CUNY Bernard M Baruch College Top Questions

What are your classes like?


The Subotnick Financial Services Center is located right by the turnstiles and across from the ID center in the administrative and library building. It’s really famous among business programs because it’s an actual mock trading floor where finance majors hone their trading skills to hopefully be applied on Wall Street after graduation.


The Zicklin School of Business is supposed to be the second best after the NYU Stern business school, that’s why students flock here to get a great business education at the fraction of the price. The job placement rate for Baruch’s business school is very high, as students must take at least one internship class. Most upper-classmen work at least part-time.


This is the main lecture hall in all of the Baruch buildings. It seats approximately 500 people, and most introduction courses takes place here, as well as major examinations and presentations/events. Freshman orientation and examination is also held here in the spring and summer.