is an important phase in growing up, as well as, the gateway to your future. Gone are the days when our parents would stand on top of us to do our homework and study, make certain we get to bed at a reasonable hour to enable us to get up on time for school, preparing our meals, possibly even cleaning our room. Attempting these traits on your own in high school can make for a much easier transition to college. Your high school transcript will dictate which colleges will accept your applications. Taking the right coursework in high school and maybe forfeiting that study hall to fill your schedule with more academic challenges can be more beneficial. Your SAT and/or ACT scores also play a very important role in college acceptances. If possible, take a course to help you study for the SAT and/or ACT. Taking these extremely important tests multiple times may also increase your chances for a better score. College does not translate to partying and freedom from the watchful eye of your parents. Certainly, you are given the freedom, but using your freedom wisely will translate to your success in life.


High school is nothing compared to college. Focus more and study especially in the basic classes. The program is set-up so each class plays off the beggining classes so make sure you master those first and the others will come easier.


If I could give my self any advice it would be that the first year is a hard transition and it is not all just a party in college but to keep your eye on the prize and remember that if you really love what you pursue and work hard at it you can be happy and go far.


Do not slack off, always stay on top of your school work. Allow yourself free time. Socialize with as many people as possible, this school is extremely diverse with people from all different cultures, connections are key for your future. Keep all notes about everything you learn, you will look back on them even if you think they are useless at the time.


Just go for it, because CIA is the best school if you are interested into cooking and food.


When I was a senior in high school, I still did not know what I wanted to do for a living. If I could go back and tell myself where I would be now, I would definitely take steps toward this path sooner. Working in this industry and experience is worth more than anything that you could learn in a book. If I had known that I was going to be in the food industry, I would have gotten a job in a kitchen sooner than I did. I cherish every job that I have had since I made my decision and every person that I have worked with, but it could never hurt to have just a little more experience. I have a younger brother that is looking at colleges right now and I tell him all the time that this is when he needs to focus on what he really loves to do and find a career and a school that will help him accomplish his goals.


Be open. Dont let anything get in your way. Dont let anyone get in your way. Make sure to stay true to yourself and your goals. There is no pressure on you. You can and will go beyond peoples expectations, and will sucseed where others will fail. Enjoy yourself and work hard.


I would tell my seventeen year old self not to listen to anyone saying that going to community college is easier than high school. With any schooling after graduating the responsibilty of going to class, homework, and studying is all on the student. I went in to my first semester of college thinking it was going to be a piece of cake. Today, I know that it can be but only if one keeps up with the reading, does the assigned homework as soon as possible, gets a head start on projects and studies for tests. However I did none of this my first semester and did horribly. After taking the spring off I came back last fall, took five classes and made all A's. I never would have thought that I would be able to acheive that. However, anyone can, as long as they manage their time well and put in the effort. In high school, it's easy to pass considering one is required to go and the extra credit often given that can bump up a whole letter grade. I believe that many students are unprepared for the responsibilty college brings. I know I was.


I would tell myself to spend more time studying on a daily basis and less time trying to cram the night before the test. Also to look for help with writing and to become better at writing. Its easy to start slacking and putting work off but its easier to stay on top of it and do it in stages instead of worrying about it all the day before its due.


I have enjoyed my college experience for the increadible drive and passion that it has given me. So many occasions have impacted my life since I began and my standards for myself have been raised through the tenacity of my instructors and the support of my peers. I cannot begin to explain how I have grown each month, with every class that I complete. I am astonished at how much I have changed, and excited for how much I may still continue to grow.


So far out of my college experience, I've gotten to learn everything I learned in high school but with more depth. Last semester, I took my core classes in which I learned more about Math and Writing. Everyone is different in college because of the fact that we're not kids anymore, I learned that I have to take care of my own things and I have my own responsabilities to myself and to school. Sometimes, school isn't to make friends, its to learn more of what you want to do and continue on into the real world. It has been valuable to attend and to keep on attending because knowledge is power and knowing more of what you need to know will get you much farther in life than just sitting on the couch watching TV all day. Knowledge is power so it's best to use it in the world and get ahead in life because of that.


I'm getting out what I'm putting in and thats 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. I just wish i could afford to stay without worrying about money all the time.


Throughout my college experience, though it has thus far been short, has taught me a lot about myself. Not only have I grown as a chef, I now know myself better as a student, daughter, friend, sister, coworker, and roommate. With the experiences I have had I have learned what it takes to motivate me as a student, such as the desire to be at the top of the class. I have also realized weaknesses I need to overcome, such as the fear of failure. I would not trade my time in college for anything. I certanly value this time in my life and I realize the memories I make now will follow me throughout the rest of my life.


I have been at the Culinary Institute of America since October 2009. I have already taken eleven classes and I have learned way more than I expected to about my industry. I have learned about all different types of food products and produce, gastronomy, food safety in the kitchen and restaurant, and learning the necessary mathematics and writing. I have also been educated in meat and seafood identification and fabrication. I have taken three culinary skill development classes in the kitchen classrooms. In the skills classes we learn coking formulas and ratios, soups, stocks, sauces, pastas, eggs, basic cooking methods and endless recipes. We also learn how to work the line, like in restaurant kitchens, in Skills 3 because we cook lunch and dinner for the student's meal swipes. I have learned so much about the food industry and my future career path. Each and every class I take here at the Culinary Institute excites me and makes me happy to have choosen such a great field to work in.


