CUNY Bernard M Baruch College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


i dont know


My classmates are hardworking with most of them interning and going to school at the sametime. Many are very involved in school clubs and everyone can find a group where they can fit in.


Students mostly keep to themselves rather than making friends; we'd open up to each other if we have a class together and talk mostly about schoolwork and become friends like that, but after the semester is over, we tend to lose contact (liking each other's statuses on facebook doesn't count at all). Since realizing this, I started looking for an organization to join to meet more people, and to my happy surprise, an old friend turns out to also go to Baruch and is the editor in chief of our yearbook, the Lexicon. We now work together on the yearbook while also having fun with everyone else in the committee. Then again, there's also the bars around the campus where all students congregate to socialize.


There are a lot of clubs and different groups. They're friendly and always invite new people.


Baruch College has one of the most diverse student populations. I believe we even ranked 1st for most diverse in the past.


City Tech is very diverse, which came as a surprise to me. I thought my high school was diverse but its nothing compared to college. This made me feel more comfortable because if there was just one major type of student then I would have to try to fit in with them, but since they're more than one I just just be myself. Being yourself is very important. Also they are kids with full finicial aid there are kids who pay some of the tution out of pocket.


An eclectic group of people.


I have been fortunate to make friends with people from a variety of different countries while attending Baruch. The level of commitment students have for their studies, however, ranges from dedicated to apathetic. Group work in most classes has been quite challenging because of this broad range of enthusiasm.


One of the most fascinating aspects of Baruch College is its extremely diverse student body as a result of its location in the heart of New York City. Baruch has an especially developed Asian student community, which dominates the spectrum of student ethnicity. I find the work ethic present in the student body as a whole exceedingly encouraging and doesn't fail in providing multiple, motivating academic challenges.


An admirable bunch, with quite a few bright bulbs, my classmates at Baruch have much faith in their abilities and challenge me every day to work harder and inspire me to keep working towards my goals.


The most ethnically diverse student body .


They are very diverse both ethnically and in mindset, there are some which are very studious and those who aren't.


They are very diverse and very focus on their work.


Most diverse, but everyone is very friendly if you give them a chance.


Most students dress casual but it is not at all unusual to see the occasional suit during the day. There are plenty of events to dress professionally, i.e. a workshop which requires business casual or a lecture by a recruiter. This is, after all, a business school. At least, if you intend to major in business, get used to dressing up in an adult manner if you're not accustomed to it already. There is a large Asian majority here, with the biggest subgroup being Chinese, then Japanese. That's just my impression. I'm sure one could find exact numbers if they were interested. The great thing about the people here, though, is that they are all civilized. Like I said earlier, if you want a rowdy, "fun" place, this is not Baruch. You won't hear morons yelling through the halls and distracting you in class and the glimpse of the anti-social "thug" limping like an imbecile through the halls is very rare indeed here. This is a college, and like most academia in nearly every country today, the majority of the students are leftist or leftist extremists. What else is new.


I like baruch because there are so many cultures there, individuals have different goals...its great practice for the work world


Baruch College has supposedly the most diverse student population in the country. Therefore, it’s a little bit hard to say that there are conflicts among students or that somebody would feel out of place. The only reason I could think of that someone would feel out of place would be if that person is looking for the college campus atmosphere that people encounter at some of the school that have more amenities, including dormitories or green space. But who would need that stuff if you’re studying business? You’re in it to make the big money, no? Baruch students seem to be friendly to each other, maybe less so when it comes to grades – in that respect, everyone tries to be competitive. Outside of the classroom, however, students come together to be part of the multitude of clubs that we have on campus. I can’t really say the students dress really fashionably. Most guys get suited up, whereas girls look like they know what they’re doing (I’m not too at describing their clothes that well!). And while we’re on the same subject, I can say as a guy you can spot really good-looking girls that you probably would expect to see on campuses with a big college sports presence. By the way, Baruch does have its sport teams and there’s a lot of good spirit flowing around but usually it stays within the close circle of the team members and the immediate staff.


Great Bodies :). Especially the latinas lol


Nobody can feel out of place in Baruch because everybody is represented. Every country in the world comes to this college. Financial backgrounds differ; most are middle class. Students frequently talk about future salaries.


Many of the students come to work wearing a suit and tie. Casual students, who aren't always dressed to impress, would feel very uncomfortable there. Also, students with low incomes might feel left out as well. Students often discuss money and jobs that they have and that they will have one day. Students from Baruch are from all over the world, which is very interesting. Baruch is considered the most diverse school in the country, and it is interesting to get to know students from places I've only dreamed of. Students who are openly politically aware seem to be mostly conservative. One of the tables in the dining hall would be filled with business men, suits and ties, quietly eating sandwiches while talking on their cell phones, using their computers, and completely ignoring each other. Another table would consist of girls talking about spending the evening in the local bar, or going to a party later that night, but not actually eating anything. The third table would be some more business students, perhaps talking a little more, maybe discussing their new brief cases or the stock market. The final table would be the few students with a bit of a personality, the english majors and the liberal arts majors, maybe a few students from the school newspaper, telling funny stories or sharing food.


Baruch is a VERY VERY diverse school. When you come through the doors, you will blend into a population of all different colors, religions, and backgrounds. A lot of people are middle class and work hard to earn their money. Students tend to dress fashionably and neatly. There are also those who work at firms and companies already so its not unusual that 40% of the people that walk around are sporting business suits and work wear. There are the occasional sweats but this is not a residential college and people tend to care a lot about how they look. Politically, its very diverse...Basically, Baruch is a great reflection of the diversity that can be found only in New York City.


