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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


again i dont go here


Most students are rather school spirited, but only students in organizations. This includes the frats and sororities, the school newspaper, people on the sports teams, the yearbook (me), etc. These will be the only people you see wearing t-shirts with the school mascot (the bearcat) or at least something that says Baruch on it. But we all like to party too so that's something we all have in common.


Our college does not have dorms, but because its downtown brooklyn it has some nice scenary. There are plenty of good places to get something to eat close to school and there's benches you can sit on and eat outside if the weather is nice. There are many sports teams and tournaments involing students and staff. This past Holloween we had a haunted house.


Over 170 clubs, Baruch offers a lot for a college that's so small. However, it's such a packed school it may be your only way to meet people, unless you actively go out to meet people.


The basketball team is known to be pretty good as well as tennis. They are quite known to be a winning team. Greeks are typically active here too.I met most of my closest friends through a club. Some of our traditions are spring fling, BASU, relay for life, some events at lunch.


There is always something going on around Baruch, this time it’s a movie being filmed.


There are many clubs here, with the Investment Banking club being very popular. There are tons of sororities and fraternities which are based more on social interaction and school spirit, though. Baruch also has a state of the art theatre as well as sports teams. Since this is a commuter school, there isn't much to say about parties or drinking, unless of course you are involved in one of the Greek organizations and find an outlet for that kind of social activity through them.


Whether you’re interested in joining a religious group, a frat, archery club or just want to go for one of the six honor societies, there always something you can do just in case you get bored with class or you think academics is not nearly challenging enough for you. Frats are not that popular, unless you’re one of those people who always wanted to join one because of something you saw on TV or when you visited that college outside of city limits and instead decided to come to Baruch. Nevertheless, the students can avail themselves of the opportunity to go to the theater and recital center, a hidden gem, which rivals that of many other colleges around the country. For instance, one may catch a Shakespeare play acted by students or a jazz recital played by famous local artists. It’s for you to enjoy!


Baruch College World Cup


Baruch activities - - there are many but most will never do anything involving school other than going to class and taking tests. We don't have dorms, so our doors aren't open haha. Closest friends at Baruch were all met from the block of classes Baruch puts you in when you're a freshmen. In the same block, students have the same classes together so they can get to know each other. It's Tuesday at 2am, I'm probably studying for a Wednesday morning test. Other than drinking on a Saturday night, well I guess you can go to bed early. Baruch is not on my mind on the weekends. I promote nightclubs in Manhattan, so I keep busy myself and probably have one of the best social lives in Baruch.


There are nearly 150 clubs so im pretty sure anyone can fit into one of them. I met one of my closes friend during my Freshman year of 06 while waiting on the line to take id pictures and it just so happened taht me and my friend ended up being in the same LC(Learining Commmunity). Up to this day we still hang out and talk and she is the best! By the way, her name is Jessalin Lam :-D


There isn't really much of a community or social life at Baruch. We have a little game room that's always crowded and you can't ever get a chance at any of the games. The theater is pretty cool, there are some great productions. The athletic events are boring, as no one really goes, and there is no hype for the games. I met most of my closest friends outside at the tables. If I am awake at 2 am, I am doing nothing that has anything to do with Baruch, or school at all for that matter. The only tradition that happens every year is the Spring Fling, which is an outdoor festival, with games and food and live music. It's actually really entertaining, and the only real FUN thing that goes on at Baruch. People party semi-frequently. Fraternities/sororities are not important at all. I think we have one of each, and all they do is promote parties. Last weekend I worked at my retail job. I can hang out with my friends on a saturday night, not drinking. Off campus I work and spend time with my boyfriend, who doesn't attend Baruch.


The most popular groups on campus would have to be the sororities and fraternities. During club hours (2 hours on Thursday when no one has classes/time for members of clubs to meet) the most noticeable people in the hallways are the fraternities and sororities trying to get new people to join and/or promoting an upcoming party of theirs. Unfortunately there no dorms at Baruch, so everyone commutes. Athletic events and parties are around, but I haven't attended any yet (nor has anyone I know attended).


There are too many groups and organizations that are active on campus that I really can't name just one. If you step into the club room you'll always see that it is very active in each club room. There are many athletic events and Baruch has a excellent Boy's and Girl's basketball team, that are on top of all the CUNY colleges. The dating scene is there of course, it is more evident when you're in a group or club and there are many events such as speed dating that clubs have. I met my closest friends through a dance team I joined in Baruch. On a Tuesday at 2 am, I am most likely working on a paper or doing my Math homework because it takes hours to do. Traditions and events that happen each year is voting for the undergrad government, Pep rallies, the Spring Fling is always really fun and many other activities we have. I do know a lot of party goers as Baruch does have promotors of clubs that have really great parties. Fraternities and sororities in Baruch aren't really as big as compared to the ones in other colleges but we do have a lot of fraternities and sororities. Last weekend, I had worked and was working on a powerpoint presentation I had to do for my English Lit class. On a Saturday night, there are a lot of things that I can do that doesn't involve drinking is something like starting on the paper that I have due or read because there is a lot of reading to do for each class. Off campus, I usually spend time with my family or friends. We go to the movies or go out to eat at a fancy restaurant. Baruch has a ton of restaurants in the area that have a wide range of excellent food. There are so many different kinds of restaurants in the area. Baruch's location is just amazing.