To myself and to upcoming high school graduates the best advice I could give would be to explore! My first major in college was Dairy Management, because I always worked on farms and enjoyed it enough. However, it was not my passion; I found that it was exactly what I didn't want to do for the rest of my life. I would tell my young self to explore the job fairs, the available classes and programs to take. You're young, so try working in different job fields while your parents are willing to support you fully. Most people aren't born knowing what they want to do, so you need to find it. EXPLORE!


taking my self back to high school senior. My passion in high school was Culinary Arts. I am a very happy student and I love the kitchen. Being away from my family is very sad, however I was accepted into one of the best Culinary schools in the world. I would give a advice to anyone that if they have a passion for food reach to the top and learn new things and get a higher knowledge in the Culinary world. My goal since being in high school to to become a Executive Chef and own my own restaurant and to be able to make the most fabalous tasting food with my team. I was able to attend many competation with the ACF in many part of Florida. I truly was able to get a great passion and today I am happy that I have chosen the world of Culinary Arts. The Culinary Institute of America that I attend in New York is beautiful. We have beautiful restaurants on campus. I am very happy that I was blessed to be chosen to attend this awesome school. Our quote at our school is "We Speak Food" culinary Institute of america.


I have yet to attend college and only know about college life by living vicariously through my friends. I had moved to Seattle, Washington from a small Central Washington town almost directly after finishing highschool. I settled all plans to go to a community college there once the new year began. If I could go back to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to work harder at finding a job in Seattle so I could've stayed there. I would tell myself that you would be miserable living in Portland working as a nanny, even though I love kids and want to be a teacher one day. I'd make myself see that I need the college experience because I love to learn new things and need to be surrounded by peers.


If I went back in time and talked to myself as a high school senior I would say, "Don't be afraid to follow your dream." When I first started college I wanted to be a teacher, but my gut told me to do something different and be a baker, but I didn't listen. So I went through the first semester at a community college and I discovered I didn't want to continue so I stopped and applied to CIA, the original school I wanted to attend. I had to wait almost 8 months, when I could have just followed my instints. So to save myself from the tourture, I would say that I shouldn't be afraid that I wouldn't like it and just go. It would save so much time and money. If I had started then, I could have been a year into school if I just went. And if I still believed I couldn't do it I would reasure myself that it's worth it and that I would be so much happier and wouldn't have to deal with all of the drama of being out of school for 8 months.


Interestingly, when I was a high school senior my English teacher made all of her students write themselves a letter on where they thought they would be in five years. At the end of this academic year I will get that letter back, but if memory serves I had convinced myself I was going to NYU to play tennis and study film at TISCH. The reality of the path I have taken is so much more convoluted. Thus far there has been no college tennis, no NYU, two different universities, a year of volunteerism abroad and a major change so severe I have chosen a vocational institution. I remember waking up on my 22nd birthday and saying to myself I wish at 18 I had known what I wanted to do with myself, but now it's too late. Thankfully I brushed that off and am continuining to persue my goals. But that is my exact advice I would have given to a young me, it is never too late. Eventually you will find what makes you happy, often you just have to find what makes you unhappy first.


The advice I would give myself would be to enjoy being with friends that you will not see that often. Too much time with an unimportant boyfriend, separated me from having a really close relationship. Since that relationship has ended, I have been able to get to know them more and appreciate the time I have spent with them. I would also tell myself to challenge myself more and work harder. I would tell myself to be a little bit more independent and not be scared of being different. In the end being different is a good thing.


At the CIA, everything revolves around food; your math and writing class is even about food. There is also such a huge diverse group of people, from all over the country and even from others. The thing that links us all together is our passion and adoration of food. I would tell my high school self, to get ready for such a great experience, however, to also prepare for alot of work. This school breaks cooking into such a science and art, and you have to be prepared to apply yourself fully. You can't cut class, because if you do, you miss a whole technique that your chef will teach and there are no make-ups. Also, this school is not like a traditional school. I would tell my high school self to get ready to dress in business attire to classes not like we do in high school where we can wear jeans and a tee shirt. You can either come here and slack off and get absolutetly nothing from this school or you can take so much from each day and make this college experience all that it can be because there are so many opportunites here.


Advice from the future to the past: pay attention and be prepared. Life can get very hectic and frustrating for those just entering the world of adulthood. If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would advise myself these few words: Life is full of unexpected events, some good, some bad. Just keep your head up, remember that there are lots of people counting on your success, there are lots of people who love you, preparation is ALWAYS the key, and never forget to have fun.


First off I would like to make clear that I would not be fool enough to endanger the time space continuum by interacting with my past self. As much as a handful of words could forever change the outcome of my life and twist it into a depressing living nightmare to which there is no end. My one piece of advice would be to alert my younger self to the possibility of a career in the culinary arts. At that time I had no purpose in life and was uncertain of my future and I wasted many years studying various majors trying to discover what ignited my passion. Had I known earlier I could be years ahead with my studies and much more talented than I currently am. However I would have to tell myself not to enroll in classes for a few years and just to study independently or get a job within the field. Afterall, if I had gone to school any sooner then I would miss out on the great friends I made in culinary school who always support me.


Be a force of nature. You should never give up what you believe in, especially yourself. Don't think you don't have the time to enter contests or make a name for yourself, because you do. If you don't, someone will come in and take that opportunity from you. It's a competitive world, and you must be strong. However, always be friendly, you will meet some of your lifelong friends because you were the only one who would talk at a table full of strangers. You will catch people's attention by being assertive and confident, but be humble about your achievements while also taking pride in your work. Never let anyone make you think you aren't good enough. Prove to them that you are! Respect and develop a relationship with your chefs/professors because they will help you in the long journey they also endured. They will have wise words and a lifetime full of dreams to pick from. Be happy--enjoy a taste of the real world. Never falter and never lose the passion you have, for it will lead you places you never even dreamed of.