CUNY Bernard M Baruch College Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Crowded and Asian but never boring


Pretty much.


To an extent they are, yes. If you are looking for a fun-loving feeling of social openness, this is not the place for it.




To a certain extent. I think as an individual you have to create your own realm. I enjoyed going to Frank's Express Pizza (




All of the above are true.


I have met a lot of students whose motivation and skill brought them great benefits in attending Baruch College. A lot of the people attending this school have to work part-time, sometimes full time, to finance their education. This is no easy thing to do while studying for exams or setting aside time to meet with other students to complete term projects. Another aspect that prepares Baruch students for those challenging front office positions is the rigorous academic program through which they have to go. Sometimes the school is so particular about students taking all the pre-requisites that they just cannot move on until they have done so. But that only more authority to the degree Baruch graduates hold.


We do live in NYC-- indifference would apply to almost anyone who has lived here for over a decade. But as in any school, there are very smart students and some that are not so smart.


1. Very accurate 2. Very accurate 3. Accurate 4. Yes very accurate


Mostly likely, yes.


For the most part, yes.


No. I have found a great bunch of friends here mainly because I joined a club that I am passionate about. Surrounding yourself with people who are just as passionate about what you are, makes for life-long friends. Students here do tend to be business-minded but I have come to meet more and more students who also minor in the liberal arts or the sciences here at Baruch. College is what you make of it, and if you only take the time to go in and out of the revolving doors, that's all you should expect to get out of it.


From my point of view: Yes


Yes, for the most part.


These stereotypes are not accurate. Although 80% of Baruch is business 20% accounts for other majors including psychology, public affairs among many others.


No, it is not accurate because Baruch has many programs and clubs that are active.


NO, not in any way.






No because I have met some biology majors.


For the occasional student here and there, it is accurate, but for the majority, it is not.


Not entirely, but somewhat


About Baruch as a whole somewhat, since the school has a business oriented atmosphere. About the students, completely inaccurate, I have seen people excel in national competition defeating IVY schools in accounting, Finance, and Leader abilities.


Yes, although the school was voted one of the most diverse in the country, there is not much interaction between different groups of students outside of class. Baruch students are there because they want to make a lot of money and graduate sans debt, but a lot of them aren't happy with their careers. Once the semester is over, students don't keep up their friendships because there are no dorms and no real campus to bond in.


As a business school, many people do dress ?business casual? or even come to class straight from work or an interview. My friend who went to the School of Visual Arts (SVA), which is right next to Baruch?s Vertical Campus, told me that Baruch students have style and that SVA students dress more artsy and different in a distinct way. I think a lot of people who have known each other since high school or from freshmen year at Baruch stay in their circle of friends and as people become sophomores, juniors, and seniors they do not care to meet new people at Baruch especially since Baruch is a commuter school. Students are not forced or as willing to open up and meet others compared to colleges with dorms, but besides classes there are also many clubs at Baruch to join and other activities to engage in to meet more people.


Stereotypes are definitely not accurate. Stereotypes generalize a whole group of people, and we all know no one person is alike. Any kind of stereotype is misconception about what people do not know about others.