Activities and Social life are not bad. there are newletters, and posters in many places and helps spread awarness. too bad that this isnt also done for academics and educational programs.


No idea, I'm one of those people that work for a living.


Hillel is probably the most popular club on campus. I'm involved in the advertising society and organize networking events. There are no dorms in Baruch. Athletic events are not popular at all. Guest speaker events are very popular. Theater events are somewhat popular. Dating scene? Most people are in relationships. I've known my closest friends since junior high school. 2 am on a Tuesday, I would be with my boyfriend. I usually go to sleep at 2 am though. Events each year: marketing expo (the one I care about). People party on weekends. Frats and sororities are not that popular at Baruch. Last weekend I went to the movies with my boyfriend. On a Saturday night, I go to the movies, go to dinner, play billiards, go bowling, or stay in. Off campus, I spend time with my boyfriend.


Most popular clubs are the accounting and finance clubs. I was involved with the Investment Association which dealt with macroeconomic subjects and companies we were interested in. We do not have dorms. Athletic events aren't very popular. Only students with friends on the team will attend. Depending on the guest speaker, it might be popular. Primarily financial speakers from big companies will have a large audience. There are not many stage productions that I am aware of at Baruch. Most students date people they've known before Baruch. You'll see the Baruch only couples sometimes though. I met my closest friends through work and we found out we attend the same school. If I'm awake, I'm doing work. The spring fling is held annually. Most people party every weekend with the frats and sororities organizing events for most weekends. Frats and sororities play a relatively minor role on campus except during rush. On a Saturday night, you can check a movie, have dinner, bowl, pool, and many other events.


The most popular group on campus, I suppose, would be frats and sororities.


No dorms (commuter school) = No social life. The end. People sit at home on weekends, or hang out with high school friends. For out of state students like me, the weekend can really be a bore. No need to worry about drinking on Saturday nights, Baruch has no party scene.


The most important events at Baruch are the Fashion shows, Cultural Shows, and the Anual Relay for Life (cancer society) event. In terms of Athletics, there is the annual Battle of Lexington, where the two Lexington schools, (Baruch & Hunter) play Women's and Men's Basketball. The whole schools gets together and is a very exciting thing.


The most popular clubs would be the cultural ones – the Asian club, Hillel, the fashion club and some business-oriented societies. Athletics aren’t really central to campus life, not many students go to games unless their friends play. The same applies to campus theater. Students make plenty of friends in class, but seldom stay friends once the class is over. People rarely meet their boyfriend / girlfriend in school, but it happens sometimes. There are some annual events, like the outdoor feast that happens in the spring and the bi-annual career fair that’s actually really helpful. There is always some kind of activity (like a Mariachi band) on the 2nd floor by the escalators, which causes people traffic. The frats / sororities usually hold parties in outside bars or lounges since there is no campus housing. Typically, if a group of students has a two-hour break between classes, the go to a neighborhood bar or go to one of the nearby fast-food places, cafes or restaurants. Therefore, students end up spending tons of money on food. On a typical weekend, if students DO decide to get together, they hit up the NYC nightlife scene. There’s a ton to do, even if you’re under 21.


There is a countless amount of clubs at Baruch that if you name it, we probably have it and if not, you can easily make your own club here. The Ticker is definitely a main club at Baruch because it is the school’s newspaper club and they do an amazing job and we even have color ink paper. The one club that I decided to be involved in is Baruch City Advertising Society (BCAS) because I am marketing major and advertising relates to my interests. The club includes attending lectures where we have professionals speak to us about their career, networking opportunities, meeting more people interested in the same major, etc. There is not much of a campus at Baruch because we do not have dorms here, but we have had parties within our school. Though, it is New York City, so people can easily find other places to attend parties as there are numerous choices to select. If you are not a big fan of parties, New York City has almost everything from bowling, museums, billiards, shopping, movies, parks, etc.


- The most popular groups I believe are all the ones on the third floor, Undergraduate Student Government, WBMB Radio, The Ticker, frats/sororities, etc. - I have been involved with WBMB Baruch Radio, since October. I haven't visited the radio this semester yet because of my new and demanding schedule. - There are a handful of students who attend athletic events and the theater. A small population know the distinguished guests who attend or perform. - The dating scene, from what I see is quite hidden. I do not see many couples, it's really hard to pick them out from a crowd. Everyone is always friendly, hugging, kissing and etc. - I met my closest friends from the learning community of Freshman year. It is definitely one of the best experience of my life. - If I'm awake at that time, I am most likely studying. I never do any written or typed assignments during that time. Once I am placed in front of a screen, I won't be able to focus. - I'm not sure how often people party. It's less frequent in a demanding school like Baruch, with everyone scattered across the tri-state area and busy lives. - I believe fraternities and sororities are important for those involved. For others, it is almost never mentioned. - I was doing my weekly assignments last week, with not good enough weather to go outside. - Going out to watch a movie is a great way to not drink. Just do not be tempted to drink after the movie has ended. - Off campus, I enjoy my time with my brother's college friends and my high school ones. I usually do not hang out with my Baruch friends.