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We recieve alot of free items or offers because of our location, and are campus is usually used for background scenes in shows or movies. If we are lucky we may see a few celebrities.


Baruch is unique because it offers a more friendly learning enviornment; offering blocks of classes the first semester of school in order for new students to meet new people and open new oppertunities, opposed to other schools who give students random classes their first semester.


My college is unique because it has a very prominent business program right here in New York with a huge array of diversity from several dozen countries and states. Most other colleges do not meet these qualifications that I have set up for myself.


Baruch College is unique because of the opportunities that are offered to a unique and diverse student body. Because of the cost and location people from all over the world and especially New York City can affordably attend a four year college and not have to break the bank with high costs. Although costs are low the education is still extraordinary! This combination is highly unlikely in most higher education institutions not only in the United States but across the globe as well.


It's in the heart of New York City and is very cheap.


Lots of business. Small but crowded with students. Very diverse.


If you come in especially a big, social party then you're not in the right place. It's a college with people who want to be there to learn, and you get out of it what you put it and if you put it nothing that's what you'll get out of it.


heart baruch.


A student tells us about his Baruch experience


Good place if you are truly sure that what will fulfill you emotionally and spiritually is the money. This is not the place for happy-go-lucky liberal arts majors who want to "explore" the world around them. The majority of people are "serious" (too serious sometimes) and career-oriented. The professors like to overcomplicate everything--even the nice ones do it nearly as a reflex. It is part of the culture, so be prepared or do you research well on RateMyProfessor. Still, even with that resource, it's not a pleasant way to go through four years, in my opinion, unless you are the type who lets it slide off his shoulder. A final note about chasing the money. I did not mean to imply there is anything wrong with it. Business is about profit, not "finding yourself." But that is also the negative. In other words, unless you are truly set on a vocational business education, and as long as you are perfectly fine with foregoing much of the exciting exploration that you would find at a liberal arts college (i.e. Hunter), you may want to consider your decision well before coming to Baruch. It is a really, really good business school--for the RIGHT person. And finally, if you do indeed want to go after the money but don't want to lose out on the self-development a liberal arts education can give you, please be aware that what businesses and corporation truly treasure today is not how many accounting courses you took, but how well you can THINK, READ, AND WRITE. They want to see team player with top notch verbal and written communication skills who is a people person. If you think for a moment that a liberal arts education will in any way limit you from being a CEO one day, you are torturing yourself needlessly. Go to the school where you know you will be happy, then do your MBA. I've tried to provide a balanced view of Baruch, but please be aware that I am inevitably biased by my own experience, background, and education. I hope you have found this information helpful, but make sure you read as much as you can and compare. This way you get the big picture. Whatever you choose, I wish you the best of luck.


Whatever I wrote above sums up everything!!


( Enough said got me thru a lot...


If you don't want to spend 40k a year on tuition, come to Baruch. The degree is great on paper to apply for jobs. Baruch students have an edge when they graduate, they work harder than Ivy League school graduates who use their school's name to get them a job. Most companies like our work ethic so they tend to choose us over other top universities. 40k a year is a waste, no body wants to be $160,000+ in debt when they graduate. You might as well buy yourself a Bentley with a license plate TY BARUCH on it. Get yourself an apartment in Manhattan instead of spending your money on tuition somewhere else. Don't deal with a R.A. who isn't going to be cool and let you drink in your dorm; you're 18+ years old, you're an adult, who cares if you want to drink on the weekends. Bottom line, Baruch is great place in the best city in the world - apply, get in hopefully and enjoy the city more than the school.


The Baruch campus itself is a little boring and dry and everyone is pretty isolated. That means if you don't know anyone, it is very hard to fit in. (I even invited a friend of mine to the campus and he said it wasnt't really anything to do but sit down or keep it moving) What is needed in Baruch is a little spark, I don't know what it is but its definitely something!


Baruch is a good school if all you want is a decent education, and that's it.


Baruch has a great location. There is a movie theatre in the area, 34th street and the mall is closeby. There are a lot places to dine, eat, shop and lounge in.


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Baruch is a great school if you want to graduate with no / minimal loans and get great work experience. On the other hand, you will be sacrificing dorm life and the true college experience. It has a great reputation as a business school, and most alums get great jobs after graduation. However, don’t be afraid to explore the smaller department which often have amazing professors.