There are countless groups at Baruch. The most predominant group on campus would have to be Asian (including Middle-Eastern Asians), but despite this, there is a nice mixture of people at Baruch. There is no typical way of dress at Baruch, because students come in wearing anything from Ugg boots to Italian shoes, to Converses and jeans. Also, a lot of students work part-time (like myself) so many students dress in business attire. Different types of students definitely interact (which is great), and I don't go to the dining hall, so I don't know who typically sits with who. Politically, most students are moderate Democrats, and I have spoken with several classmates about how much I would like to earn one day.


There are a lot of active cultural clubs that are fun to participate in. I don't think students in Baruch could feel out of place unless they weren't used to being in a diverse environment. Most students dress in casual wear or business attire. Yes, different types of students always interact and it is amazing because Baruch is very diverse. Most Baruch students I would have to say are either Caucasian, Asian, and Black. Most financial backgrounds are that most students are from a middle class family.Students do talk about how much they'll earn one day and I myself have these conversations. I can say in Baruch college, many of us have big dreams of making a lot of money and we feel Baruch can help us.


Baruch has a very diverse student body, and everyone seems to get along just fine.


The most diversed school nation wide.... THAT IS FOR REAL!


This school is very diverse. I don't think any student would feel out of place. Most students wear jeans and a t-shirt. Different types of students interact, especially with group projects.


I've only had an experience with a religious student at Baruch and he tried to convert me to his religion. That's fine but he did waste some study time. No student would really feel out of place. Most students will either wear their work clothes or regular street clothes. Most students interact with each other. One table of students would have people doing homework for a class. Table 2 would have students just relaxing for lunch before their next classes. Table 3 would have a group of students playing poker. Table 4 would have students studying for class. Most Baruch students are from the city or it's other boroughs. Most students come from a middle-class financial background to a low-class financial background. Occasionally you'll run into the high-class financial background student. Most students are not politically active but they are aware of how things are in the country. Most students are center-right. Some students discuss how much they'll earn but it's more focused on what job they'll have rather than how much they'll earn.


I have no experiences with the groups on campus.


Very diverse. Mostly Chinese and Indians. 99.999999% of students have lived in New York throughout high school. Even the foreign students. No out of state kids. I've met like two, including myself. Students wear normal clothes to school, but you can tell the difference between how an NYU student would dress/act compared to Baruch students. To be honest, we look very street-like. Whereas places like NYU, look more clean-cut. Students are definitely not politically aware. I was trying to find someone to take with me to the Barack Obama rally, and everyone I asked was, "Obama, who?!" Shame.


The college is very diverse. Unfortunately, most racial and cultural groups stick together. The largest groups are Russians, Indians and Asians. No one would really feel out of place, unless they are the stereotypical frat boys who crush beer cans on their heads. Like I previously mentioned, there is not much Greek life at Baruch. Most students work and fall into the “middle class.” Students typically wear jeans and trendy shirts to class. Designer purses (Canal street isn’t too far away) are popular with the girls. Four table sin the college cafeteria would sit: 1) A Russian group of students playing cards and talking about a lounge party in Brooklyn 2) A group of cute Asian girls chatting and laughing 3) A diverse group studying and comparing notes 9yes, this is about the only time that different cultural groups come together) 4) A group of about 10 loud freshmen talking about a professor in an unflattering manner. Students aren’t active in campus politics. I only saw a few fliers advertising a college Democrats meeting. Most students are too busy worrying about getting all their required classes and going to work the next morning to be concerned with extracurricular activities. Baruch hasn’t changed me at all. I viewed school as a job that I had to commute to a total of 3 hours a day to.


Many students in Baruch tend to have English as their second language. For me, coming from Poughkeepsie being one of the few minorities in my high school, it is wonderful to see the vast diversity of students in our college. As I mentioned earlier, many students tend to dress “business casual” with dress pants, a blouse, etc. or even suits if they are coming from work/interview. There’s also a mixture of styles in Baruch from just the hoodies and jeans to cute skirts, heels, leggings, and more. It is New York City, so people have their own fashion style and I love it because I remember when I visited friends at SUNY Albany, most students just wear their PJs to class or hoodie and jeans while I was there wearing a skirt and leggings definitely appearing as a visitor. In my Literature class, my professor made everyone tells the class where they are from and it is amazing to hear all the different countries and their stories of how and when they moved to the U.S. Furthermore, classes may range from 7:50am to 10pm at night and night classes are usually when you see adults in their thirties or older coming back to school for class. It is interesting to see that and I think it is a great opportunity that is provided from New York City colleges such as Baruch. Lastly, students do talk about what they make because money is a significant factor for our future lives. Though, it is usually sophomores or upperclassmen who tend to talk more about what they make because they were the ones closer to their career


- Everyone seems to be integrated and accepting of all groups, though there are always groups that are of the same interests and backgrounds. - Quiet people are definitely those who feel the most out of place. Quiet people anywhere are out of place. Even though there are quiet and not as socially-engaging students, they have a group of their own! - Students wear anything to class. Suits, high-fashioned, slippers, jeans, white t-shirt, caps, just to name some. - Different students interact all the time, thought if they are only acquaintance just from a class is unknown. - Where is the dining hall? - Most Baruch students are from the five boroughs, specifically the tri-state area, with a small percentage outside in other suburbs. - Financial aid students are the most prevalent. - I believe students are politically aware. I am a Business focused students, so I don't really have classes or interact with students of liberal studies. - Students talk how much they WANT to earn. Whether or not they are able to achieve or attain it, it is unknown.