CUNY Bernard M Baruch College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about CUNY Bernard M Baruch College? Why?


I love Baruch, I'm not sure if I can identify something as the worst thing about my school. I suppose, it would be to have more real-life experienments and practice.


It seems overfilled with students of Asian background and can improve in the diversity category.


I personally love my school.




We did not have dormitory, big city environment, did not have as good of a chance to get to know more people.


The elevators! Baruch has twelve floors! If your class is above the fifth floor, you must depend upon the elevators. There?s a eight minute wait to get on, they?re usually crowded and some occasions one isn?t working. Once the doors open, people are already inside; they?ve entered from the exit door, you might not get on to get to class. Then there are times the exit doors open, but the entrance won?t and you watch the elevator depart to the next floor. The other way to class is to walk up the non-working escalators!


It's lack of social life, as many people stick to their old, established friends that they know from before college. There is also no dormitory, so less chances to meet other people and to develop bonds.


Incompetence of workers and lack of professionality in staff who often don't know what they are doing.