Culinary Institute of America Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I absolutely love that during the associates program, all classes students take are hands on classes in the kitchen. Everyday, you are in the kitchen cooking/baking food. You learn so mucha and it's amazing!


I love the fact the diversity and athe fact that everyone has a passion for food. Being around other people who have the same passion as me is awesome. I don't have to worry about a being at a univeristy where I can only relate to a small number of student but here everyone enjoys food one way or another.


This school has the best of the best working here or connections with them. They visit frequently and you can get jobs with them.


The atmosphere is really condusive to taking in the full amount of the curriculum. There are plenty of people to me, much advice to be had, many great places to study indoors and out. The teachers are very helpful if you have issues that need to be dealt with outside of class. As long as you make the right decisions it is a really good atmosphere to soak in as much as possible. Everyone is here for the same reason.


The school is beautiful and full of professionals. It is by far the most prestegious culinary college in the world.


The hands- on experience, combined with the academic lecture style of instruction provides students with a complete and well- rounded education to prepare us for the industry.


The best thing about my school is that oppurtunities are so abundant. You can sign up to have a previous graduate mentor you through the Mentor- Program. There are so many job oppurtunities that are available whether you just want to do a little catering on the weekend or are looking for a full-time job after graduation. There are always Alumni and other speakers that come visit campus, many who are offering jobs , so oppurtunities are literally always knocking.


My school has many resources geared to helping students succeed as much as possible. They really want you to do well here and all of the teachers thoroughly explain something if you don't understand. You will get the best education here.


When it comes to culinary arts and hospitality management, my school is the best when it comes to that department. We are the top school in training new chefs out into the world to make everything taste better.


I love that everyone here has a passion for food. It is why we are all here. At any time you can hear students talking about the foods that they made over the weekend or talking about the different restaurants that they have worked at in the past. It is the reason that I came here. We are such a diverse campus but we all have food in common. We are either Baking and Pastry majors or Culinary Arts and they both have such a strong passion, it is absolutely wonderful!


the amount of diversity that is in and around CIA was very surprising. It is a good thing, it allows you to learn about different cultures from around the world.

S Whitney

The self determination and love for food that are in the people who attend it. It is the students who have the drive and exhilaration for this "subject matter" of food, and the culture that follows it, and though the chefs and instructors are known and respected people in the cooking world, they are only the guides in our self journey for knowledge.


I believe the best thing about my school is that everyone that going to this school is here for the same reason. Everyone love everything about food. For everyone here, food is a way to express themselves and make others happy. I love how everyone at this school enjoys what they are doing and through that build special friendships. It is amazing how close you become to all of your classmates and the chefs, it is like an extended family.


because most of the classes are held in a kitchen, there are extreme amounts of hands-on work


I consider the short classes the best thing about my school. Each block or class is three weeks which allows us, as students, to constantly learn new things everyday. It definitely makes every day a challenge within itself.


I think the best thing about my school is the type of on hands experience and the Chefs really care about giving us the proper education.


Ive learened so much here and not even realized it. There are alot of outlooks of people to get to know and really help you get your foot in the door of your future career.


The amazing chef we have the oppurtunity of learning from!


The networking and socializing with alumni in our industry is very helpful and provided through our school lectures and career services. Since this school has been open the alumni have gone out to the industry and become famous chefs, celebraties, and entrepreneurs. We have the privlege to be part of this alumni group that is spread all over the world.


There are so many Chefs and students from so many backgrounds that you can learn more than is a smaller school with less or little exposure to people who can change your life.


This school only offerers majors in Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry Arts and they are both set class scheduals. It is very easy to stay focused when you know all the courses you will be taking from the start.


I think the curriculum and set up of classes is the best part of the school. The CIA uses a progressive learning system meaning you learn the basics and you build on them with each class. I love the way you learn here because you are in the kitchen for the majority of the degree so you are getting the hands on experience that this career requires.


We have a reputation for providing the best education to individuals who wish to become professionals in the food and beverage industry. We are also very close knit, and form ties that last a lifetime, and carry throughout your professional career. This is a place where you not only grow in terms of knowledge and skills, but also as a person, learning to communicate and interact in a more effective way. The lessons learned here can be applied to all aspects of life, and are valuable tools in sculpting a successful life.


The greatest part of the CIA is the fact that everyone who is attending the school is there for the same reason, and that is the entire student body want to be in the restaurant industry. From the second you get to school, you feel like your part of a huge family. Everywhere you turn there is somebody you can have an hour conversation with because we all have the same general interest. We understand the driving force that every student has while at this school, and nobody gets left behind because of that.


The CIA prides itself on being very professional and thats exactly what it is. Professionalism and respect are really hammered into our heads from the get-go. It's preparing us for the real food industry, which will be extremely tough without those two assets.


The world best eduation for culinary because i want to be a best. in other hand, good education lead to the good job.


Beautiful campus, very strong academic program. The school is very prestigious, professional, and challenging, with only the best of the best chefs teaching the student body.


The Classes,place, and experenice


Being able to just bake everyday and not have to worry about writing papers or taking classes not retaing to the art of cooking.


I think the best thing about my school is the amount of industry professionals that are always stopping by, giving lectures, demonstrations, and many alumnis as well.


The best thing is the leval of eduaction and the opprotunities that are given to me. Its the best culinary school in america.


The best thinn about CIA is the sense of community you feel with your fellow classmates. Along with learning a trade you love, you get the chance to spend a lot of time with your peers. The people around you will become your family while your on campus and will contunue to be after you leave school. The bond you make with these people will last a lifetime.


There are three very valuable things I consider: the Culinary Institute of America has some of the best connections (there is on outstanding number of CMCs there to talk to and observe, the externship sights, and the connections to the restaurant business) the job placement opportunities (last I knew it was something like 90 percent job placement) and the level of teaching is outstanding. For in the restaurant business it is who you know, what you know and how much experiences you have.


It is the best place in America to study culinary arts.


The best thing that I lvoe about the Cuoinary Institiute of America, is that it is so diverse. There are many students from every state, as well as 48 different countries! Everyone at the C.I.A. loves food and share a similar passion pertaining to it.


The best thing about the Culinary Institute is the strong focus on your career goals. All of the classes are designed to help you learn so that you can succeed in the hospitaltiy industry. I also think that the hands-on learning is extremely important to the learning style.